No action yet, but kind of funny, or stupid, depends on your outlook

I looked around. I saw Victoria and ducked. If she saw me here, she'd kill me. I had said no to a study date tonight. She was a local, who I was "going out with". I had tried to stay as detached as possible, but let's just say I was starting to become, dare I say it, in love. I could practically hear my drill instructor yelling at me telling me not to become attached.

"Hiding from someone again?" a voice behind me teased.

"Only you Elizabeth."

"I hate that name."

"Fine, Smith."

"Thanks for using my last name, that's really good, because I just realized we don't have families."

"Would you prefer your middle name?"

"Fine just call me Lizzy"

"No I think I'll call you…"

"Remember what happened to Tex when he pissed me off?"

"Fine you win."

"Damn I missed an argument."

"No Anita this was nothing." Lizzy stated, bluntly

"You two keep fight'n like that it's gonna be a war zone." Tex said as he walked towards us. Out of all of us he was the only one who didn't blend in. he stood at 7 foot 3 and was 350 pounds of pure muscle, and he was not "adopted" by the toy soldiers. At eight he was attacked by several wizards back in Texas, for no reason. The three kids that jumped him were two years older, and still he held them off. He "volunteered" to join. His accent was clearly Texan, and his dress did not conform to the norm in London. He almost always dressed like a cowboy, and honestly I thought he might give our identities away at any moment. Luckily there were many wizards from the Americas moving here to escape the anti-wizard movement, so we didn't look too out of place.

"I hope you didn't literally mean that." It was a cool voice.

"No officer I didn't..."

"You damned Yanks are a disease, I hope you mess up, I'll be there to watch as you get thrown in jail, and laugh as you die."

I tried to show we could manipulate magic "see we have wands, we can use them…"

"Well then have a nice day." At the end his voice was full of hatred. He walked off.

Hollywood had given us a reputation, and made people wary of children. Unlike the movies we did not simply go into hiding killing people unnoticed. Nor did we only kill witches and wizards, or steal children to make them serve our cause. No we were different, hiding in the shadows of the norm waiting to be needed.

"Should we go to that new museum? They're supposed to have the dark lord's remains, and the death stick." It was Anita; she knew we were going to be fallowed.

"No I'll pass, that's all probably just junk they found anyway." I said trying to avoid the damned museum. Ever since we got here all she wanted to do was visit museum after museum. Of coarse we had loads of free time, but when you've seen one museum you've seen them all.

"Why don't you call him by his name?" Tex said. His confusion was understandable, even after being dead for hundreds of years his name still sent fear to people's hearts.

"Why do we remember our greatest evils?" was her reply

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