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Chapter 6

Smoke engulfed the sky, choking the air as it swayed from side to side. Fires erupted from the trees that once stood tall. Ash covered the grass filled ground. Shouting could be heard through all of the carnage.

"Find them!" screamed a distant voice, barely audible to her sensitive ears. Her arm still stretched out in front of her, waited until the danger completely passed. She could hear the silent whimpers of the human girl behind her, she could smell the salt water pouring down her face. They survived.

"Airi" She started. "We are safe."

She could feel the girl shift slowly behind her. Cautiously the girl let her death grip on her kimono loose. It was now massively wrinkled.

The flow of oxygen carried the dust and smoke away, allowing the air to be breathable once again. Witnesses stared in shock and wonder. These two females…were supposed to have been dead. One carefully approached. He wore a similar outfit as the rest did but the aura around him claimed leader, but it was obvious he wasn't one. He was not the one that made her curious. He must be a lieutenant or subordination. "Who…What…are you?"

Botan gracefully let her arm slide down back to her side, forcing the barrier to come down. "I am Botan. Who are you." It sounded more of a statement than a question. He didn't seem to notice.

"I am Lieutenant Katsu, the servant of Lords Mukuro and Hiei." She snapped her attention to Katsu at the sound of his name. Hiei. The one who saved her and the one whose room she had taken over.

Before she could venture farther into her thoughts, three very powerful beings made there way to the battlefield. Immediately a path was made for them, a path straight to her. The three stopped at the mouth of the pathway, examining what they could from where they were.

The one standing on Hiei's right stared at her with wide eyes while the other had his mouth hanging open. "This is…impossible!" the one right of Hiei said.

"How can this be?!" The other shouted.

"Hn." Was all Hiei said. His eyes swept over Botan, Airi, the Army, and their surroundings.

"Who will explain the reason to why I have been brought here." He demanded. The one on his right addressed himself and began the story of this eventful day.

Hiei glared daggers at Botan and she returned the favor. The story had been explained and Hiei had been examining her since.

'This filthy thing stopped a Spirit Ball?' He thought to himself. He folded his arms around his chest and stared even harder at the blue headed girl. How is this possible? Her body is made up of nothing. A bag of bones had more tone than her. Her hair was unhealthy and knotted, face pale as death, and only carried enough spirit energy to stand. This was clearly a huge mistake.

"This," He said venomously as he stared harder at Botan "is what stopped that?" He said, turning his attention to the crater that most where standing in. A huge mistake.

"I swear by it, sir." The one at Hiei's right claimed. Botan found out his name was Satoshi. His aura was calm, clear, and solid. He was a well adjusted man, definitely more useful in strategic planning than in brute force. His long and straight navy blue reached his shoulder blades. His eye where coal black, hiding the pupils from sight. He was tall, lean, and muscular. He was definitely an asset to the army.

"Lord Hiei, I swear by it as well. It struck them without a doubt." The one on Hiei's right said. His name was Tetsuo. This one was a bit of an anomaly. His aura was flailing about, almost as if jumping with joy. His aura was unstable, flowing and…almost childish. He had short mint green hair that was ruffled in a bed head manner. He was the taller of the two; he was well built, bulky, and broad. His cobalt blue eyes shone mischievously as he stared at her.

Hiei seemed to have been contemplating something for the longest time. His deep voice finally broke the silence, only to leave his army shocked at his choice of words.

"Show me." He commanded Botan. She only stared, seemingly calm. Inside she was frightened, curious, and excited. Mostly frightened. Would he kill her, harm her, or just test her.

"The third. Now hurry up, we haven't all day."

She stared shocked. Her coral eyes looked into his crimson ones in question. 'A mind reader.'

'Yes, onna. Now attack me.'

"Step away, Airi." Botan ordered the girl. She quickly nodded and ran out of the way and went to stand next to some of the soldiers.

Botan closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath and sighed. Water was all around her. It was beneath her feet, flowing in the air, and pulsing through each and every one of their veins. She slowly manipulated her hands; gather water from everything but the soldiers and Airi. Hiei looked onwards, clearly unimpressed. She opened her eyes and looked back into Hiei's ruby ones. Showing him she was ready. In the blink of an eye he was gone. 'What?' She asked in shock. She knew he was still here, he was just amazingly fast. This was going to prove to be difficult.

Her arms wrapped around her fragile form, creating a thin barrier around herself. She wasn't trying to block his attacks she was using her barrier as a sensor. If he touched it, she would know.

A sword came slashing towards her. Botan threw her right arm out meeting his sword with a sloppy version of her own. She did not have refined skills, like those around her age. She had no one to teach her how to create such useful things, so she got by on what she could assemble herself.

He flipped back, landing gracefully on the ground, facing her. He held his sword in a defensive manner, waiting for her to attack. He wanted to see what she had. His intense eyes stared at her unyieldingly, watching her every move. His body was stiff yet flexible. His black clothing whipped in the wind, his hair waved from side to side; they were the only things that moved in their makeshift arena. His form was perfect; she could not see any openings. This is why he is the leader. He expected her to fight him?!

She suddenly felt very self conscious. She looked at her disaster of a sword then at herself. Her blue hair flapped lazily as she stared down. If she had come across a demon of his kind during her imprisonment she would have been dead in seconds.

'Attack me!' A deep voice demanded in her head. It sent deep shivers down her spine, she could not control it. He had been most likely reading her thought, which made her feel really uneasy.

She looked up and attempted to attack him. She charged him at full speed. She gave up her sword idea and just stuck with what was easiest for her and her most effective attack. Water tentacles formed out of both her arms and a few emerged from her sides. They were long and would get longer at her command.

Hiei for once looked intrigued, but it left as quickly as it came. She threw everything she had at him. Tentacles broke trees and ripped dirt; it did everything but get Hiei. She stood her ground as she watch Hiei flip, jump, and shot flames at the on coming attacks. She yelled as she used all her appendages at once. Dust rotated around the point of her attack.

She felt cold steel rest on her neck as she stared ahead. She knew it was him and immediately dropped her water. "Pathetic." He said. She knew he was strong and that there was no point in this test. He was far more powerful. When she felt his blade loosen its hold she turned to look at him.

Only to find that he was not there. She blinked twice before turning to face the awe struck army and her ecstatic…friend.

"Botan you were amazing!" She yelled as she grasped Botan's hand.

"…Thank you" She said quietly. She was not comfortable with the few hundred pairs of eyes staring at her. She wanted to leave desperately. "You were…going to show me the…ball room." She hinted. Hoping beyond all hope that Airi would catch on.

She did. Airi glanced between Botan's nervous glances and the armies shocked one.

"Oh yes, we where on our way…to…" She couldn't remember where Botan had said.

"The ball room."

"Oh yes! Come on!" Airi pulled on Botan's hand much to the shock of the girl and started to walk off, talking animatedly about the beauty of the ball room.

The whole army stood there for a good ten minutes before, one by one, they started to disperse. Only a handful remained. Two of which where Tetsuo and Satoshi. Tetsuo was the first to speak between the two of them.

"I think I'm in love!" He said "She is strong, damn sexy, and smoking hot!"

Satoshi just shook his head in embarrassment for his friend then dug his hands in his pocket. "Strong?" he questioned.

Tetsuo turned to his friend, looking at him seriously. "You know you felt that. All that power. Wonder why she didn't use it."

"Maybe she didn't know about it. It felt like it was…trapped. I could almost hear it screaming to be let loose."

"She needs a lot of training to get her together." Tetsuo said as he and Satoshi walked back down towards the castle. "But once she does…oh man." His drool poured down the corner of his mouth. He had to stop to complete his fantasy.

"Disgusting." Satoshi said in response. As he walked off without turning to glance at the taller demon.

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