It was the night after Vulp had come back from his mission, and he was already gone again to meet with the Royal Pain. I finish up helping Ingo stable the horses for the night and wonder, not for the first time, where Epona is. I really hope she's not dead or hurt somewhere… Oh, and I hope Link is all right too. I slowly walk back to the house and check Vulp's room, wondering if he already finished with his meeting. It's so dark in here; I can't tell if he's even in there… I light a candle, and illuminate the Sheikah, who is standing right in front of me. I yell in surprise, and start, before recovering myself and glaring in fake anger at him.

"Why hello there," Vulp grins, because he knows how much I hate it when he scares me like that.

"Jerk. What'd the Queen say?"

"Tell you after dinner, I'm starving."

As I sat down at the table, I thought back to the events that had led to Vulp staying at my house.

I was working outside when I heard a horse approaching the ranch at a high speed. Within a few seconds Link had appeared on Epona. I frowned as I saw him and started to turn away; after the whole drama with the Gerudo Vulp had convinced me that the Hero and the Princess were pretty much a solid couple. Leaving me alone.

"Malon! I need your help!"

Turning back to Link, I noticed that he was carrying a huge bundle on the back of my horse. As he set the bundle on the ground I realized it was Vulp. I hurried forward to see how I could help, because the tall Sheikah had always been there for me in my emotional turmoil.

"What happened!?" I looked at Link in a panic, realizing that this was probably related to why I hadn't seen Vulp in awhile.

"We… I thought he was dead this last month. We thought he had sacrificed himself to keep Ganon sealed away, but I found him almost dead in the Haunted Wasteland!" Link was more upset than I've seen him in a long time.

"Well… he doesn't look so good," I inspected him and cataloged his inventories as I voiced my thoughts out loud. "I think he just needs to rest for a month or two."

"Great!" Link visibly sagged in relief. "I'll just take him to the Castle…"

"No," Link seemed to be taken aback by the quickness of my response. "I mean, I can take care of him here. He's my friend."

Link hesitated, and then nodded as he helped me get Vulp into the house and a spare bed. I spent the next few weeks nursing him back to health, and he's been staying in my guest room ever since…


I watched Malon as we ate together in silence, wondering what was occupying her mind. I hoped she wasn't recalling her kidnapping at the hand's of Ganon's unwitting Gerudo servant. I don't know why she would be, but I am.

Nex, the Necromanceress being possessed by the King of Evil, had captured Malon and was threatening to kill her if we didn't hand over the keys to Ganon's new portal back to Hyrule. What Nex saw was me and the Hero delivering the key and recovering Malon. Secure in knowing where all of the pieces were, she then tried to do he evil thing. But, the me that was with Link and helping Malon was really just the Princess Zelda dressed up in a magical disguise. I came from behind and ambushed the Gerudo, catching her completely off guard. Cue one badass fight. Eventually I had to get up in her face when she was powering up an attack and received the brunt of it. Pretty hurt, I grabbed her and teleported to the Spirit Temple, where I figured the Spirit Sage Nabooru could do some sort of exorcism. The last thing I remembered seeing before I woke up a month later to Malon's concerned face was sand… So large an expanse… so barren and desolate… burning sand and a parching thirst…

"Vulp?" Malon's voice brought me back from my damned memory and to the warm kitchen. "What did the Princess tell you to do?"

"What? Oh, she… wants me to go look for Link."

"Oh? Do you know where he is?"

"No. But I'm going to wander around in enemy turf until I find him. We need him to end this damned mess."

"Yeah…" Malon looks down at her empty plate and then at me with a surprising amount of determination. "When do we go?"

"You're not going," yeah, like I could miss the emphasis she put on that syllable. "It is far too dangerous, and I'm not putting you into that."

"Vulpumbra," she glares at me in hot anger. "I am going to go with you and keep you from doing something stupid and getting hurt! There is no discussion on this. Am I clear?"

Well crap, I glare at her to let her know just how unhappy I am with her sudden irrationality. "Soon as you get packed."

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