Sorry these chapters are all so short, I'm rewriting them as best I can while still holding on to the original storyline. Things will be different from the original storyline as you could tell from the last chapter. Things will be different, and hopefully make more sense.

July 11 2867

Space- 2.56 light years from earth. Earth ship Retribution


: N/A

Orders: Hunt for Desiks

Number of toys: 1 squad specially trained for zero-G combat

Fleet status: battle cruiser Retribution minimal damage to communications, carrier Capricorn minimal damage to starboard engine, science ship Albus Dumbledore no damage, frigates Orion the Hunter and Little Bighorn no damage, and repair ship Nexus no damage.

"Lt. Olsen please report to the briefing room." I looked at the time. I had only been off shift for an hour.

"Retribution are we experiencing problems?" I asked the voice recognition system the ships response was emotionless as it had always been.

"No problems have been ascertained."

"Who called for me?"

"Admiral Halway." I didn't like taking orders from a witch, but that kind of happens when you're a toy soldier. I walked towards the briefing room, right next to the bridge.

"Lt. Olsen, you took some time."

"Sorry mam." I saluted as the admiral scolded me. I noticed all the captains were in here as well.

"As you all probably know The Albus Dumbledore has encountered a Desik contact on long range sensors," I went over the sensor logs through my implants while everyone else watched the slideshow on the screen. "as you can clearly see it is close to Sol. A little too close for us to let by."

"How long will it take us to reach them?" Captain Hanford of the Capricorn asked.

"We aren't going." The Admiral stated. Several questions were asked. "Retribution will attempt to board the ship, using the Toy Soldiers, in around five hours." I looked up.

"You're crazy right. You're sending all four of us. Isn't that overkill?"

"No, I'm sending you in with a few Special Forces teams. If you look at the size of the ship you'll see why." I did as she asked. The ship was at least three times the size of Retribution.

"Mam, my team works better alone."

"Those are my orders now LT. Olsen you are dismissed." I saluted as I left the room.

opened: Grab your guns we got several hours before we get a suicide mission with some SFs. So just bring your good luck charms and hopefully the Admiral will keep the SFs to guard duty. closed.

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