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Two Kokiri looked up from their playing; another Kokiri was running toward them.

"Where is Saria? Where is she?" The Kokiri boy asked eagerly, "Link is here!"

"Where do you think she is?" The other Kokiri responded, "She is in that spooky house in the Sacred Meadow." As they talked, a green clothed youth with blonde hair and bright blue eyes walked up. He had a sword slung over his shoulder and was noticeably taller then the child size Kokiri. He caught the last end of the conversation and nodded briefly.

"Thanks, I'll just be on my way then." He said nonchalantly, as he took out a blue ceramic ocarina. He played a brief tune and then disappeared in a flash of green light.

Saria sighed, this place really depressed her; she was in the library of the Forest Temple trying to figure out what the voice in her head was telling her to do. No, she wasn't crazy; the voice in her head was Impa trying to explain a Sheikah manuscript. All of the sages were communicating telepathically; they were trying to figure out a way to stop the various landslides that were threatening to expose the hidden Goron cities and to restore the landscape on Death Mountain. Saria of course wanted to plant trees in the volcanic soil, it would work; she just had to convince the Sage of water to make it rain there...

"Wow, it is gloomy in here. What are you doing Saria?" Link asked as he appeared beside her.

"Link! You are actually here! I can't believe it, usually you are too busy to even come and say hello." Saria managed to sound both intensely gleeful and yet regretful.

"Ummm... good evening to you too." Link said.

"Sorry, I am just really stressed out, do you know how to make Ruto do something you want her to do?" Saria asked.

"Yeeaaah... why?" Link replied painfully.

"I want her to make it rain on Death Mountain."

"Sure... I should easily be able to make her do that... grimaced though.

"What is wrong?" Saria asked, "Why are you grimacing?"

Link stared at his friend, deciding she really wanted him to do this and deciding that it would be hopefully worth the risk. Last time he asked Ruto to give him something she willing gave it to him, and then she told him it symbolized their engagement. The Zora really knew how to manipulate people... But...

"All right, I'll do it!"

Link had planned to stay a week before leaving but Saria rushed him out to talk to Ruto. She also hid his horse magically, Epona didn't respond when he summoned her. So he had to travel magically, which was faster. When Link arrived at the Zora's Domain, Ruto immediately swam up to him and greeted him.

"Link! You haven't stopped by in ages! Why are you here now? Have you been drinking?"

The boy sighed; even Ruto had to take issue with his busyness! He was the hero of Hyrule for crying out loud! He didn't have time for visiting people.

"No I haven't been drinking, Ruto, I came to ask you a favor."

"Sure! What do you want?" Ruto said eagerly. "I'll be glad to help you, but..."

"I need you to make it rain on Death Mountain with your water Sage powers. Saria wants to grow trees there for some strange reason." Link said.

"She wants it to keep on raining to sustain the trees it will take a lot out of me. I don't think I can keep up a rainfall that long. But..." Ruto said with a big smile on her face. Link sensing the upcoming request quickly apologized for wasting her time and then ran away, fast.

Link walked alone along Hyrule field trying to think of another way to make it rain. Something told him it would be prudent to look up. He glanced up just in time to see a rock speeding toward his face. Thwack! Link went staggering backwards and tripped over a tree root, this last bit of luck proved to be very good. As he fell down he saw a sword blade slash through the air his head was just occupying. Survival reflexes kicked in; after he hit the ground he rolled along the ground avoiding the scything blade. He scrambled to his feet and drew the Master sword ready to take on his assailant but... said assailant was on the ground with a scorched hole through her head. Link stared at the dead body for a bit, it was a Gerudo thief who had a peculiar design on her tunic. It appeared to be a skull surrounded by an orange ring.

"Are you going to thank me for saving your life or not?" Link looked up and finally noticed the cloaked figure sitting on the tree bough above him.

"Who are you and how did you do that?" Link said.

"I am Her Highness' loyal servant, a Sheikah. And I believe that answers both of your questions." The figure said nonchalantly.

"Oh, well, thanks for the help." Link said amicably, "Wait, did Zelda send you to spy on me?!" The figure just smiled and jumped down.

"What do you think?" The Sheikah said.

"I am going to talk to her about this..." Link growled and took out his ocarina. The Sheikah just smiled again and grabbed Link's arm.

In Hyrule castle a green whirlwind materialized in a waiting room. It cleared up and deposited the two warriors in comfortable chairs.

"The princess will be here shortly." The Sheikah youth said, in the better light Link could see him better. He had short flame red hair with streaks of metallic silver and a black tunic emblazoned with the crimson Sheikah emblem. His sword had a plain black leather scabbard but an ornate hilt. Two silver foxes back to back with ruby eyes formed up the hilt. Then a door opened and a tall blonde regal looking figure stepped through. Princess Zelda.

"Link! You actually came back! I knew you would come back if you thought I was spying on you!"

"Zelda! W-w-w-w-what? You tricked me, didn't you! You just wanted to get me here!" Link glared at the princess. In the background the Sheikah youth just leaned back and grinned. Zelda had the good grace to look sorry... for about a second.

"Well maybe if you actually came to the castle instead of just running around not visiting anyone!"

"Okay! Sorry! I'll visit you more often!" Link sighed; if the possessor of the Triforce of Wisdom took grief with him being anti-social maybe everyone else was right... "And could you get your boyfriend there to drop me off where he found me. I need to investigate why a Gerudo was closer to the lake then the valley"

The Sheikah stood up and reached for his sword. But he looked at Zelda who surprisingly nodded.

"All right, hero" the Sheikah snarled, kicking back his chair. "How well do you fight?" Link smiled and drew the Master sword; boy did he feel like taking out all his rage on...

"Ooof!" Somehow the Sheikah had drawn his sword and clubbed Link with lightening speed. Link tried to sit up but found the blade at his throat; he sighed and fell back defeated.

"Who are you?" Link said, "What is your name?"

"I am Vulpumbra, the prince of foxes, and I'll see you again, hero." He said with a mocking smile.