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This will be Naruto Temari fic. Why? Cuz it's one of my most favorite pairing rival only to Naruto/Hinata.

The story is about Uzumaki Naruto finally finishing the last of Akatsuki and returning Sasuke back. But… he feels like he is not wanted in Konoha. Everybody is all happy, living great lives. But, he is just having an inner conflict with staying in Konoha. Eventually, he requests to leave Konoha for …Suna.

Anyway, now that the huge summary is out, I shall begin the story.

DISCLAMER: I don't own Naruto… if I did, Temari's last name would be Namikaze.

"Why am I still in Konoha?'

Uzumaki Naruto would ask this question time and time again as he walked through the village. He had done so many things for Konoha. The list included stopping Pein, one of the biggest threats during the invasion, getting the fifth Hokage to actually accept and be the Hokage in the first place, doing his missions perfectly, giving his full effort, bringing back Sasuke Uchiha, and finishing off Akatsuki for good.


He still felt as if the village was still hostile towards him. It was as if anything he did was never enough. The village still seem to loath him. Even though the Yondaime Hokage, one of the strongest and smartest ninja of all time, wanted him to be considered a hero, he could see the mistrust in the glares they still gave him. Because at the end of the day, he was still the jinchuuriki for the Kyubbi no Youki, the most powerful of the nine tailed demon beasts. They continually thought Naruto was the demon itself and refused to think otherwise no matter what he did. They wanted him dead.

He was not wanted… no, needed as a Shinobi or as a person in Konoha.

So why stay?

Well, he knew he had a few precious people living here still. He had Iruka, who was like a father to him, Kakashi, who was like an uncle, the Hokage herself, Tsunade, who to him, was like a mother or a grandmother as he called her. He had Konohamaru, and even some of the Jonin he considered precious people worth staying for. But that was not a good enough reason to him.

Team 7 had been reunited finally but he still didn't feel like he belonged. He wanted to be needed. He wanted to be accepted by all and just not a few.

But… he knew he would not find love here in Konoha. Not anymore; not after she died. He was too late. All the girls he knew were already taken. As soon as Sasuke returned; he confessed his feelings to Sakura. To Naruto, it really hurt seeing them together. Not only because Sasuke was dating Sakura, who would brush him off whenever he tried to hang with them. It was harsh and he felt that friends should NOT treat other friends like that. The main fact was that at the end of the day they were together. They had each other.

He was probably the only one without companionship. Shikamaru and Ino became an item, Chouji was dating the ramen stand owner's daughter, Kiba and Shino had found someone within their clan respectively, Neji got with Tenten. Even Lee had met and fell in love with a girl not too far from wave country.

Plus, the only one who would give him the time of day; the only one that loved him for all of those years, had died in his arms without any chance of revival, there was nothing he could do to bring her back.

She finally told him as her breath became hollow and her voice hoarse and silent. His first kiss had been her last. He would never be the same after that.

He wanted to go. But as long as his precious people accepted him, he would stay.

As he walked through the village on his way to the ramen stand, he overheard a familiar voice talking. His senses over time had increased to the level of a fox so he knew exactly who the voice was.

Sakura; she was one of the main reasons he stayed in Konoha. He relied on her and hoped that eventually Sasuke and her would break up and she would find that her heart belong to Naruto. But he knew it was never going to be that way.

But it did not stop him from wishing. As he approached her; he realized she was not alone. He smelled through his nose the scent of Ino and Tenten. Naruto was dense but not dumb and quickly deducted that it was a girl's conversation. So he lowered his chakra signature to not interrupt them and walked towards the ramen shop.

As he approached the shop, he heard one of the girls who he believed was Ino, say his name in a conversation.

"So Sakura, now that your with Sasuke, what are you going to do about Naruto? I mean, everyone knows he's been fawning over you," Ino said.

"I…don't know. Never came to that thought. But he will be ok. Though, it is truly a shame he never realized Hinata liked him until she died, but then again. It IS Naruto. He is extremely dense. Sometimes I wonder if he is truly cut out to be a ninja with the way he thinks," Sakura replied.

"I wonder if he'll ever find a girl for him. I would feel sorry for her. While he might be a kind hearted shinobi, he really needs to calm down sometimes. Being so hyperactive and loud… it will kill him during missions. I mean what is up with all the orange? I know he toned it down a little but such a weird color?" Ino said.

He heard another girl's voice but he left before he heard what they said. As he raced towards his apartment, all he could think about was the comments that Sakura said.

'Sometimes I wonder if he is truly cut out to be a ninja'

Naruto wiped his eyes as salty tears ran down his whiskered cheeks. His resolve on staying in Konoha was now fully broken. He had no more reason to be in Konoha. Ever since Jiraiya had died, along with the late Sarutobi, the two people that helped him greatly, he found it hard to stay in Konoha. Now that they were gone, he could not bear to spend another day in Konoha.

Once he reached his apartment, he grabbed tons of scrolls and tossed his few belongings inside of them, he put all his food, mostly ramen in his bag along with his clothes and weapons. As he zipped up his bag, he looked at the team 7 picture for a while before putting the frame face down.

"Goodbye team 7," He whispered as he grabbed his keys and closed the door behind him for the last time.

(Hokage's office)

"Come in." the Godaime Hokage Tsunade said. As the door opened, she looked into the usually shimmering and inquisitive, now reduced to painfully dull blue eyes of Naruto which held a look of hurt.

"What's wrong Naruto?" she said as she continued to fill in paperwork. When she heard the clang of metal on her desk, her head sprung up and locked eyes with the Hitai-ate of the leaf on the office floor. Her mouth hung open as she looked at Naruto who had a leaf symbol-less forehead and tears rolling down his face and silently asked for explanation.

"I'm tired," He simply said as he took a step forward and dropped his bag.

"I'm tired of the looks that the villagers give me whenever I walk down the road. The same road I have helped in rebuilding, I am tired of everyone calling me dense when I had no proper training to learn since I was little. I'm tired of the whispers of me being a demon and how I should be dead already," He said as he walked towards her. Tsunade slowly rose up out of her chair as Naruto continued speaking.

"I give my all during missions, I finished Akatsuki, I brought that traitor back to Konoha and do you know what they say to me? They say I'm not cut out to be a ninja; that I don't follow procedure of Shinobi. No matter what I do, I will always be dead last. Always be an idiot, always be too late for love, and now…"

Naruto was silent and his body shook as he let out all of his pent up emotion.

"She's gone… she's gone… and I never knew… and now… now I will never know what we could have been. I'll always be behind… ALWAYS!" Naruto shrieked the last word as he collapsed into Tsunade's arms and remained there for a while before speaking again.

"No matter what I do I will never gain respect of the village. So I'm done. I'm starting over. I refuse to work for Konoha. I want out. I am leaving this village," Naruto whispered.

"Where will you go?" Tsunade whispered to him. Naruto wasted no time in saying his destination.


Ok. There is the first chapter revised. As you can see, I have made some changes, and I will be making more changes. Hopefully everything will be done the way I want it to.

Next chapter will be Tsunade's response, more changes and new things… enjoy!

Revised: July 31, 2013