Going To PCA

"WHAT!" yelled the kids of the baker family.

This is the baker family. Mr. Baker aka Tom and his wife Kate had to tell the news to their kids about another move. You see tom and Kate had many children, 12 to be exact. The oldest is Nora. She is 21, just finished collage, and bought an apartment in New York. Next is Charlie he is 17. Then there is Lorraine and Henry. Lorraine is 16 and the beauty queen of the family. Henry is 14. He looks up to Charlie and is always going to him for 'cool' advice or just to hang out. After them are the first baker twins, Jake and Sarah. Jake and Sarah are 13, with Jake being older by a minute. Jake and Sarah are always together. They are pranking geniuses, Jake gives some ideas to Sarah, and she makes the plan. Mark is 12 and the black sheep of the family. He ran away from home once when he was 10, he gave everyone such a fright that now, they spend much more time with him. Mark also is the animal loving one in the family. So far he has 5 pets. After him, there's the second pair of twins Jessica and Kim. They are 10 and abnormally smart and skipped two grades making them in the same class as Mark. Then comes the daredevil of the family Mike. He is 8 but he usually hangs around with Jake and Sarah. Lastly comes the last set of twins, Nigel and Kyle. They are 6 and little balls of energy. They create trouble where ever they go.

"You heard me. I gave you a warning last time." Tom said sternly

"Dad you can't just move Jake and Sarah to some school in California." Charlie continues, "Who is going to take care of them there?"

"yeah." The others agreed. The twin kept silent, still shocked and angry. They looked at each other and just left for their room.

-Chapter one-

Their room was quiet big. The door separated their room. On the left side of the door, there was a blue table and a queen size bed at that end of the room. On the other side, there was a semi- messy, semi- neat green table. Like the other side, there is a queen size bead against the wall. Next to sarah's table, there was another door. It was a walk- in closet big enough for them to fit both their clothing. In the middle, there was a long shelf/ table with all of their stuff on it.

"Jake." Sarah asked her brother once they were in their room.

"Yeah?" he answered back, both of them lying on a rug.

"I'm dreaming aren't I? This cannot be happening. I just got use to this place. I made new friends… pinch me I MUST be dreaming." Sarah started to rant and blabber off. "Ouch! I didn't really mean for you to actually pinch me." She scowled at him.

"Sorry." Jake had a small smirk on. "Don't worry. What ever school we are going to we will just dominate. Besides, now what ever prank we pull on someone, mom and dad won't find out till we get caught." He smiles trying to get Sarah to look on the bright side.

"I guess." Sarah sighed, "But what about mike? We pranked his bully, Jordan. If we leave now he will take more revenge on mike." Sarah was very worried. For the past few weeks, Jordan, a kid in Mike's school, started to pick on him. Mike would come home with a bruised stomach. He only told the twins because he knew he could trust them. They got really mad about it and started to prank the boy. Eventually they got caught and were suspended for three days. Tom and Kate, well mostly Tom, got extremely mad. They said if they pranked one more time they were going to get 'it'. Because Tom and Kate never punished the twins with 'it', they never took the threat seriously. They laid low on the pranking for a while but Jordan started to bully Mike again. He thought that he won and Jake and Sarah won't be protecting Mike any more. He was wrong. Once Jake and Sarah heard that he was bullying Mike again, they started to prank him again. When tom found out, he got really, really angry. He told them that he is sending them to PCA (pacific coast academy) in California.

-To be continued-

I've wanted to write this for awhile. I think I'll continue this during spring break or something. Just asking but is 'pranked' 'pranking' or 'prank' spelled wrong or it's just not a work.