Title: Never Surrender
Summary: Nero wants to live out a normal life with Kyrie, while holding the position of "Captain of the Order of the Sword". But when Dante calls in the favour Nero owes him, things turn upside down.
Rating: T (Language, some sexual content, violence)
Disclaimer: I do not own it...
A/N: so erm... it may seem kinda slow.. and kinda crappy... but yeah.. here ya go..

Blood spilled forth from the wounds of the falling scarecrow. The corpse falling to the ground hitting the ears of the one who killed it. A smirk graced the features of the man holding the sword. He turned around, lifting his mighty sword skyward, the sunlight hitting off it's might blade, blinding the enemy before him. He swung hard and fast, causing the creature to split in half, and fall into two different directions. He stood upright and smiled. The sun rose fully into the sky, sending light through his silvery locks. His eyelids shut to savour the spring warmth at his back. They suddenly flashed open to reveal steely blue orbs beneath. His pale face went from satisfied to nervous in a matter of seconds. He was late... again.

He took off at great speed, the wind forcing his coat behind him. If there was one day he couldn't be late, it was today. he had an important job waiting for him at the Fortuna Opera house. He pounded down the black tar streets, dodging cars and innocent bystanders.

The heat of the spring sun continued to hit his back whilst the cool and fresh spring air cooled his face. He raced up the street and to the Opera courtyard. He paused by the now restored fountain and took in a deep breath. If he was going to be late, he could at least keep what little dignity he had and shown up looking like he took his sweet time.

He inwardly swore at his alarm clock.

He steadied himself and walked up the stairs and into the opera house. The audience turned to face him and then nodded in response, keeping his features proud and strong. He didn't want anyone noticing the sweat beading on his forehead, or the nervous tick in his demon arm. he walked up to the central stage and took his place before the people and the knights. He smiled at Kyrie who sat proudly in their usual spot. She wore a summer dress in a soft blue that rivaled his eyes. The necklace hung around her neck, a symbol of her undying love and devotion towards her demon love.

He cleared his throat and looked at the vast expanse of people. Today he became their Captain, the Captain of the Order of the Sword. He felt a pang of sadness hit his heart as he recalled Credo and his dying wish. Kyrie smiled at him, hoping to give him the strength to take his vows.

A senior officer of the Order approached him. bowing slightly. Nero had never felt so out in the open as he had right now. It had been a unanimous decision to appoint Nero as the Captain. He was raised by Credo and had saved them from destruction.
Light poured from the stain glass sky lights above. It cast an eerie glow around Nero, illuminating his arm. The senior officer took a deep breath as a newer member of the order approached, holding sacred text. Nero placed his hand upon the book, swearing to whatever God he believed in. The Senior officer nodded and cleared his throat before beginning the Order's vows. Nero had taken them once before, but now he was taking them as a Captain. He wanted to change the Order, and he wanted to change the world, for the better.

"My honoured brethren," the Senior officer stated.

Nero took a deep breath. "My honoured brethren."

"We come together..." The senior officer continued.

"We come together" Nero stated proudly.

"To unite as one..."

"To unite as one"

His eyes were cast to Kyrie, she smiled and gripped her necklace.

"Against those that are damned."

"Against those that are damn-" Nero was interrupted as the doors burst open.

The light from the intense sun cast the silhouette of a man. He stepped forward, pulling out his sword. His blue eyes and white hair mirrored Nero's. It looked almost as if they were brothers. Still the two held little relation, all of which resided in Nero's arm. The arm that contained the blood of Sparda, The man's father.

"Speak of the devil.. here comes one right now.." Nero muttered.

"Hey Kid..." The man smirked, "You busy?"

Nero sighed, letting his hand fall off the sacred text. "What does it look like?"

The man cast his glance around the room. Taking in the event unfolding. He shrugged. "You don't look that busy.."

Nero sighed, "Dante, I don't have time for this.."

"It involves saving the world.." Dante stated, trying to coax the boy into it.

Nero rolled his eyes. "Again?"

Dante smirked, "In my profession, you tend to face these situations more often than not.."

Nero cast his glance at Kyrie, her eyes shone with encouragement. He looked at his fellow men then to Dante. He pushed the book aside and jumped from the stage, his feet hitting heavily against the floor. He walked down the aisle to Dante, a smirk on his still boyish features.

"When do we leave?"

Dante smiled, "I'll take that as a yes to my inviteā€¦"

Nero's demonic fingers moved slightly.

"I know you too well kid.." Dante stated, placing rebellion back where it belonged.

Kyrie sat in her pew, running her fingers along a blue stone set in a silver band. Her fingers danced briefly over the small inscription along the side, she could feel the delicate curve of the words upon her ring 'Never Surrender'. It was just outside this Opera house, at the fountain, where she had been given the ring. In two weeks it would mark the first year since Nero and Dante had beat all odds and had saved them all from damnation. To show his ever growing wish for change in Fortuna, their hero would be married on that same day to the woman he had loved most of his life.

Kyrie stood, her eyes biting back painful tears. Without thinking, she found her feet pounding softly against the carpeted aisle. She ran to Nero, not noticing the many eyes that now rested upon the odd couple. A half-devil and the last captains little sister.

Nero turned to face his beloved, a gentle look in his silvery-blue eyes. His demonic hand lifted gently, wiping away her tears. She smiled weakly. In her eyes he saw everything he could hope for; love, happiness, friendship, humanity, his past, his present, his future, children, a home, a chance at some form of normalcy. Normal, something he had longed for ever since that day he and Kyrie were attacked. Still if it had saved her life, it was well worth the pain and suffering it had brought along.

"Nero." She breathed, reveling in the feeling of his warm touch. He let his hand fall, then scratched at his nose. She stood on her toes and leaned into place a chaste kiss on his lips. He turned away at the last moment, averting his gaze. He was too shy for his own good.

"I have to go, Kyrie" He whispered, his voice soft. His eyes plead for her to understand. She did understand, but that didn't mean she liked it.

Nero turned and walked off, turning into a silhouette against the bright light, then vanishing completely, like a ghost. She didn't know that he hand had been out reached until it fell lifelessly at her side.

Dante turned to her, hiding a knowing smirk. "Don't worry about the kid, he'll be fine.."

"Dante, promise me... promise me that you'll bring him home to me alive.." She whispered.

"It's his body, he's free to do with it what he pleases.. if that means dying.. I really can't stop him... can I? " Dante stated, causing Kyrie to cringe, "but with a girl like you to come home to... I don't think he has much of a choice in the matter..."

She nodded, grasping her necklace. It was one of her most treasured objects. She undid the clasp and gathered it in her hand. She grasped Dante's hand, letting the necklace fall in his palm. She closed his fingers over it. Their hands till grasped she looked up at him, her eyes begging. "When Nero seems to loose strength...when he needs more power.. give him this." she whispered, "But only when he absolutely needs it.."

Dante nodded, placing the object in his pocket. "I'll see you later Kiddo.." He paused, "And remember that he loves you..."

She nodded, holding her hands to her heart.

Dante nodded and turned away from her, walking into the light and disappearing. When she knew he was gone, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was tired of being left behind, of needing rescuing. She'd do her best, so Nero wouldn't worry.

She had faith in Nero, because he was never really the kind of man... to Surrender.

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