Chapter 3: Saving a Life

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Ayashi no Ceres is a show about a 16 year old girl named Aya Mikage. On her 16th birthday, she almost gets runs over by a car but is saved by a guy named Tooya. Later that evening, she and her twin brother, Aki have a reunion with their family members. When they are given their "gift"; it turns out to be a stone hand. Aya suddenly has these memories just flood in side her mind; memories that are not hers. Meanwhile the hand breaks and Aki, sitting next to her, is wounded. She tells the others around them to get him to the hospital but they all just sit there. One moment later, the members of the family take away Aki and restrain Aya. They tell her that Aki is now the heir to the family fortune while she needsto be killed and told her that her powers of a tennyo (celestial maiden) are bad for the family. She later meets Tooya again and falls in love with him and soon after meets Yuhi, Chidori, and many others that are involved with the tennyo power. This is based on a Japanese myth.

This is the link if anyone is interested, go to wikipedia. org / wiki /Ayashi no Ceres

Starts from episode 19.

These are the characters if anyone doesn't know… (stuff in italics is my own addition)

Aki Mikage: Aya's twin, shares his body with ancestor Shiso Mikagi

Alec/Alexander O. Howell: a scientist hired by Kagami for the Celestial Project

Aya Mikage: heroine, shares her body with a tennyo/ancestor named Ceres, soon to be mother

Chidori Kuruma: a girl that has a crush on Yuhi, also has a tennyo-named Pallas, has a younger brother named Shouta and looks like she is 12 but she is really 15, knows Ami since she was 8, adopted by the Kurumas when she was 9-former surname is Haruno

Ceres: wife of Shiso Mikagi, ancestor of both Aya and Aki

Kagami Mikage: he is 'obsessed' with Ceres, director of the C-Project (Celestial Project) and want to create the 'prefect' human race-because of his mother's expectations of not being perfect

Ms. Q/Kyu Oda: a 'helper' of Suzumi, is infatuated about Tooya

Shouta Kuruma: younger brother of Chidori, was captured by Migaki

Suzumi Aogiri: also has powers of a tennyo but can't transform into one, sister-in-law of Yuhi

Tooya: born from the hagoromo/mana of Ceres, father to Aya's baby, a brother like figure to Ami and Chidori

Yuhi Aogiri: brother-in-law of Suzumi, good cook and fighter, had a crush on Aya but now loves Chidori

They soon reached the boat the contained the C-Genome subjects. In one of the hallways they found 2 people together. There is an anguish cry or "CHIDORI!" from Yuuhi after a bullet rang, 'No Chidori, don't tell us that we are late!'

"Chidori. Chidori! CHIDORI!"

The females look and see Chidori, with a bullet wound on her back, being held by Yuhi. In front of them is a man dressed in black with a pistol in his hands and shaking. Yuhi holds up the gun on the floor and shouts, "Naze? Naze? Why did you shot? You hurt her, I'll hurt you!"

Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Chidori spoke, "Yuhi. Stop this isn't you. I want my kind Yuhi back and you're not being the Yuhi I know. Come back to me, Yuhi." The boy just stand there and cries, embracing Chidori; meanwhile Minako takes care of the man in black. Amy hurries to the injured girl's side and Yuhi then looks up alarmed by their entrance, though seeing them wearing school uniforms confuses him.

"Chidori, Ami-nee is here." The wounded brunette turns her head to the sound of the voice.

"Ami-nee, you came back." she said with a tried smile.

"I promised you that I would come back for you, just like before. The same promise made seven years ago." The woman then holds her hand.

"You are so warm, Ami-nee, Yuhi is too. Ami-nee, I am I got to see you again. Yuhi, I want to say that I love you at least on-" she was cut off by the boy's voice. "You're going to live Chidori, I just know it!"he turns to the new arrivals, "Can't you guys help? You obvious came here for a reason so why did you come here then?"

His question was answered when 'Ami-nee's hands were glowed white and the woman with the red bow, hands flaring green. While he was speaking, Minako had pulled out the bullet and began healing the wound; it made a sizzling sound. Yuhi watched in awe while the wound began to disappear, it didn't even leave a scar! Chidori now awake was crying.

"You-you all came back after so long. Wagata, I am so glad you came for me, even after so long." She was now crying.

The girl with the red bow in her hair spoke, "Chidori, we know you can count on us, trust us, and believe in us. Just like before, when we were younger."

"Minako. Alegato"

"Yuhi, take Chidori and run, Minako cover me when we get there, alright?" All of them nodded except for one-Chidori.

"Ami-nee why can't I come with you all? I want so save Tooya-nii as well!"

"Chidori, you must go back so that Aya does not worry. I promise you that all rest of us will return. I promise; and besides, knowing Tooya-nii he wouldn't want any of us to get hurt."


"No buts alright? Yuhi must be tried and you must be as well after all they've done to you. Now both of you go."

"Hai. See you soon Ami-nee. Minako-nee." The brunette picked up the small girl bridal style and ran off into the night though not before mouthing a 'thank you' as he left.

As soon as he was off, the duo of girls rushed towards where the top floor were Yuuhi had informed him Tooya found Shouta. They slammed to door with such force, all heads turned towards their direction.

Minako disliked what she saw and Amy just had a passive expression on her face. In front of them was Tooya, being surrounded by five men in a circle, Shouta being protected behind him and Aki/Mikagi was pulling out a gun.

Ami and Mina quickly fanned out and took out the guys around Tooya and Shouta while Amy paralyzed Aki/Mikagi with a yellowish liquid that she concocted a few years back. Minako swiftly grab a hold of both males after knocking out the men, while their leader came in contact with one of them, thus transporting them to Suzumi's home.

'At least, Aki will be able to try to regain some control after I loosen up the spiritual bonds betweens those two.' She quickly placed a glowing blue hand over the struggling man's eyes.

The way she spoke to him was in soft but stern voice-like a mother scolding her child. "Migaki, the next time we meet tell me why you don't want Ceres? You should understand be now that she is only a spirit and does not have a solid form unless she uses Aya's body. Simply because Aya is with Tooya dos not mean that Ceres is with him. Ask yourself this, did you love her enough that it made her hate you or did that love turn into obsession because you were afraid to lose her? I am going to loosen the some of the binds you put on Aki so that you two gentlemen can talk it over. I ask you both, what if I had killed you today, would you be satisfied with the way and the reasons why you died?"

With that she disappeared.

Meanwhile at Suzumi's house, emotions were a muck for Aya and Suzumi. Both were surprised when all of them came back, even more shocked when Tooya, Shouta, and Minako appeared out of thin air and landed in Aya's room. And that is where all the commotion started.

Tooya questioned the blond, "Who are you and how do you know Amy?"

"I am Minako and a friend of Amy," the one with red bow in her hair replied. "I ask you this, how do you know Amy?" She pointed her finger at him, eyes narrowing.

"She is like a sister to me; I meet her a few years back."

Then Shouta spoke up with a question of his own, "Where is Chidori-nee?" And just one second after he asked that, the door was slammed opened with a huge 'BANG'. All heads turn to see a tried looking Yuhi carrying a sleeping Chidori in her normal form, her white dress stained red from blood.

"Can someone check out Chidori while I go take a quick shower? It's not fun having someone's blood one you."

"Of course." replied Minako while Yuhi quickly went to his room after giving the girl to the one closest to him.

The girl then turned to Suzumi, "Can you get any bandages for the two of them?" indicating the red haired men and the girl in her arms. Suzumi nodded, "Ms. Q, go get some bandages ASAP!" she yelled out of the door.

Meanwhile, in the mist of things, Aya was being surprisingly quiet. "Tooya, you're back?" would be one thing that she would have at a time such as this. Why? How would she tell Tooya about the child! The only thing she did was hug him, and Aya hung to him like a life line. Then cried her heart out and stares were even more omnipotent. The young mother began to slobber, "I-I thought I had lost you! I thought... " as she kept on rambling, a known presence came in.

"Chidori!" from behind came Amy. The young girl was able to walk with the assistance from the blonde.

"Go to bed now Chidori or at least lie down so the wounds won't open up," Chidori did as she was told, but the girl stayed awake to hear what was going on.

"I examined her and I guess some wounds aren't as pleasant as others. A few minor scratches here and there, there was an opening on her abdomen that indicted that some sort of surgery was made. I found out what was done with her; they removed all of her external organs but Mina was able to regenerate them. Then finally the bullet wound that was so near her heart and lungs that any further to the right would have made her die."

That statement had left most on the edge of their seats but the silence was quickly shattered.

"Sorry for not introducing ourselves when we came in. My name is Ami Mizuno."

"The names Minako Aino." replied the blond.

"Chidori Kuruma ," and so on. By the time introductions were announced; it was night time. They went to sleep with the day's events fresh in their minds.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, things were not going so well for the rest of senshi… After the girls had flew off to god knows where, Rei swiftly walked toward her temple, hoping for answers.

"Rei-chan where are you going?" Asked the moon princess.

"To the temple, I can do a fire reading and see what's going on."

"Can we come too?"

"Usagi, how about you and Mamorou-san go for your date, he'll be going back to the United States no doubt soon." She could see her princess and prince reluctant to go but Usagi was hurt enough by his departure, they had to mend things. Hearing footsteps walk away the priestess continued to walk, ignoring Makoto, Artemis, Luna and the Starlights.

Looking back she said, "The rest of you guys can come, I'm sure you're all as curious as I am. If the Starlights aren't going to gohome yet then walked with us."

They followed in toe, Makoto carrying Artemis and Yaten, Luna. When they got to temple and into a fire room she said, "Just sit and wait while I go and get some tea and cookies."

The princess of fire changed into her miko robes and chanted the mantra she usually did. The flames grew withevery word as did the wind the surrounded her came alive.

"Show me great fire, answer my questions!" What she saw next was surprising to many. The images did not only show to her but the others as well.

An eight year old Ami being protected by a woman in pale yellow. The frightened child repeatedly said "Mama" in Russian as the attackers continued to beat the woman, creating lacerations using a leather whip. "Mama loves you my princess, you have to protect your brothers. Give them my love and remember, I will forever love you. Love your people and this world because hate will destoy you my dear." With the last of her strength, her mother threw her out of an open window just a few feet away from them. They saw their friend land with a thud on her side then got back up. Running into the forest in front of her, never turning back. The branches ripped her white dress as she continued running, running into the night.

Minako, of the same age, was pulled by two men in white. "Papa! Papa!" she continued to shout in French as they pulled her further away. A man they assumed to be her father gave his daughter a said smile, "My dear daughter live. This revolution will stop some day so don't hate but love, love your people and life. I wish I could have seen you grow up." With the last cry of "Father!" The blond princess of whisked of by a female guard. "Go back Heather! As your princess I command you to go back!" Shouting at her guard. "My apologizes princess but his highness's orders were for you to get out of the castle safely and away from France." They were out of the castle in time to reach the boat that send them out of Paris when Minako saw the most horrible sight. Her beloved father hanged by the very people were his advisers! Seeing this, Heather took the disdraught girl on board and she started to bawl out tears. "Papa." The crowd cherring was heard in the background.

The scene shifted to a cleaner Ami in black, standing next to her father. One bandaged arm cradling a baby with navy blue hair and holding the hand of a light blue haired boy. The funeral for her mother, coffin closed so the public would not see her scarred face. The funeral was at it's end and the coffin lowered to the ground. The light blue haired boy turned towards Ami, "Sister, will we ever see Mama again?" So innocent, so naive. "Father says from now on your name is Satoshi, little brother. Satoshi, Mama will watch other us and we'll see her again someday." She answered with a smile as tears rolled down her face, her brother placed his chubby hand on her cheek and he, too, cried.

The princess of France was depicted outside, playing a flute. The sound so beautiful and sad matched the black dress she was wearing. She continued to play as it rained, as the tears mixed with rain water fell.

It showed the two princess being on a plane together, dressed as normal civilians. Heather sitting next to Minako and a female body guard sat next to Ami. They played hand games what involed singing ocassionally laughing when one of them messed up. A younger verison of Rei sat next to her father, watched them, also wanting to play. As did a young Makoto who was with her parents. Twelve year old Setsuna and ten year olds Michru and Haruka looked in their direction as well. Minako motioned for them to come play and most of them did; Setsuna stayed and continued to watch. Each laughing without a care in the world. The irony.

It was dark out when the fire reading ended, both Lita and Rei had tears trailing down while to others were processing the information.

Lita: I don't remember playing with them but my parents were alive so it was before they died. So I did have friends, even back then.

Rei: Otou-san was smiling wasn't he? Mother must have not died yet; but why didn't I remember them?

Yaten: Minako was actually able to emotionally survive that! Ami-san as well...

Taiki: Mizuno-san and Aino-san are strong to survive that.

Seiya: Usagi-chan has strong people as friends.

Kaguya: They must have been so afraid at such a young age.

Luna: The scouts shouldn't have been reborn; just these two have enough on the plate without being a scout.

Artemis: This explains why Minako was so unwilling to tell me about her childhood when we first meet.

The sound of hands clapping shook them from their thoughts. It was Rei. "Let's all get some sleep alright? It won't help if they come back and we are to tired to help them!" She directed each of them to the many spare rooms in the temple before going off to bed herself; though none of them had a restful sleep.

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