She wanted to be know, to be strong, to be able to laugh without thinking another death would just happen. She hid her sorrow from them, all of them. Only she was allowed to enter her hidden world of despair, sadness and regret. The others needed her as the pillar of strength; the one that gave them comfort; the one who would kept their secrets and not tell a soul. She became that person, yet it broke her. Their secrets, every single bit was remembered due to her curse/ blessing and with the emotions that each single one held; it broke her into more fragments. She did not want her powers nor did she need them; she knew she would regret being with those she called friends yet she wanted to be needed.

Like everyone else, they all knew; subconsciously knew that they were needed for one thing or the other. To be loved and cherish by the one you love; not in a one sided love but love that went both ways. He would comfort you and you him. Yet her curse did not allow such a thing; not to be able to love completely; not to do anything with a 100.

Her destiny was to in a utopia made of crystal with others that were her friends. How, how could she whose hands were scared with blood; those of innocence and those not. Their blood ran cold against her own ivory hands. She remembered her previous lives. All filled with so much pain. Their screams became her nightmares as well as her dreams. Nightmares only when they became to feel like reality. Dreams when her troubled thoughts made her confused and they calmed her with familiarity.

Her world filled with darkness that haunted her day and night. Hearing bloodcurdling screams. In her very eyes, the ones she treasure with her heart, slaughtered with even weapon know to man and those of the universe. Their very bodies laying dead around her, one next the other like stepping stones. Their faces all were so different yet similar; from those that ranged between the ages 50-5; the very same expression. With glassy eyes that showed no life, faces showed as if death was the most wonderful thing, and their bodies themselves covered the imperfects of interrogation and torture.

Her brothers, sisters, friends and family were all around, over 300-once alive-homeostasis. There was enough of the crimson liquid from their wounds to fill the world's largest lake. Their unique tresses matted with blood. Colors ranged from blue, purple, pink, red, to ebony tresses. They came together at first become of their blood and experiences. Curses, blessings, and hidden and unknown powers were what became of their blood. Kekkai genkais had been considered gifts, had been. To her, to them it was their abnormality.

The skies became blue; purely sky blue. The color she had come to detest and loathe; yet was forced to wear as natural features. Blue hair and eyes become her trademark throughout the world and the universe. Powers became a blessing, security, curse as well as a her bound to hell. Each one was different yet similar. Such as the power to levitate and to use her gifted wings to soar in the endless sky. O how she wished to become normal. A normal girl with normal friends and family members, normal wishes-like to have no school or to have a boyfriend-, she wanted everything to be normal.

She was the one in the middle; the one who connected them all. Time was her friend and enemy. Almost all of them needed her when they needed someone for guidance but she did not rely on them, because if she did then it would only break her. First her emotions would break down her first wall, then her spirit would slowly shatter into fragments with her second wall with it, and finally her soul would too be broken into pieces; of ice that would that would never melt. Certain few knew of her true scheme, but only one truly knew her. She was Tenshi no

She found comfort in her. Tenshi's own ebony tresses became a contentment. The young woman's eyes were brown but not dark brown like most people. Hers had a certain glimmer when she smiled; that smile too had something that made the young one feel sadden by it. The blue haired girl and certain ones knew of the abilities; such as the ability to control time itself. Though her young friend knew how to but she had learn the only the basic. Tenshi-it means Angel, and that was who she was. A servant to god; even when she was a goddess. An angel that protected her family and friends and used her abilities for good. She was also like her friend except that she could not rely on no one. She was probably as old as a millennium and looked as if she just turned twenty.

Her love ones withered away in the sands of time; simply forgotten as if they disappeared. To remember them in her memories; she met famous people. Pianist like Beethoven and Chopin; Scientist Einstein; the "leader"-Adolf Hitler; and many well-known persons; even when they were mere children. Tenshi's heart would fall to pieces when each one that she befriended were gone forever. Keyword- were.

The ability to summon ghost like a shaman, to talk with them as if they were alive once again. Over the course of her eternal life she became a broken girl/woman. Becoming emotionally and mentally unstable was something that would frighten many. Though that one little girl became her everything. The smile that was so innocent, so pure like an angel's, and the eyes that held such wisdom far beyond her years.

Though they were able to have such powers over so many things. They were many things; except human. The Hell's and Heaven's gave them their powers yet only Hell was holding them back, back from being free. Thus this story begins with a frighten wish- to be freed from hell it self!