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They walk up the stairs Sakura out in front and Jeremiah at the rear with Kitsune waiting for them at the top.

"Hey there" catching Sakura heading into the dorm

"where do you think you're going?"

"Inside" Kitsune puzzled

"Hey Kitsune" she looks and sees Naru and Keitaro walking up the stairs Sakura running back to Naru saying

"Mummy" Kitsune surprised

"ehh Naru what going?"

"Oh hello Kitsune this is my daughter Sakura"

"ooooo you mean you.."

"hang on" thinking about it

"how did you?"

"how did I do what?" Keitaro whispered what she meant shocked

"No No its nothing like" waving her arms.

"We just adopted her that's it" Kitsune noticing Jeremiah walking up the stairs

"Hey whose that guy" pointing at Jeremiah

"That's Jeremiah errrr"


"yeah" "what is your surname"

"oh its Cloud"

"what's it to ya"

"errrrr Nothing"

"It's Jeremiah Cloud"

"what an .. interesting name"

"Why is here?" "Did you adopt him as well?"

"No no it's just he needs a place to stay and... me and Keitaro strongly think Sakura and Jeremiah should stay together after what they went through."

" Ok then Naru I'm off "

"See ya."

-Inside the Apartments-

"so good being home again" as Naru stretched her arms

"Uh welcome back Naru and Sempai" noticing Sakura approaches her and Jeremiah quickly appears in front of her

"hi my name is Jerry" Shinobu freaks out

"umm sempai...who's he"

"It's Jeremiah"

"and why is he here" Jeremiah of course didn't know what either of them except for the fact his name was mentioned

"what are saying about me"

"We are just telling Shinobu what your name is"

"Shinobu" facing her again and shaking her hand

"it's a pleasure to meet you Shinobu" Motoko of course walks in and see's Jeremiah shaking her hand and says

"Who do you think you are coming to a girl dormitory" Jeremiah immediately sees Motoko he lets go of Shinobu hand gives off a girly scream and runs behind Naru quivering.

Motoko surprised by want had happened and asks Naru

"Naru sempai who that guy and why is hiding behind you"

"well this is Jeremiah Cloud and he be joining us for a few weeks"

"WHAT! Why!"

"Because he has nowhere to go and after what he has been through with this one I don't see why not."

"ok then but what happened"

"his and little one parents were involved in a serious car accident"

"oh I'm sorry to hear that" noticing Sakura

"hello there little one" Sakura kind of scared because of Jeremiah scream

"umm Hello" she said sounding a bit scared

"why are you scared little one"

"Jerry scared ...I scared" she said sounding scared

"Jerry never scared"

"Well I'm not going to hurt you."

"My name is Motoko Aoyama what's yours" smiling

"umm its Sakura" Keitaro butting in

"Sakura why don't run along pick out a room ok"

"ok" and she happily runs off.

"Is she staying here to?"

"Well she'll be staying longer"


"We adopted her"

"WHAT" she bellows which scares Jeremiah and clutches Naru harder

"she had nowhere to go her parents died in the car accident and we took pity on her and we agreed on adopting her"

the words sinking it that she and Keitaro adopted her

"what do you mean we" asked a exasperated Naru

"you agreed on adopting her didn't you" asked Keitaro

"No I didn't"

"Then who was the person who said 'ok we'll adopt her' then"

taking it in realizing what she had done

"oh I'm sorry Keitaro" Jeremiah who had enough of everyone speaking in Japanese let a loud

"GAHHHHH so much Japanese so little time" Naru doing a 180 jumping back knocking Jeremiah over.

"Oh sorry Jeremiah I forgot you about"

"This is Motoko Aoyama" pointing at Motoko

"she is are swordswoman" Jeremiah getting up and moving in front of Naru

"hello Motoko Aoyama" waving at her unsure what to say

"err hello Jeremiah"

"please call me Jerry". Sarah walks in from the kitchen noticing Jerry

"Hey who are you!" pointing and yelling at him

"This is Jeremiah Cloud"

"and he going to stay with us for a while" Naru explained Jeremiah being friendly said

"hello what's your name?" Sarah surprised and said

"err its Sarah" Jerry went nuts with joy appeared Sarah in two second and shaking her hand vigorously

"It's a pleasure to meet you Sarah I'm Jeremiah Cloud, but my friends call me Jerry I'm sooo happy to see someone besides Naru who speaks English"

"oh ok then settle down will yah" trying to wrench her hand from his grip

"oh sorry"

it's just I haven't seen another English speaking person besides Naru and My Mum for ages".

"oh ok then why don't you speak Japanese"

"I'm not from around here"

"still you should be able to speak some Japanese"

"I'm a tourist ok"

"ok" sounding more sarcastic and exasperated with every ok.

"Ok ok just calm down"


"Yes Keitaro"

"would you mind if you showed Jeremiah to his room"




"you wanna come see your room"


"see ya"

"err bye". Jerry collects his stuff and follows Naru to his room.

Meanwhile Sakura was running along trying to decide which room when suddenly

"hello who are you" asked Kaolla appearing out of nowhere

"ahh it's Sakura" sounding surprised

"My Kaolla Su"

"ok... what do you do here?"

"I invent stuff"

"what sort of stuff"

"weapons, robots" Su stopped noticing the dumbfounded Sakura

"what" asked Su

"your" said a quivering Sakura


"your the first friend I've had that's interested in robotics" beaming from ear to ear

"really" asked a surprised Su

"do you want to see my Mecha Tama's?"

"Yes please" ..."no I can't" sounding a bit disappointed "I've gotta choose a room to sleep in"

"then can I come along"


"Now let's find me a room". They walked off together.

While Sakura and Su was looking a room for Sakura, Sakura noticed the Manager sign over Keitaro room

"hey Su who's room that's" pointing at Keitaro room

"That's Keitaro's room"


"let's have a look"

"yeah" opening the sliding door and taking it all in

"wow what a room" noticing the hole

"what's that" pointing at the hole separating Naru's and Keitaro room.

"That's the hole between Keitaro and Naru room"


why don't mummy and daddy sleep together wondered Sakura

"let's go up there"

"yeah" Sakura climbs on Su shoulders and she pushes the piece of wood from the hole pulling herself into Naru's room then she helped Su up as well.

"Wow" said Sakura looking around Naru room Sakura notices the Liddo-kun

"well I'm going to work on my mecha tama"

"ok then bye" not really paying attention to Su as she jumped through the hole. Sakura was staring at the Liddo-kun

"mama" she says tears starts showing around hers eyes

"mama" she says again fighting back the tears until finally gives in grabs the stuffed animal and starts crying.

Naru came into the room sees Sakura crying like a hidden reflex immediately she dashes to Sakura kneeling down to eye level and asks

"what's wrong sweetie"




was all she could make from Sakura sobs but that all she needed

"come here" she said with peacefulness only to mothers

Sakura gladly accepted and ran into her arms still crying as she wrapped her arms around her and comforted her

"it's alright it's alright"

"let it out" as Sakura wept about her mother.

Keitaro slides open Naru door to ask her something but sees hers holding the wreck that is Sakura and quietly slides the door back to leave Sakura and Naru alone.

After awhile she calms down and asks this question


"yes dear"

"why don't you and daddy sleep together?" This question dumbfounded Naru as she stumbled she says

"Well um ...we hmmm..." then she yells out for Keitaro

"Yes Naru"

"can you help me with this question"

"what...well what's the question" asked a surprised Keitaro

"why don't you and Mummy don't sleep together?" Keitaro also dumfounded by the question

"well.. er.. we...arn't" sighing

"why not"

"what" asked a confused Naru

"why don't we spend the night together as a family"

"well er.."

"Yah" blurted out a excited Sakura

"well um Sakura"

"yes Mama"

"why don't you go down and get your things" smiles Naru

"sure" and she runs off out of earshot she turn on Keitaro

"What mean by spending the night exactly Keitaro"

"well er ... me you and Sakura spend the night in your or my room"


"that's ok then"

"I just have 2 questions"

"what are they"

"whose room are we spending the night in and"

"what would we say if anyone heard about this"

"well I think my room its safer incase Sakura sleep walks she won't injure herself from falling through the hole and ...

I would feel more secure"

"what do you mean by secure your saying my room isn't secure!"

"no it's not that"

"it's just that I would hmmmmm"

"where do you want to sleep?"

"well um" thinking but ends up agreeing with Keitaro on sleeping in his room

"but I think we should this"

holding the Liddo-kun doll

"be put in your room as well if we do sleep together"

"why's that"

"well it reminds her about her parents"

"ok that would be nice"

"as for what we would say is"

"that we thought it would be best to we spent the night as a family to help forget about what she has lost." "Alright then" pausing

"do you wanna help me move my futon and Liddo-kun down to your room"

"but first"

"I'll get changed"


and he left and came back in 5 minutes and help Naru get her futon and Liddo-kun down to Keitaro room.

"I got my stuff" Sakura yelled as she came in the three of them helped her to set her futon. They tucked in Sakura then Naru and Keitaro go into their separate beds they said goodnight to each other and drifted into sleep.

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