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"hello" japanses

"hello" English

Chapter 1

"Last Thursday me and Keitaro went on a date and we saw something we didn't expect"


We were walking along the path when... Keitaro noticed something in a alleyway


"huh.. oh sorry I thought I just saw" realizing he did see what he thought was in fact his eyes widening

"Naru" and ran into the alley

"wait where are you going" she ran after and saw the scene a scared little girl hugging a young teen showing a protective look.

"Excuse what's going on here"

"Nothing concerning you" said the teen

"um ahh why are you with that girl" Keitaro asked quietly Naru walks up to the girl and asks nicely

"what's wrong?" The little girl sniffs and struggles the word "Mummy" pausing struggling to say the words "daddy." "Car."

Keitaro putting two and two together and walked over there to and offered her a hanky

"would like to come with us" offering a hand

"ye-ye-yes please" the teen guy not realising what going on and asks

"what's going on" he asked. Keitaro and Naru were surprised and asked

"what do you mean" he looked at her blankly like he understand what she said and asked

"what did you say" Naru surprised but she said

"do you and the little girl want to come home with us". Surprised but excited

"yes..yes please" and 4 of them walked off.

On the way home Keitaro asked

"I was wondering what your names?" the girl turned her head and said

"its Sakura"

"what's your name" she asked

"My name is Keitaro Urashima"

"My name is Naru Narusegawa"

"what's his name " ask Sakura pointing at the teen Keitaro turned to look at the teen and said

"I'll go and ask" and asked him

" what's your name" he turned his head and looked at him blankly

"Keitaro he doesn't speak Japanese I'll ask him

"What's your name" the teen looked at her and said

"Ohhh that's what he said well my name is Jeremiah but my friends call me Jerry"

"Well my name is Naru Narusegawa, the girls name is Sakura and that" pointing to Keitaro

"is Keitaro" Keitaro not understanding a word he said and asked Naru

"What did you to say?"

"his name is Jeremiah but his friends call him Jerry and told him mine your Sakura's name". Naru smiled at Jerry and asked him

"where you from" "Australia" he said with definite in his voice

"ohhhh that explain a lot" she said relieved


"yes Naru"

"He is Australian so he can't understand us" explained Naru

"that makes sense" as they walked to Hinata Apartments.

On their way they heard a voice

"hey you with the kids stop" Keitaro and Naru turns there head and sees a policeman running after them

"I'm sorry but we gonna have to take those two" said the policeman

"but why" asked Naru

"their parents are dead or in hospital" Naru completely devastated

"what happened"

"A guy was speeding and went through red light and hit their parents so I have to take the girl to a foster to home"

"what about the guy"

"he is a different story we need him some accommodation"

"Officer I run a dorm and would be ok if they both stay with us"

"No I'm sorry but I'm sure they'd don't have the money pay for rent".

"What if we adopted them" Keitaro asked the policeman


"Yes Naru"

"Can you give a minute officer"


"Keitaro is that such a good idea"


"ermmmmm ok but aren't their enough guysat Hinata already?"

"I guess your right but something tells me not to spilt the two ok"

"ok then we'll adopt them" they turn to face the two kids and Jeremiah completely unaware of his situation

"ok we decided to adopt them"

"Ok then but first we should talk to the guy parent about this"

"sure" Jerry asked Naru

"what's going on?"

"We going to see your mother"

"My Mum is alive" with a shock expression

"Yes she alive"

"oh thankyou GOD" he cried exasperated hugging Naru taking Naru by surprise and a puzzled Keitaro and Sakura asked at same time

"What's wrong"

"err nothing he is just relieved about his mum" Naru said

"oh ok then" Keitaro then though and tugged on his shirt


"yes Sakura"

"what about my parents are they alright?"

"umm they are" Keitaro fumble for words trying to explain what Happen

"Mr erm Keitaro is it? How about you come the station with me and the lady goes with the kids to see his Mum"


"Bye Naru"


"where you going"

"I'm going down to the station to fill out the forms"

"ohh ok then" as Keitaro left with the officer, Jerry who had now let go of Naru asked Naru

"What's happening?"

"we're going to see your mum while Keitaro fills out the forms to adopt Sakura" Jeremiah is blown away their generosity

"wow that's just, wow that's just terribly nice of you two to do"

"that's just about sums up Keitaro in a nut shell" she smiles at him they say goodbye to Keitaro and walk off see Jeremiah Mum.

When Keitaro and the officer is out of earshot of three he says

"thanks for covering for me back there"

"don't mention it" says the officer.

"You know you can't hide it from her forever"

"I know... but... I just couldn't tell her that her parents had died while his mum lived"

"I know... I face that problem everyday but she one of the lucky ones, at least she'll be in a new a loving home."

-the hospital -

"Hi mum"

"hi honey"

"where have you been, I been so worried" with depressed tone he answered

"I was just..."

"looking after this little one" replied Naru

"who are you and this little one"

"My name is Naru Narusegawa and this little one is Sakura"

"it's nice to meet you two...have you looking after my little Jerry"

"Well I guess you could say that"

"Mum I was wondering what happened?" he asked in a subdue tone

"well I all I remember is turning around to call you and the next I knew I was lying there in a pool of blood with two other people, people screaming and I blacked out...It's not something I'd like to remember."

"Oh ok then" he said sounding like he'd didn't get what he ask for

"Why do you ask" asking inquisitively

"I just wanted to know what happened in your eyes" Sakura who didn't understand a word and tugged on her skirt and asked

"What are they saying" Naru said

"there just catching up and seeing what she thought on what happened."

"oh ok then" sounding pleased with the answer

"Pardon me for asking what happened" ask Naru they were both shocked and she said

"We were involved in a accident which included me and two other people"

"what happened? She asked inquisitively

"I was walking across the street and asking Jeremiah to come with me and the next I knew that a car had smacked into me and two other people but unlike me they were in the centre of the car and got the full impact which killed them but I was off to the side and only my right side in the way and I was thrown sideways and blackout" Naru realizing something and shakily asks

"about the two people were they a man and women"

"Ummmm yeah I think they were and like they were married" said the mother. Naru putting two and two together and quietly said

"Oh my God" with tears in her eyes

"what's wrong Naru" asked Jerry. A perfectly timed Keitaro walks in the room

"Hi everyo—" seeing Naru all broken up

"Naru...what's wrong" "oh Keitaro" bursting into tears and hugging him, Keitaro instantly blushes but quickly go to comfort her

"there there Naru" lifting her head to look into his eyes she said through exasperated tears and sniffs

"we just adopted - died- Mother in hospital -looking after them". Jeremiah Mum realises what's going and starts shaking with tears filling her eyes

"oh my ...Go..sh"

"what what's wrong Mum" asked a worried Jeremiah

"that girls parents was the couple that was killed..." Jeremiah was moved dramatically he thought that they might of had a chance but he didn't really see what happened he just saw his mum getting hit by that car.

"What's wrong" asked a confused Sakura, Naru letting go of Keitaro drying her tears and composing herself

"Wellll your parents ... aren't exactly huuuh" signing

"what's wrong with Mama and papa" looking into her eyes she realised the painful truth.

"You mean there ... her voice trailed off to replaced by a flood of tears, Naru wraps her slender arms around her and comforts her

"there there everything is gonna be alright"

"you still have me and Keitaro" Keitaro kneeling down to Sakura

"that's right you'll still have us we'll look after you". Turning her hand to face Keitaro but still in Naru embrace with tears still in her eyes she asks

"what do you mean?"

"What I mean is that we adopted you so we are your new Mama and Papa" not believing it she turns back to Naru and asked inquisitively

"is that true?"

"Yes" in nice soft voice

"yes it is" clutching Naru even harder

"thankyou...thankyou so much"

"you're welcome dear."

"I'm glad" said Jeremiah Mum Naru and Jerry turn their heads to face her and Naru asks

"what do you mean"

"I mean that someone has got a happy ending from this tragedy"

"ohh thankyou" Jeremiah mum asks

"erm may I ask you two a favour"

"yeah of course"

"would you two seem like a caring people would you mind if you look after Jeremiah for me please?" Keitaro looks at her but doesn't understand what she said Naru quietly explains that she is asking if they could look after Jeremiah for her

"sure we'd glad to help and pretty sure you two would to stick together" looking at Sakura and Jeremiah and nodding his head to show he will take in Jeremiah, the mother

"you will" in what little Japanese she knows and Keitaro nods her eyes water and grabs his hand and shaking it viciously saying

"thankyou thankyou thankyou so much"

"you'd better be off, you don't want to get into trouble with the nurses now do we?"

"Ok then"

"come on little one time to go home"

"bye Mum"

"see ya soon"

"I will". They left the ward and onto the Hinata apartments

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