-Last time-

"Okay thanks. We'll just wait here then." We sat in an empty spot next to a group of chattering girls. Just before we put our ear phones on, I over hear the brown- blonde haired girl gossip, "I heard that bitch stole my man. She was all over him during prom. That whore, Quinn, is going down when we get to PCA."

"That really was not very nice and I think you should say you are sorry." I growled out. Cynthia looked shocked.

"My name is Natashia Lay. Thanks for backing me up." She gave me a small smile.


Sarah, Natashia, and Quinn came out and I smiled at them.

"Hey you alright?" I asked her.

"Yeah. Natashia told me you guys stood up for us. Thanks." The girl smiled. She held her hand out, "my name is Quinn Pensky. I'm a sophomore. It's a pleasure to meet you."

I took her hand. "I'm Jake and this is my twin Sarah."

A ring paused me from saying more and we watched as Natashia pulled out her cell phone. She gave a quick "sorry" and answered the phone.

"Hello? - oh okay me and Quinn will come out." She put away her phone. "Sorry guys but Quinn and I have to go. My brother came to pick us up. It was really great meeting you too."

Quinn looked back to us and said "See you at school!"

"Okay bye!"

Sarah and I walked back to the meeting spot.

"So, what happened back in the bathroom?" I asked Sarah.

"Oh well apparently last year Quinn and a guy named Logan started to fall for each other but because of their completely different social status, they did not date publically. At the end of the year they started to date publicly and Logan's jealous fan girls did not approve." She summarized. "What happened after I left?"

"I was about to tell that girl off, her name is Cynthia by the way. And just when I was about to say something Natashia spoke out." I laughed thinking about how adorable she said that. "It was the most adorable thing I have ever heard."

"You already like someone in this place? We've been here for like thirty seconds" she sounded so surprised.

"It's not like I have a crush on her. I just think she is cute. Like an elementary kid kind of cute." I smirked. "And it's not like I even have a girlfriend or anything so even if I like her it wouldn't be wrong."


"Yeah I guess. She is cute and nice though." I gave him a thoughtful look that started to turn into a grin. "So I approve."

"I am glad I got your approval." Jake gave me a look. "Oh aren't you supposed to give that boyfriend of yours a call?"

"Oh 1flagnog!" I muttered to myself as I called him.


"Hey Sarah, took you long enough to call me." I could practically hear his pout over the phone. Jake put his head on my shoulder as he ate a chocolate.

"Tell Elliot I said hi."Jake told me. "Hi Elliot!" I guess he decided to say it himself.

Elliot laughed "Hey Jake, I'll talk to you in a sec."

"Elliot says hi back and that he'll talk to you after." I repeated.

"I asked my dad to allow me to go to PCA and he says okay."

"Cool."I smiled. "I'll talk to you when we get there. I think Jake got a little hyper from the chocolate."

"Alright. Do you think I could talk to Jake for a sec?" He asked

"Yeah sure." I gave Jake the phone.

"Aye! What's up dude?!" You could practically hear Jake's hyper-ness in his voice. As Jake started to talk to Elliot I looked around us to see there were much more people than before. Coco was checking over the list.

"Alright everyone has checked in. Follow me to the bus." She said over the crowd. We grabbed our stuff and headed for the bus. The bus was pretty huge. After Jake finished his talk we looked around the room impressed.

"When we reach the campus, you will be able to go anywhere you please. August 30th will be when school starts so you, and I, will still have a week of freedom." Coco instructed, some laughed at her attempt at the small joke. "Here is the map to the school. It is quite a big campus and we wouldn't want anyone getting lost before school even started." After she passed out the maps, she went to sit in her seat and Jake and I talked along with the rest of the other students.

I looked at the map and Jake said "so we go to our dorms and unpack then…"

"We can meet up at the front gates." I suggested, "Then we can find some place to eat lunch and call Mikey"

"Sounds like a plan" He agreed.

"I wonder who will be our roommates."

-To be continued—

1A replacement bad word from the movie Monsters vs Aliens.

So I know it took a long time but I really want to finish this story although I know sometimes I won't work on it. I am trying to add a little drama (I know I am a trouble maker…) but I don't think I got the idea from my head to paper and onto the screen right. :P maybe next chapter I will put a character info thing for Natashia. What should I include? Name, age/year, siblings, history, likes and dislikes? Oh I am trying to include Elliot into the story.