A little exploration into the life of a character that is so often misunderstood or misused by life.

Credit to Disney for creating someone of depth.

Return from a Fall

Sarah was lost. She had been going from town to town, taking what she needed to survive. Just as soon as she got to know a place, she would be discovered and have to flee. The woman was dangerously thin from lack of nourishment and the constant fear. Her once luxurious dark tresses were now filthy and matted, the long finger nails she once prized had long since been broken. In short, she was a shadow of her former self.

Sarah had been the second oldest in a family of five children, raised by loving parents in an upper middle class home in Go City's suburbs. With four active boys, she grew up athletic and smart. If they could do something, she would do it as well, only better. Her brothers included her in everything, even if her big brother had a tendency to be bossy. When they decided to build a tree house in the back yard, she was the only girl to be admitted.

While the five of them were playing one sunny morning, an extraordinary event occurred that would change their lives. Sarah had been acting the part of lookout, and she saw a bright fire in the sky, followed by a loud booming sound. Before she could warn the others, a flaming meteor hit the structure they had built in the tree. When she finally woke up in the hospital, she discovered that she had a green tint to her skin, as if she had been painted for St. Patrick's Day. The multi-hued rock had a similar effect on all five of the youngsters, but she was the only one to remain colored by the event. The change in the boys faded at will.

Along with the altered skin came astounding powers. Herb had developed super strength to go with his blue tinge. Sarah was given the ability to generate plasma energy from her hands and remarkable recuperative abilities. Menlow was able to alter his size at will. The twins, Wes and William, shared their ability to duplicate themselves, just as they shared everything else. Over a period of months, they all learned to control these unusual gifts, at least to the degree that they no longer damaged things.

While here brothers could pass for normal in public, Sarah was permanently marked as different. Her green skin drew stares and taunts from her schoolmates, and she was punished repeatedly for fighting on school property. Her parents taught her to control her temper as best they could, enrolling her in martial arts classes to learn self discipline. It worked, for a time, and she came to terms with her new appearance. The fights stopped.

Then Herb came up with that juvenile idea. Why should they sit on the powers the meteor had given them? Like the comic book characters they had read about in the tree house, they could be heroes. So Team Go was born. Donning costumes designed from the colors each had absorbed, they went out into the city to fight crime. Hego, as Herb called himself, took the role of leader, on the grounds that he was the oldest. Many times Sarah (or Shego if you will) had to improvise a plan to recover situations that he had bungled. They argued frequently, and the others just tried to stay out of the way.

With all of the spirit of youth and no experience to guide them, Team Go made enemies. The boys could hide themselves, but Sarah was easy to trace. Late one night, while they were out chasing the bad guys, a group of armed men entered the house. Team Go became orphaned, and Hego became the head of the family. One night after a particularly vicious argument, Herb yelled at his sister, putting all of the sting he could into his words.

"It's your fault they're dead! You and your freakish green skin. You led that gang to our parents, and now I have to look after your sorry hide." He had picked up the sofa and thrown it at Sarah. She just raised her hand and blew the large piece of furniture to tiny pieces.

"Don't do me any favors! This whole 'super hero' business was your idea. You didn't do anything to protect Mom and Dad. One of these days you are going to start something, and Menlow or the twins will pay the price. Just pray that I come back to pick up the pieces." She hurled a powerful charge of plasma at him before stalking out of the house. She took nothing but her clothes and a picture of the family in happier times. No matter how low she sank, that picture was always close at hand.

Shego made her way as best she could, stealing when she had to, hurting others along the way. Hiding in Go City's underworld, she became an enforcer for a number of criminal organizations. Always one step ahead of Global Justice, she leaned on victims for the mob.

One night, she broke in the door of an apartment in a run down section of the city. The man owed her employers a large amount of money, and her orders were to make an example of him. At first, he had pleaded with Shego, but she merely shoved him to the floor. A single bolt of plasma nearly burned him to death. As she raised her hand again, a scream filled the room. A small girl stood in the door to the bedroom, terrified and crying for her daddy. Her long black hair and pale skin hit home.

"I've become the men who killed my parents." Shego curled up in a corner of the room, her eyes locked on her hands. "Mommy, Daddy! What have I done?" As the police came, she rocked back and forth, crooning to herself.

In return for her testimony, Shego received a reduced sentence. She served her time, and was released five years later. No employer would have her, although she had earned a degree on the inside. Instead of working with children, she wound up on the run again, stealing to get by.

In time, she crossed paths with a strange blue man intent on taking over the world. He hired her for her gifts, and they worked as a team, trying to bring his outrageous plots to fruition. Time after time, they were thwarted by a little red headed princess of a cheerleader and her buffoon of a sidekick. She could easily have blasted the girl in the back and been done with it, but every time she raised her hand, the red hair turned dark, and Sarah Go saw the little girl in the doorway. No, she would not kill.

One day, an old foe found Shego, and using a strange device, changed her. She became Sarah Go again, the woman she had once dreamed of being. She found employment at the school that Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable attended, and begged for another chance. Sarah and Kim became good friends, almost the sisters they had both desired. They went to the mall and shopped together. Kim even agreed to a double date, to help Sarah with her social life. While buying new outfits, the had gotten pictures at a photo booth.

Then they had learned that her brothers were in deep trouble. The device that had given her a normal life had turned them into criminals, wreaking havoc on Go City. Sarah went to use her powers to stop them. In the struggle, the machine was used on her again, and her criminal ways returned. Shego went back to Drakken, and turned her back on the sister she had gained. She burned the photos of them in the booth, feeling that she no longer deserved a normal life and a sister like Kim Possible.

Months later, the Lowardians came, seeking revenge for the humiliation of Warmonga. She and Ron Stoppable had joined forces to free Drakken and the Princess. In the end, she had been beaten, as had the teenage bane of her existence. Only by means of powers she did not understand was the world saved from the wrath of the giant aliens.

Shego had tried to 'go straight' after that, to once again be Sarah. Every time she stepped out of the criminal life, another ghost of her past would come to haunt her. People she had hurt came to get back at her. Thugs escaped from prison all came to take down the lowered woman, and prove how bad they were. She ran, refusing to call on her abilities, even in self defense. She was tired, only alive by the grace of her healing power. She had nowhere left to turn. Sarah Go was as lost as the night she had walked away from her family.

Then she remembered. She began to walk, always in a straight line. There were memories where she was going, a history of traded blows and verbal jabs. They might not have gotten along as they should have, but Sarah knew that at the end of her journey lay redemption. Family forgave family. It wouldn't be easy, for either of them, but somehow, Sarah knew that this was the right path to take. Ever fiber of her being screamed that this was what her parents would have wanted.

Suddenly, late into a cold, rainy night, she was there. The door before her led to her future. No mater what that might be, she vowed to face it head on, to be worthy of what lay on the other side. With a huge effort, she reached up and knocked on the door in front of her. As the sound of footsteps approached, she steeled herself for rejection. The door was swung open.

"Please, help me."

Kim Possible looked at the wet and tortured soul on her doorstep. She reached out a hand and drew Sarah in, putting her arms around her in a warm hug.