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-Chapter five-

Nero paced through the hotel room, his boots relentlessly tearing up the thread bare carpeting. He swung his arms back and forth, occasionally his human arm would come in contact with his devil arm. He almost grinned in amusement as he saw his hands side by side, he mused that it stated a lot about who he was. One arm was a pale flesh colour with a silver band, representing his human side capable of feeling love. His other arm was red and blue, twisted in a sickening fashion it only brought death, it showed the devil inside.. the twisted nature he could succumb to.. and the potential for horror.

Next to him the woman on the poorly constructed bed rested beneath the stained covers. Her white blonde hair falling easily over the pillows and a few long strands hitting even the floor. She lay on her back, her hands were brought up in a cross shape on her chest, the way the dead usually rested. Her milky-white skin glowed in the low lights of the room and dark lashes caressed her cheeks. Nero saw the faint outline of a silver chain around her neck and reached to investigate.

"You're getting married.." Dante muttered from his post beside the door.

"I thought you were alseep.." Nero stated, turning around.

"Whether I'm asleep or not doesn't change the fact you're getting married." Dante stated, rising with a stretch.

Nero rolled his eyes. "I was just checking on her.."

"Riiight.." Dante stated with a wink, "Checking on her."

Nero scowled, "Just because you're a total perv.. doesn't mean every other man is.."

"Hey! If you don't want to bang her.. then you're gay..." Dante explained.

"You.." Nero stated, "Make no sense... first you tell me to keep my hands off.. then you tell me that I'm gay if I don't want to bang her.."

"Ahh... you see.." Dante stated, "I said... if you want to bang her... wanting to bang her is enough... it takes a man with self control.. unlike you... to not touch her.."

Nero scowled deeper. "Whatever... asshole."


Nero collapsed back into the chair next to the bed and put his head in his hands. A moment of silence passed.

"Hey.. Dante.." Nero mumbled, picking his head up.

Dante looked at him. "What kid?"

"There is something I've always wanted to know..." Nero began.

"Sorry kid, I'm taken.." Dante stated, grinning, "and you're not really my type."

Nero glared at him. "Why is it that the moment you heard my name... you turned to my side? Why is it that you claimed that Yamoto needed to stay in the family and in the end... you let me keep Yamoto? Who am I..really? Why am I so important that you came back?"

Dante froze beneath his cool exterior. "First off.. kid.. YOU turned to MY side.. not the other way around. Second you should be glad I let you keep Yamoto and stop asking questions. Third I really don't care who you are... and to be honest... I came back to claim that favour."

Nero looked out the window. "You say this business is everyday for you... a whole year went by and you never once called me in on that favour... why now?"

"I told you to stop asking questions kid.." Dante stated, walking towards the door.

"I'm not done!" Nero stated getting up. "Why is my arm like this? Why is it that everyone kept telling me I had the blood of Sparda in my veins? I want answers Dante, and I'm sure you can supply them!"

"You want the truth kid?" Dante asked, stepping forward. "You won't like it!"

"The truth is the truth whether I like it or not!" Nero growled, "I'm not afraid to hear it... so you must be afraid to admit it."

Dante turned around, his coat whipping behind him. "I'm going out for a pizza, dwell on your questions kid.." He paused with his hand on the door knob, "and ask yourself if you really want to know. I assure you... that this innocent life you lead will come to a screeching halt when the truth comes out.." Dante swung the door open and stormed off.

Nero sighed and walked back to the chair and sat down heavily.

"You don't really get along well with him.. do you?" Came the voice of Callie.

He turned to see her sitting up in bed, her eyes heavy.

"We don't really have many occasions we can fight.. we try to pack in as much as possible.." Nero stated, looking at her in concern.

"Is he your father?" Callie asked, her blue eyes searching his.

Nero shook his head. "I certainly hope not... the irony if he were."

Callie smiled. "So who is he then?"

Nero shrugged, "He was a stranger passing through, helped me save a lot of people. Helped me realise the truth in a lot of things. Helped me realise how much I love Kyrie..."

Callie smiled. "Is she your fiance?"

Nero nodded, "yeah."

Callie smiled even brighter. "You owe him a lot.. then?"

Nero nodded. "Yeah. But he owes me answers. I went an entire battle with him.. discovering new things about myself... and he didn't seemed too shocked... he owes me an explanation as to why that is.."

Callie shrugged and stretched slightly. "I think you should give him time to give you answers. When you find something out...
you can't forget what you've heard. Whether you want to or not... it's etched in your memory forever. You have to be sure that you can live with the truth, and more so that you can live with yourself.. after hearing the truth."

Nero sighed. "My whole life I always wanted to know who I was. I never had a name... until I met Kyrie. I lived in darkness and I can only remember fear and pain before then. One thing though, one thing I can remember from before Kyrie and Credo is my mother's face and the gift she gave me before the pain came again. I need to know."

Callie sighed. "I lied earlier... about my father."

Nero looked up at her in intrest. "What?"

"The ferry captain.. wasn't my father." Calli muttered, looking at her hands. "I lied so I could get to you two. I felt drawn to you two.. I think it's your demon power." She looked up. "I have an uncanny knack for detecting intense demonic aura. I sensed something though when I sensed the aura.. that you and Dante were different. My whole life I've been pushed from demon to demon each of them abusive and evil. The whole time I was looking for my father. I headed to Charity to see if he was here and I only found Colder and Elda. They took me in for a few months. Then the epidemic came and Elda's family died. Then she was murdered and Brother Colder told me to leave for my own safety. I was headed to Fortuna when I sensed you and Dante coming so I got on the ship and lied about the whole thing to you too."

"Why would you ally with demons to meet your father?" Nero asked, slightly interested.

"My father was a demon." She muttered, looking away. "I thought that if I made my way to some high profile demons they could help me find him. But none of them knew who he was, I only had a vague idea and a picture. I think though, I've finally found the person who can lead me too him."


Callie pulled the chain on her neck to reveal a gold locket with a angelic symbol on it and a small purple stone in the middle. She pried it open with her fingers with slight effort and removed it from her neck. She dropped the chain and locket into his hands and almost couldn't believe his eyes. "Dante?"

Kyrie sat in the study of her rather large and empty home. Books lined the shelves, most covered in layers of dust, some having not been touched since her father's passing. She had an old book laid out before. Pictures of various demons coated the pages of the ancient book. She flipped a page and stopped as it landed on a particular image. Sharp human features, white hair, blue eyes. The painting was very old, but detailed.

"Dante.." She muttered, running her finger over the image. Her eyes turned to see a more familiar, if not horrifying image of the dark knight Sparda. Her eyes scanned the words beneath the picture, written in an old language she had been taught by her father. "His human form." She muttered. On the page her father had scrolled messy numbers. She muttered them to herself before realizing they were a reference to another book. She stood, picking up her dress skirts as she ran through the library. She searched the shelf the numbers indicated and found nothing. She bit her lip as a memory surfaced.

"Kyrie.." Her father's strong voice called, making the girl jump. She gulped and looked up at her father.

"Father..." Kyrie mumbled, casting her eyes to the floor. "I-I didn't mean to pry... I was just curious."

Her father smiled and patted her on the head. "A time will some, Kyrie that this library will become yours and only yours. I want you to emberse yourself not only in our religion, but the study of demons. It will come in handy one day."

"Father.." Kyrie stated, a smile on her face. "What book are you reading?"

Her father closed the book and smiled. "that, I'll tell you at a much later time." He patted her head before stepping on a ladder and placing the book on top of the shelf. "Let's see what your mother has made for dinner."

Kyrie nodded, grasping her father's hand. "I hope it isn't Meatloaf."

Her father chuckled lightly and walked with her out of the room. "Me too."

Kyrie smiled sadly, knowing that the next night, her father had died, but also knowing that he had left her a wealth of knowledge. Knowledge she could use to help Nero.

She walked to the ladder near the book case and stepped up looking across the top and seeing nothing. She pulled herself atop the large book case and spotted the book on a case nearest the door. She quickly got down and ran over to the case, steping on the ladder and pulled the book down. Dust from the last thirteen years coated it thickly. She blew the dust away and walked over to the desk, letting the small book land softly atop the polished surface.

She sat before the book, flipping through the pages. Each page contained a picture of a demon and something written in her father's handwriting. Most of the pages had a red, blue, purple, or green check in the corner. The book at the beginning had only purple or green marks but as she got near the end of the book the marks changed and soon the purple no longer showed. Near the end of the book she noted a page stained in red and a thin check in the page as well as handwriting that belonged to her mother. She gulped as she saw a hideous monster and she read over the words in her mother's handwriting.

"Injuries suffered: 13. Status of beast: sealed. Casualties: One."

Kyrie bit her lip and realised the date scrolled on the bottom was the day after her father's death. They never told Kyrie how her father died, but now she knew it had been killing a demon. She flipped the page again and noticed three familiar faces. One of the Dark Knight himself, the next two were identical.

"Virgil and Dante, sons of Sparda." She muttered, a crease in her brow. "Sparda, Deceased. Virgil, Deceased. Dante..."

She sighed. This was the book her father was always writing in after work, she quickly learned that her father had been a demon killer. Green represented kills by the order, purple: Sparda, Blue: Virgil, and red: Dante.

Kyrie flipped the page once more to see a delicate painting, she knew her mother had done, of Nero. His pale blue eyes gazing emptily, hands at his sides... hanging lifelessly. Gripped in his hands was the necklace which was drawn bigger beside him. Her mother's neat hand writing graced the page in large loops, so different from her father's messy writing.

"We believe the boy to be a son of Sparda, or a child close in relationship. His stunning blue eyes and white blonde hair are sure signs of him being related to them. Tests we've run have confirmed his blood to be shared with the Dark knight, there is no question that this boy, is in fact, a child of Spardan blood. Agnus wants to cage the boy and see how he grows. On my husbands death bed he begged that the boy lead a normal life, a promise he made with a friend, a pact. He never revealed whom is was he spoke of before his death, but I can be sure that who ever they are... they knew a son of Sparda. I've contacted Mary about it, but so far she's turned up nothing. Her cohorts, one in particular, won't give us any help... but that is his nature. He grows stronger each day, and I almost think of him of my own son. His swordsman skills are clearly of Spardan nature, he far exceeds even my son Credo. After a few tests we've discovered that any Dark Angel matter that comes in contact with his blood reacts violently, thus Agnus and Sanctus want him for experimentation. I've fought tooth and nail against this. I fear my death is on the horizon and I pray that Credo will keep him safe.

Kyrie, I know by now that both myself and your brother, with his undying devotion to Sanctus, are already dead. I left this book where you last saw it so that one day... when you need it... you will use it. I need you to keep filling this book, I need you to fight in our names. Carry on our bloodline as demon slayers. I beg that you ally yourself with Dante, a demon slayer who works in a shop known as 'Devil May Cry'. He's helped us in many instances. Kyrie, Save Nero if you must. He has that way about him, he'll get in danger. Knowing Credo, you'll've been sheltered the moment I died. So become strong. Fight.


She turned the page once more to see the same pale eyes and dead expression of a small girl. Kyrie furrowed her brows as no name and no description were on the page. She stood and placed the book in her bag, she'd be sure to study it further and read her father's notes. Most importantly, however, she'd use it to find what monster was terrifying Charity. She wouldn't be useless this time.

Dante sat at the bar, sipping his beer and giving his pizza a few glances before deciding he wasn't hungry. This whole mission wenthaywire when they picked up that girl. Something about her was eerily familiar. He knew who she was, it was no secret. He stood and placed money on the counter before running into the form of Nero and Callie.

Nero was not amused. "Explain."

Nero dropped the locket in Dante's hand. Dante looked at the picture for a moment.

"Are.. you my father?" Callie asked.

Dante narrowed his eyes. "Sorry, kid, your dad is dead."

He shoved the locket into her hands and walked away. He let the door slam behind him. Dante sighed as he walked back to the shabby hotel. "He's been dead for a long time."

He cast his eyes towards the sky and shook his head. "Marla, you've left me in a difficult position."

"Who is this Marla?" a sultry voice called from the alley.

Dante smirked and turned in the direction of the voice. "Why you jealous?"

Tish sauntered from the shadows, a smile on her cherry lips. "Hardly, still if it has anything to do with this case I'm entitled to know."

Dante sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "She's the kids mother."

"Which kid?" Trish asked, smiling.

Dante looked her straight in the eye. "Both.'