Title: Bionicle – Legends of the Toa (Rewrite)

Author: LJ

Summery: A story of the Toa Nuva, before there were Nuva, and before they were Toa. How they found their destiny, and how their lives were changed.

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Violence, language and romance

Pairings: Tahu/Gali, Matau/Nokama

Author's note: A rewrite of the original version of this story. Call it a second draft. I gave up on giving them matoran names and just went with their Toa names so that people wouldn't get confused. Please review! I love reviews, comments, suggestions and praise; Tahu will deal with any and all flames. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I own Matani! Lego owns everything else! Please don't sue! I'm a poor college student!

Chapter One: Suspicion

Tahu carefully avoided the other workers at the furnaces of Ta-Metru and adjusted the heavy bag on his shoulder. He was sneaking out of work early again, to start working on his own project. He headed towards the falls and carefully climbed the latter down to the foot of the falls. Slipping down his optic guard, Tahu dug out his tools.

"All right…time to get to work." Carefully taking out a notebook he wrote down several things and brought out a protodermis thermometer. Carefully attaching it to a long pole he put together, he took the temperature of the hottest area in the river. He was one of the few matoran in Ta-Metru that were extremely tolerant of heat. For generations his forefathers were all Ta-Matoran, which allowed for his high tolerance. The temperature taken and recorded, Tahu smiled and began writing down types of metal alloys.

"Tahu!" a voice cried, barely heard over the roar of the large falls. Tahu blinked and shrugged it off before getting out a timer and a piece of metal from his bag and tossing it into the hot flow, starting the timer as soon as it hit. He blinked and frowned as the metal was vaporized within seconds. Stopping the timer, he wrote down the information and growled.

"Damn!" he hissed making a note before getting another metal piece out and repeating the process. The second one seemed to be an improvement and he made note of that.

"TAHU!" again, that strange voice called out. This time, Tahu flipped up his optical guard and looked around, squinting up at the railing above him through the haze of heat and soot.

"Oh…damn…" Tahu swallowed and tried to pack up his equipment as the form above him climbed down the ladder.

"Tahu! What the hell are you doing!" Matani cried storming over to the other matoran. Tahu winched and sighed, rolling his golden red eyes.

"Work," Tahu said shoving his notebook into his bag. Matani crossed his arms over his chest and watched him as he took apart the pole to the thermometer.

"Right. You were working on that stupid project of yours weren't you?" Tahu looked up at the foreman and apprentice of master mask-maker, Vakama. Matani glared and stiffened. "I should turn you into Turaga Dume! You're slacking off! I'm not about to get the Vahki on my aft because of it! The Turaga will have you cut down to a mask breaker by the time he's done with you!" Tahu let Matani burst out as he continued to pack his things up.

"Y'know how many times I've heard that, Matani? You still haven't done it, and personally, I don't think you ever will. You know as well as I do that there's something up with Dume and his Vahki." Matani frowned and nodded slumping and helping Tahu.

"I know. But he's been riding me lately to get Vakama to finish that mask he wants. He won't even tell me what the mask is, but it's been creeping me out. We shouldn't even be talking about it here the Vahki will hear us. You're my best friend, Tahu, so please; can you just keep the board of yours under wraps for a while? As soon as Vakama finishes up the mask I'm sure you'll have more time. I'll even help you okay?" Tahu sighed and nodded, his dark red colored mask covered in soot. Matani smiled and patted his shoulders and sighed. Tahu chuckled and returned the pat, heading back up to the platforms.

"Oh, and just so you know, the river's running a little hot today. That's why I was actually going down there. I was getting some warnings from the locks." Matani blinked up at Tahu as he turned around on the platform to help him up.

"Really? How hot?"

"Hot enough to melt hot cast protodermis alloy in 3.42 seconds." Matani frowned and nodded.

"Pretty hot. I'll check it out, pretty slick of you though to use it to check out melting points." Matani smirked at him knowing well that Tahu would use every opportunity he could get to test more alloys he made to make his lava board. Tahu smirked back and sighed.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I'll double-check the readings at the station when I get back there, then I need to make a run to give Vakama a new set of disks." Matani smiled and nodded.

"All right. I'll see you then, watch your back Tahu."

"Same with you Matani. Keep that mouth of your closed when I'm not around, and eyes open." Matani nodded and walked off towards the locks and temperature station. Tahu watched him, frowning as an ill feeling crossed over him. Shaking it off, he left to double check the system warnings from the locks and gather the disks that Vakama needed.

"Hey, Vakama!" Tahu looked around the crowded forge for the master mask maker. Taking a breath, he smiled, enjoying the thick sent of the forge. Heading over to a clear area, he dropped his bag and took out the twenty some disks Vakama had requested. Glancing around, he noticed a pile of broken masks, all very similar in shape. Picking up a broken one he felt a hint of the power that Vakama was trying to pull from the disk. As he began to examine it, a large crash was heard from another pile of disks as Vakama tripped over his own two feet.

"Ouch! Oh! Tahu! Good to see you! Sorry I wasn't here; I had to deliver another mask to Ga-Metru. Looks like Po-Metru has gained another member of their carvers guild." Tahu smiled at that, knowing that the birth of a new matoran was something to celebrate for.

"Good! I would have waited longer if that were the reason. Got those disks you asked for. Some of the highest quality below the Great Kanoka Disks." Vakama eagerly went over and inspected them smiling hopefully.

"Thank you! I've been racking my brain over what was going wrong. Hopefully I'll be able to work with these. Turaga Dume has been so persistent it's almost frightening. Thank you again, Tahu." Tahu smiled and nodded.

"No problem. Oh, and just to let you know, the river was running a little hot today, so be careful if you pour." The red matoran smiled and nodded looking over one of the disks.

"Thanks for the warning. I'll see you later then." Tahu nodded and waved at the older matoran leaving him to his work. Heading out of the hot forges and casting factories, he turned to go catch a transport tube to Ga-Metru, something about the actions of Turaga Dume, the mask he was nearly forcing Vakama to craft for him, and the suspicious actions of the Vahki made him want to speak to the only other Matoran he shared his suspicions with.