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The year is 2867, and the toy soldiers are back, with more bite than ever.

I closed the file in my neural implant. It was the most recent publishing of the units known as toy soldiers. I was one of them. While the program was discontinued in 2014 a similar program was enacted in 2135. This was a United Nations authorized unit who was trained to initiate first contact with any extra-terrestrial life. Like the toy soldiers they were trained early (4 or 5 years of age.) However this training was for diplomacy and self defense. In the year 2498 humanity learned it wasn't alone. An alien craft landed outside of the U.N. building in New York. Their intentions seemed peaceful. Then they declared war on us, not more than 24 hours later. The battle raged for 10 years. Billions of humans died. The toy soldier program had been reenacted. Most of Asia and Europe were destroyed; the continents of North and South America were unscathed for some reason. Out of several millions of troops the toy soldiers (numbering in the hundreds) were a great success, killing two mother ships, while thousands of othershad failed to destroy one.

The war ended in 2508 when all the aliens (called Desiks) left earth. It is still unknown why they attacked and why they left. In a world once populated by 10 billion, there were only 1 ½ billion survivors. The Desiks were not so dissimilar from us. They had the ability to control magic. It is even hypothesized that they used magic to power their ships. The muggle community was alerted to the presence of the magical one during the war.

The world was put into peace as magic and technology combined to create new inventions in every field of science. This era of peace lasted for 300 years. In 2812 muggles and wizards were feeling tensions that had been around since before the middle ages. Two governments were formed; one was for muggles, the other for wizards. The toy soldiers were sent to try and quell radicals on both sides. It is even rumored that a wizarding form of the toy soldiers where created, though no proof has yet surfaced. The other government was for wizards. Much of the magical creatures that once lived were killed in the war with the Desiks. Now in 2867 humanity looks like it will once again be thrown into the fires of war.

July 10 2867



: inactive due to stealth mode.

Orders: stay hidden among wizarding community, if war breaks out do not retreat, only damage enemy military if friendly attack seems imminent.

Number of fellow toys: all 30 squads located here. Each squad has 4 members, all vitals green.

opened by General Horton Evergreen: Captain Edward Albertson (field commander of toy soldiers) Political tensions are high, expect war at any moment, we are withdrawing troops from the area as a sign of good will, do not under any circumstances let your identities be discovered. If war breaks out cut all connections. I expect that this won't be a problem. Maintain connection schedule unless of imminent discovery or open war. closed.

I gave the other squad leaders the information. I then opened the link to my squad, the most experienced and oldest of the toy soldiers. I transferred our orders, and requested to meet them by the mall at 1900.

Unlike the original toy soldiers we did not have 6 members, nor did we have specialized members, though many groups chose to have certain people do certain things (examples sniping, spying, explosives, ECT.) Instead we have 4 members, each trained exactly as the other. We were enhanced with implants designed to improve every sense, improve healing (including the ability to re-grow limbs), link to other enabled soldiers and computers, improve memory (both the amount held and retention), see multiple light variants (including IR, and UV), detect energy (magical, electrical, thermal, radiation ECT.), release magical energy, improve muscle strength, and reaction time. Of course this was all powered by magic.

It was 1900 and still I was alone at the mall. I was surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Some I had seen from the magical school that I went to as part of my cover up. Many wizarding schools had been blown to pieces in the war with the Desiks, excluding the most famous, Hogwarts.

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