Good Afternoon or Morning to everyone.

Over the years I have been accumulating life experiences and learning about myself and my writing style. While I have not been updating my stories, I have been reading hundreds of thousands of other stories and getting my motivation back. I have come across a few messages and comments ( Specifically KidneyZero, Guest, Steen Gellegani and Midnight Lost as of this year) for this specific story. I have come to the realization that I have a desire to want to finish this story again.

I will be re-reading this plot and looking into the characterization and how to put it altogether. One thing I can speak to is that this story has mentally been finished, I just now need to use my creative license and language to bring it to a visual bow tie ending. I truly thank everyone who kept hope alive on this story. I am hoping to get it done before June ends, but I know myself and my current passion. If I have the time, I promise it will be done mid-June.

Looking forward to bringing this story to a close and also to introducing and finishing the rest of the stories on my page.

Until next time.