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A week later the day before the funeral for Sakura parents, Jeremiah had just left to visit his and

the phone rings, Shinobu answers

"hello this Hinata apartments Shinobu speaking"

"hello is a Jeremiah Cloud staying here" asks a receptionist

"yes but his not home at the moment"

"oh well I may I give you a message"

"well I guess that'll be ok"

"ok then I'm from the Hinata Hospital" sounding less cheerful like she a dark cloud descended over her

"I'm afraid That Mrs Lauren Cloud has passed away" it took several seconds for it sink in

"what" almost yelling with fear in her voice

"I'm sorry for your loss but she died peacefully and in no pain"

"It's not that"

"Jeremiah left 10 minutes ago to see her" said a worried Shinobu gripping the phone with both hands.

"Oh, then I will try to help him in any way I can"


"it's the least I can do"

"well anyway Goodbye"

"wait" said the receptionist

"Also may a Keitaro and Naru Narusegwa please come to the Hospital"

"what for" asked Shinobu

"It's about her will, it concerns all three of them"

"oh ok then I'll send them over when I see them"

"thankyou Goodbye" and she hung the phone. Shaken on what had happened. Naru and Sakura were going out for something's for Sakura but they stopped when saw Shinobu

"Shinobu what's wrong?"

"Jeremiah Mother is... dead"

"oh dear" said a worried Naru

"I hope he will be ok"

"but they also want to see you and Keitaro at the hospital"

"really ...why"

"it's something to do with her will that concerns you three" said Shinobu

"that's all she said"

"well anyway we better get Keitaro right Sakura"

"right" and they go back upstairs to Keitaro room and she slides the door back and bumps into Keitaro

"oh I'm sorry Naru"

"anyway Keitaro we need to go to the hospital"

"what why" asked a concerned Keitaro

"I don't know ...I think it's something to do with Jeremiah Mother" "ok then we better go see what the matter"

-At the Hospital-

"hello are you Keitaro Urashima and Naru Narusegawa" asked the receptionist

"yes" replied Keitaro and the receptionist stood up and asked if they would follow her to a interview room where Jeremiah and someone else he was wearing a suit and tie with a briefcase they went inside and saw how depressed he is and Naru went to comfort him and the other man asked kindly for Naru and Keitaro to take their seats

"Anyway I'm here on behalf of the hospital and Mrs Cloud about something in her will, although I do not represent her I am merely here for there something that needs to be taken care in the most urgency"

"which is" clearing his throat

"it is that you Mr and Mrs Narusegawa"

"hang on a minute what's my parent got to do with this" asks Naru

"I'm sorry are you two Mr Keitaro and Mrs Naru Narusegawa" politely asks the lawyer

"I'm pretty sure My Mum just jumped to conclusions since she wasn't introduced to Keitaro and saw plus you both had adopted Sakura so she naturally assumed that you two were married". This answered the question that Naru was about to yell so the lawyer took the opportunity to continue

"any Miss Naru and Mr Keitaro the late Lauren Cloud wishes that you adopt her son Jeremiah Cloud but allow to himself to be a Cloud" all shocked by the those words adopt Jeremiah she barely knew them and yet she wishes for her only son to stay with them

"Wow... I never expected that" said Jeremiah

"yeah" replied Keitaro

"anyway could I have both of you sign here to acknowledge the adoption of Mr Jeremiah Cloud"

"but when I adopted Sakura I needed to fill out a form" commented Keitaro

"Well that's for I'll be taken of most of the paperwork since it's related to the will so you don't have to worry about it, so please just sign here" so they both signed and got up from the table

"you two should considered getting married, to be mistaken as a couple by someone to be a couple shows how good you two would be together" said the Lawyer and they left the hospital

"we better you something nice for the funeral since you are her brother" said Naru


"your sisters parents funeral since you are her brother you should attend"

"yeah, ok then" replied Jerry so they stopped by the shops to picks some clothes for Jerry.

-At the apartments-

"hey Naru, Keitaro, Jeremiah...what's with the bags" asked Motoko

"well we bought him some clothes for Sakura parents funeral" said Naru

"why did you do that" asked Motoko

"well it was the wishes of Jeremiah mother that we'd adopt him"


"well anyway do you mind if a make a call to Australia about Mum" asked Jerry

"Sure" and he goes to the phone and dials a number.

"Hello General"..."Sorry Tim anyway she's gone"... "car accident in Hinata Japan"... "no she went to hospital and she left us during the night in no pain"... "yeah I'm glad as well"... "no this couple found me in this alley way"... "it's a long story but the bottom line is she left in her will that wishes me to stay with them"... "yeah but they great people" ... "I'm sure they'd be pleased to see you... a little frighten but happy none the less"... "I see you soon"..."bye" and he puts the phone down "

who was that" asked Naru

"a family friend who said he wanted to know if anything were to happened he'd want to know, and he coming over in a few days" it took a little while to sink in then all three of them let out a


"Hey, what's all the commotion about" asks Shinobu

"Well a family friend of Jeremiah is coming over to see Jeremiah"

"that's nice of him"

"but also Sakura has a sibling to take of her" said Motoko

"you mean that Jeremiah will staying here" "

absolutely" replied Jerry who guessed what was going on.

"Anyway can I have those clothes so I can take them to my room"

"sure" replied Naru and Keitaro handed him the bags and he headed towards his room.

-Jeremiah room-

He was lying on his futon thinking to himself "boy my life has got a whole more interesting since I came here; it leaves me wondering what's going to happen when Tim gets here"

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