Here's the next chapter:

Here's the next chapter:

Chapter 2:Unexpected Surprise

"Yes we made up!" Sky replied while holding Bloom's hand.

Everyone looked at them two shocked but before they all could say "Congratulations" they cut off by Sky.

"Just kidding‼ We all got drunk and we all accidentally had sex with our girlfriends but to you guys it was okay but to me it wasn't It was a mistake I am only in love with Layla now and I just had sex with my ex is wrong so to make it up to you Layla…" Sky said and put on his pants and underwear then knelt down on one knee in front of Layla and said, "Princess Layla of Tides will you marry me?"

"Oh, Sky! YES‼ " Layla answered so excited she almost fainted.

Everyone both wanted to congratulate the soon to be couple but also felt sorry for Bloom. Suddenly they heard a door shut so loud it made the whole room rumble and heard Bloom crying and suddenly as she was running her crying was fading.

All the guys grabbed Sky away from Layla and Riven punched him on the cheek outside the dorm and they all just left out there. The girls all dragged Layla away also but they took her to her dorm and they all blasted Layla with their Enchantix powers. (Layla doesn't have her Enchantix yet in this story)

Sky's P.O.V.

(If the words in italic then they are Sky's thoughts)

How come the guys just let Riven punch and left me on the ground? Even Brandon as my squire he didn't help me up! Did I happen to make a mistake? And why did Bloom cry and ran outside? Could it be that she still loves me?

I was still sitting on the ground thinking if I was still in love with Bloom because what happened last night was kind of amazing to me but does that mean anything? So I decided I needed to comfort Bloom so I drove to Alfea and knocked on Bloom's door. No one answered. I kept knocking and knocking. Suddenly I swathe door was unlocked so I just opened it and went in.

"Your door was open so I just went in okay Bloom?" I asked but no one answered. I could only hear crying but I couldn't see Bloom. I left the door open all the way and I looked everywhere. Still nothing. Finally I gave up and when I went back to the door there she was. Bloom was just crying beside the door all the time. So I went up to her and carried her to the bed and tried to comfort her. She suddenly stopped crying when I just laid my arm around her to hug her. I looked back at her face and she had really red eyes but still she was gorgeous! WAIT! What am I thinking?! I am marrying Layla and that's who I only loved the most now. But still 1 kiss wouldn't hurt right?!

I was hesitating so long I couldn't take it anymore so I just went Eenee meenee minee moe. I finally decided that I should just kiss her just to you know make her feel better! So I cupped her cheeks, leaned forward, and kissed her! She didn't kiss back though! So I felt embarrassed. I apologized to her. What was that? I actually felt something when I kissed her!

Normal P.O.V.

"Hope you and Layla live happily!" Bloom said.

"Y-yeah! Thanks!" Sky replied, "I have to umm…..leave. BYE!"

Sky ran out blushing a bit thinking about the kiss then he left.

The Next day

Everyone was going to a club in afternoon and everyone went.


The gang was dancing with there loving partners except for Bloom. She didn't have a boyfriend anymore. Suddenly when they were leaving Bloom went out first and then 2 mysterious guys went up to her. The 2 guys looked familiar to Bloom. 1 of the guys pinned Bloom down in a dark aisle while the other guy torn off her clothes completely! No one could see or hear them because they covered Bloom's mouth. Bloom already knew she was going to get raped so she had no choice so she shot 2 fireballs at each of the guys and took off what was covering her mouth and yelled Sky's name.

The Others

Everyone was worrying about where Bloom was. Sky was very far away from them thinking about Bloom like he loves her again. Suddenly Sky heard his name called so he turned around to see the road and saw Bloom being positioned to be raped by 2 guys in a 3-way position! Sky then ran as fast as he could and reached them before the guys raped Bloom. Sky bumped the 2 guys' heads together and Bloom then in a hurry ran inside Sky's jacket at the side.

"Oh, Sky! Thank god you are here!" Bloom thanked Sky.

The 2 guys looked up and saw Sky.

"Dude, its Prince Sky of Eracklyon!" said one of the guys, "We should run, man!"

"I don't care if he's the Prince or not he's still going to get beaten," said the other guy and he took a knife and stabbed Sky 2 times (one on the side and the other on his ribs) while he wasn't looking. Sky knelt beside Bloom and then fell on the ground. It started to rain. Bloom was still fully naked and tried to shoot out the dragon fire to help both of them but suddenly some kind of different and longer dragon came out from her right hand. On her left hand came out the Dragon-Fire but on her left a rainbow dragon about 150 ft. long came out. The Fire-Dragon made a loud growl at the guys and scared the guys away while the rainbow dragon wrapped itself around Bloom and Sky to shelter them from the rain.

More chapters soon.

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