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Chapter 1

She was here once again.

As she looked at her surroundings, she saw demon girls crying…fools. She sat there glaring, hating, and despising them. This is the last place to show weakness. They were full-demons crying their eyes out, while she, a half-demon, showed nothing more than rage. Her gaze fell to the wall behind her. She was tired. Confined to a life you didn't choose for yourself would wear out any normal being, demon or otherwise. Pressing her back against the cold stone wall. She could hear noise coming from her right, she turned her face towards the unusual clatter, she hadn't heard anything like it in a very long time.

Three small steps lead to a stage in another room.

She could not see the other room clearly. All that was visible to her line of sight was the stage and a small corner of the mysterious room. Intense light radiated the central room, laughter and conversations blared their way to her ears.

They acted so calm, so natural, so emotionless to what was going on around them, they truly were barbaric monsters.

While she sat here with nothing, chained to the floor, filthy, and wearing rags that no longer fitted her comfortably. They were enjoying a full hearty meal. She couldn't even remember the last time she ate anything more than bread. Because of them she was taken from her home, stripped of any and all personal belonging, and trained extensively to follow any order she was given. She despised this place and others like it.

The stage was one of the only light sources they were offered, the other came from a bulb hanging from the ceiling. Swaying back and forth. Regularly flickering off and on, ready to give out. Ready to pass on to the next world, she envied it. She was ready to face her next obstacle, she would soon be displayed on the stage. She redirected her gaze away from the additional room to the floor, the light from the bulb gleamed on her pale creamy skin, there were shallow scars tracing the sides of her face, the light beamed into her hardened lavender eyes, and danced on her grimy cerulean hair.

She heard soft whimpers arise from the shadowy room, much softer than the uproar that echo from outside their room, she knew where the whispered noises derived from…these demons are far from pathetic…they are moronic and suicidal.

Weak demons like the ones she was surrounded by were usually sent to their captor's master or masters. No one wants an easily broken tool. If they were strong enough to handle it, they were used for sex. If they couldn't even conduct something at simple as serving meals they were sold to laboratories in the human world for experiments. A fate worse than death.

The number of people behind this, or any other auction was unknown to her. She was taught to never question anything or anyone superior to her, whatever they wanted she gave to them. No questions asked. If they demanded for her to dive off of a cliff she would look for the nearest one and leap.

Luckily because of her durability and calloused demeanor, she was never used for sex and the fact that she was half-demon she was looked down upon as some sort of creature worthy of nothing more than being their pet.

Her last master used her in combat, going into contests with other female hanyou. Contests worthy of being forged in hell itself, anything less than a death match was unacceptable, if one did not believe in the following these rules, both combatants were killed. All this just because of their heritage. Their parents love for one another was so great that the risk of death to themselves and their offspring was worth the chance. In their many forms of love they created one or more hanyous.

'Hanyou'…that word has brought her endless torment throughout her life, no one accepted her. Her mother and father where the only ones that truly loved her for who she was.

She glared at the floor, the anger in her eyes was on the border of creating heat, almost burning a hole through the dense floor. She was a hanyou. That is all she will ever be in the eyes of any demon. Just another profit and punching bag.

When her previous master couldn't pay his superior, they took possession her and his other slaves. His debt wasn't costly. That is how inexpensive and worthless they were perceived. If he had a higher debt, it could have been worse…she has seen it.

Her lavender orbs fell on to her hands, the long faded and imaginary blood still stained her hand. She had killed many, sometimes with an untapped power she can never reach on her own will, only in complete desperation can she harness its awesome power. That was another reason why they never touch her, they were afraid.

She elevated her gaze up, to look directly ahead of her.

She thought about her past while looking at the empty cages in front of her. She was always brought back to the same memories, every time she returned to an auction.

A pasty white house sitting on a hill, the window gazing its sight onto a spring field, covered with red tulips. Sapphire skies without a single cloud blemishing it. Her mother's hot meals. Her lavender colored eyes…

Her father dead on their wooden floor, his blue hair drowned in his blood, her mother screaming no… pleading with them to spare her daughter, instead to take her.

They laughed at her futile attempts and grabbed the helpless child.

Her mother tried to take her child back…they killed her.

Her father had a master that he couldn't pay…so in return they took the only thing he had of value. She didn't blame him, she couldn't, it is the only way to make any kind of living in the demon world.

One gratifying thing he got out of his job was meeting her mother. She was a human slave he fell in love with and bought. For a human she did have extraordinary eyes, but growing up with her water demon father and human mother, she passed it off as ordinary.

She quickly shook herself out of the memories, tears where burning her eyes, if anyone other than these girls saw them, she would be finished.

Somewhere in the gloomy dark, a door was opened, a third light source brightened the room. Demons of all shapes and sizes filed in one by one. At the sight of the demons, some girls went from quiet whimpers to full blown sobs, others drove their distress into the far regions of their mind, hiding it from their captor's view. A smart move. As the demons entered the dim room they pushed and shoved their forms through the crowd forming in the room. The last, but far from least, the keeper entered. He was a large demon clad in armor and hauled a large sword on his belt. The keeper was there with the sole propose of make sure everything went according to plan and to make sure the demons kept their foul hands to themselves.

The demons looked at the keeper, who nodded his head, allowing them to make their way towards the first girl and one by one they stripped them of their clothes, bathing them. They needed to look presentable for their potential owners.

It was her turn. She didn't protest, if she did they would surely gang up on her and rape her. That was a possibility she was nowhere ready to risk. She caught the male demons staring at her hungrily.

She was far more attractive than the others and one of the only ones that stood from the crowd, her cerulean hair and lavender eyes made it harder to mix in with the rest.

Even so they couldn't do anything about their desire to take the blue haired girl, as long as the keeper was there, making sure that they didn't even look at them without his say so.

They poured murky cold water on them. The female demons squealed from the frigid cold, she only glared. They smirked at the screaming girls, getting sheer pleasure from it.

One demon never let his eyes fall far from the scowling beauty, her shapely figure fueled his desires and lust, images of using her body for his pleasure ran threw his mind over and over again, clutching her curvy hips, his hands running over her silky skin, wrapping them around her ample chest, taking her lengthy azure hair into his fist.

His eyes rolled into the back of his skull, he simply could not take the temptation any longer, He cleared his vision and just stood there, allowing his eyes to fill themselves with her naked form, taking in every inch of her. Her body screamed back off, but her shackled wrists fueled his drive.

He was holding on to the little restraint he had left. He looked at her once more. It snapped.

He lunged at her, before the keeper could even blink. He was settling himself on top. The girls around her screamed in surprise, others looked at the girl below him in pity.

'I will not accept your pity!'. The keeper made a move to punish the demon.

She beat him to it.

She pushed him off and settled herself on top of him. He was far weaker than she was, she took great advantage of that. Lifting her shackled hands she grabbed his small head, much to his protest. Snapping her wrists in one direction. Successfully breaking his neck.

The keeper made his way towards them. She got off of the dead corpse and made her way back to her previous position on the wall. He merely looked at her, instructing a couple demons to take him away. Any other time and she would have been punished for acting without permission, but bruising her body before the auction was simply stupid.

Their masters would surly kill them for losing a possible sale. He nonchalantly walked back to his station.

They did their job as if nothing happened, scrubbing all of the dirt and grim off of the slaves and dressing them in cramped pieces of cloth they considered clothing.

She was dressed in a sapphire bikini with a jean mini skirt over. She hated this part the most. They dressed them however they thought would make lager sums of money.

She looked at the girl on her right. She didn't even have a top on. They didn't want to waste clothing or money on a girl they weren't sure would sell. The cerulean haired slave considered herself lucky, only in this particular part of the trade.

Once all the slaves where prepared the keeper made his way to the door concealed in darkness. Gleaming light blinded her for a few seconds, then saw another shadow enter through the door. Walking ahead if the keeper was a what looked like a human, but she was no fool it was a demon. He was the announcer, he would be broadcasting the bids. Passing the slaves without out even taking in a single glance he walking to the podium at the edge of the stage.

Clearing his throat he let the beasts know it was time "Gentlemen, settle down" he waited a minute before repeating himself, the deafening laughter and roaring conversation gradually died down "Shall we start?" the noise immediately started, cheering and clapping filled the main room.

One by one the girls were taken to the stage were male demons either bought or gawked at them. Some came back and were immediately stripped down to their naked form and taken to cages were they would be taken to another auction. The ones that sold would go to other side of the stage where they would be bathed once more and would be prepared for their new 'home'.

The girl to her right was next. She slowly made her way to the stairs and just stood there, hesitating to enter the stage. She attempted to cover her bare chest, but the keeper wouldn't have any of it, he had a job to do and he was going to do it. He unlocked the chains and pulled her arms to her back, relocking her chains. Tears coursed down her face. He gave her a firm shove towards the stage, making her stumble and fall. Demons snickered at her crude entrance and applauded to the skin exposure.

Five minutes passed. She didn't sell., her shadow made its way back to the chamber. They immediately took possession of her clothing.

A earth demon appeared, making his way towards her, bending down so that he was at eye level, but made no contact. He unlocked the chains from the stone ground, firmly pulling her to her feet.

She eyed the demon, then the stage, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise. She took it back, this was the worst part.

She calmly made her way to the steps. She could not settle her racing heart, perspiration glided down her delicate skin, her tense body hardened with anticipation. It felt like she was walking to her execution She could have been. Her next cage could be her last.

She was next. Her bare feet lifted her up the three steps. The keeper eyed her wearily, but he was no longer her problem. The announcer turned to see their next victim. He glanced at the gorgeous maiden. Smirking with his rotten teeth and crooking mouth, he held his palm to the keeper, instructing him to hold her until he said so. They always made her wait. Always. They did this trick to make her sound like some goddess they captured straight from a forbidden land to increase the possible profits.

He took a deep breath and began his speech. She tuned him out. If she heard the lies that oozed out of that nauseating hole on his face she would attempt to kill him. The way they describe her makes her sound so weak, so fragile. She hated the thought of it. Crying for others to help you in a dark corner, wishing your mother or father was there to make the pain go away.

'That was long ago…living in happiness is only a dream.'

As the announcer continue to ramble on about her beauty, she stared down at her shackled wrists. She couldn't help wonder if this is all her life will ever consist of, her cage is the only home she has ever known of ever since she was taken.

She has been bought before on many occasions but for one reason or another she end up back in an auction.

She looked up at the stage looking at the announcer. He turned his gaze from the crowd to her, he flashed his gruesome smile at her and winked. She decided now was the time to brace herself for the up coming frenzy.

"And now may I present to you, the glorious marine goddess!"

Demons of all shaped and sizes, clapped and cheered. Her almost naked form and bare feet made their way down the middle of the stage. Her long loose hair flowed as she tried to keep her head up, she glared menacingly, hoping that they would be intimidated so they wouldn't buy her, once they would reject her she could finally go 'home.'