This is a one-shot I wrote when I was a little weird... (must've been, 'cause otherwise I wouldn't have written it-lol)

I do not own anything, unfortunate as life is.

Prima Ballerina

"No, Fang! Not like that! I told you, you have to do it like this!" Angel shouted, demonstrating a, well, not so perfect pirouette either.

"Okay! Like this?" He tried again, but Angel was not satisfied.

"Something is missing… something important… you need a- a…"

She ran behind the curtain and rummaged in the box of outfits until she found what she wanted. She popped around it, holding a pink-

"A tutu! That's what was missing! The perfect accessory for a prima ballerina!"

The rest of the Flock just stared. It was already enough seeing Fang in a tight, pink suit-thingy and frill, with pink barrettes stuck all over his head, but a tutu… a tutu topped everything.

The look on Angel's face showed more than happiness, but also… was it mischief?

"Okay, Fang. Try again." she said in a quieter voice, then added to herself, "After all it's not your fault you're a disgrace to the world of ballet."

He started dancing, running on his toes, jumping and spinning around, smiling as if he was having the time of his life.

"He's hopeless." Angel muttered, shaking her head. "FANG! Come over here for a sec!"

Fang jumped from the stage and tiptoed over to her; Max stuffed her mouth with her fist. This was too much… he split her sides!

Angel was whispering something in Fang's ear; he had a bright smile plastered across his face, that wouldn't cease.

When Angel finished a few seconds later, Fang hopped back onto the stage and stood in the middle of it, waiting patiently for Angel's signal. He started all over again when it came, but this time it seemed to be perfect… for Angel at least.

"Bravo, Fang!" Angel cheered when he had finished.

Fang looked confused. "What the-!"

"That was fantastic! And now that you've done that so willingly… I have this video tape!"

She was suddenlyholding up a camera, grinning evilly.

Finally Fang realized what he was wearing, felt the make-up on his face. He glared at Angel for a second, then lunged for her.

"ANGEL, I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" he roared, running after the fleeing Angel.

The rest of the Flock stood there for a second or two, staring after them. Suddenly they all burst into hysterics, clutching their sides at the show they'd just seen; surely they would never get to see anything like that again.

But Fang would always remain in their hearts… as the prima ballerina that he was…

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