Tales of the Band

Chapter Five: In the U.S.A.

by: animefreak892cool4u

Tales of the Band

Chapter Five: In the U.S.A.

by: animefreak892cool4u

Me: Hi all. Welcome back. Hope ya like the chapter. I donot now own any songs that may be used in this chapter. They might be from Evanescence or other groups. And there might be some of my own works(songs) in there too. Now onto with Envy.

Envy: She donot own Naruto, FMA. But she does own this story idea and some songs in here.

Naruto finnly got there. His friends met up with him. "Alright cuo(1), lets get this shit on the road. We got a show tonight an u are our new singer." Feng said.

"Right now?" Naruto said. It is around 8:00 P.M. Here(2).

"Di yu(3) yeah!" She said on there way there. After a while they finnly got there. They went into the bulding, look like this is gonna be a rave. They went onstage an set up.

Naruto: Hi all. Thanks for coming. We're Na li Bu Min Zhiyou Di yu(4). We're singing Hear me.

( can any1 hear me?

is any1 out there?

please anwser me

damn it!

why won't u answer me?


can't u see me reaching out to u?

can't u see my hands?

come on

i ain't that much vain

is it b/c u hate me

well FUCK YOU!

i don't need your shit anyway

oh no

no more

no more of your shit for me

never again

damn u sheight to hell

fuck u

i don't need u

i never need any1

i can take care of myself

i don't really need u anyway

why do i even try any more

all i get is pain

no one loves me


come on now

come to me

yeah that right

u won't

u fear for your lives


oh my lord

look what i have done

i am bleeding on the inside

an there are nothing for u to be done about it

i don't need any one

looking in the mirrow

all i seen is my hatered

all my anger

all my sorrow

all i want to do is to die

but can i


all i do is try to proved to u

i am a somebody

but do u even care

hell no

why do i even try




all i do is hide my pains

cry on the inside

not really here

am barly even hanging on anymore

can u seen the real me

can u

the real me is sad





but u don't

cause i always hide it away

what will they say

about the demon child is WEAK

they think they can hurt me TEN TIMES WROSEN

all u seen is this person

he is a ghoust

u can walk though him

seen though him

he is a perfect fake

the world have ever seen

he have a fake smile on his place

he hide behind is smile

he don't want to burden people with his promblers

so all who walk upon him, seen him, they only seen his fake smile, happiness

oh lord

all i want is for this pain to end

can u end it for me

i don't know how long i can surviel


can u hear me

can u seen me

can u reach out for me

seen me fading away

do u even love me)

With that song. They left for Feng"s home.

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