It was Valentine's Day of Harry and his friends' sixth year of school. Voldemort had been destroyed at Halloween that year when he had attacked a group of students at Hogsmeade. Aurors and students had fought death eaters and while some had been lost on their side, Harry defeated Voldemort once and for all. The school had mourned the loss of the six students who had died and moved on. The school was holding a Valentine's Day celebration that year.

Harry walked in with his friends but felt alone. 'The boy who lived but the boy who can't get a date.' He grumbled to himself.

Neville and Luna. Hermione and Ron. Dean and Hannah. Draco and Pansy. Blaise and Ginny. Seamus had been one of those killed as well as Collin Creevey, Theodore Nott, and three younger students of other houses.

Hermione smiled at Harry. "You never know, you might find your true love here tonight."

Harry laughed at that. "If I have not found them here at the school yet, why would you think I'd find her now?"

Luna beamed at Harry. "Perhaps you are just looking in the wrong direction Harry."

He felt uncomfortable. He had never come out of the closet to his friends but some how he knew that Luna knew he was gay. He was always worried about how people would react if they knew.

Draco came over. "Come on Harry. I'll set you up with someone. There are a few Slytherins without a date." And in a quiet whisper. "A few blokes among them."

Harry tried not to pale visibly at that. Draco and Harry had become friends in the past school year as the Malfoys came to their side. "Thanks Dray. I'll consider."

Dumbledore had come into the room and he was levitating what looked like a huge stone basin into the center of the room. He motioned for everyone to gather around him and called for silence.

"This is an ancient tradition not performed in years. One looks into the waters of the bowl and sees if they see their own face or someone else."

Hermione whispered. "It's the soul mate bowl. If you seem someone else you are meant to be married to them."

Albus had heard. "Miss Granger is correct. Those who have seen themselves in the bowls will find themselves drawn to each other until they are bonded and consummate."

He instructed all the students to come forward. Most came as couples and looked into the waters. "Those who see someone else should stand by their mate."

Harry was reluctant to go but he was pressed forward by Draco. "Come on mate, perhaps you'll see the bloke you are destined to be wed to."

Harry looked into the water and he gasped. Staring back at him was Snape. "Mr Potter you can return to your friends. I'll speak to you in the morning."

Harry returned to his friends and did not tell any of them what he had seen in the water. Many people were making jokes at who he had seen. Hermione and Ron had seen each other as had Ginny and Blaise, and Neville and Luna. The three stood with five other couples who had seen each other.

"The laws of magic dictate these couples must be wed within the end of one year's time. The married couples when bonded will be given rooms together."

The couples were all smiling and Ron turned to Hermione. "Mum will be ecstatic. She already sees you as a member of the family."

Hermione smiled. "Perhaps she'll allow us to marry in the gardens this summer."

Ron was smiling until he noticed his sister snogging with Blaise. "Come on stop that you two."

Blaise smiled. "Hey your little sister is my soul mate. Get used to it."

Ginny nodded and turned to Hermione. "Perhaps we can have a double wedding."

Hermione liked the idea. "Hey we could make it a triple and include Luna and Neville."

Soon the three girls were talking excitedly about wedding plans and their three boyfriends had also gathered together to moan about how they had been engaged for a few minutes and the girls already had their lives seemingly planned out for them. Harry's mind was on his own revealed soul mate.


Severus was pacing in the headmaster's office the next morning. He had been informed of what Harry had seen and he had been instructed himself to look in the bowl and had the same results as Harry had. He remember going through the ceremony in sixth year. He had been dating Lily at the time. Lily had seen James though and Severus had seen no one. Now he knew why.

"You can't possibly mean for me to go through with this." Severus finally burst out.

Albus nodded his head. "You know what'll happen if you two are not bonded within a years time."

Severus knew all to well. "I am prepared to die"

"But are you prepared to kill Harry as well? You know he'll die as well."

Severus shook his head. He knew he would not let the boy die. He already felt the bond between himself and Harry. "No." He said grudgingly.

There was a knock at the door that interrupted any further comment and when Albus called for the person to enter Harry walked in. When he saw Snape his face went white and he looked at the ground.

"Mr Potter it seems that Severus also sees you in the water."

Harry looked up. "But that means that we would have to..."

Albus nodded. "You'll have to wed."

Harry was shaking at the thought. "Is there any way out of this sir?"

Albus sighed. "No boy. Unfortunately there is not. And I have further bad news for both of you."

Severus glared at Albus. "What else could you possibly have to tell us?"

"It seems that your bond is moving quicker. I can see you two are already responding to each other's presence." Albus explained.

Harry hated to admit it but he could feel certain warmth from the other man. Severus snarled. "So?"

"You two will need to be married within the next week. I would say the sooner the better."

Harry felt faint and sunk into a chair. "Married to him, in a week?"

Snape looked at the boy. "Don't think I'm any happier then you are about this farce of a situation."

Albus nodded for Snape to take a seat. "I'll perform the ceremony tonight. You must each choose a witness. Harry you'll move to the dungeons with Snape."

Harry couldn't handle being in the room with each other any more. "Can I please be excused?"

Albus nodded. "Pack your trunk. I'll have an elf bring it down to the dungeons for you. You and your chosen witness will be here at 7pm."

Harry just nodded his head and fled from the room. How was he ever going to tell his friends that he was to wed Snape? Who was he to choose? He knew his friends would know soon anyways as they would notice he was sleeping in the dungeons with Snape.

He found Draco and his friends outside. He took a deep breath and quickly rambled off what had happened ending with "And it has to be done tonight."

Ron freaked. "You're going to marry Snape? How can anyone make you do that?"

Hermione shook her head sadly. "Well if they are truly soul mates they must be destined to be together."

Harry felt uncomfortable and fled from them. Luna followed him though as he went inside and when he was sitting in a niche she came and sat down next to him.

"Harry" she said.

He looked at Luna. He had been close to her since fifth year. "Luna, I just need to be alone."

Luna did not leave. "Harry we both know you're interested in men. I think Snape will be good for you. The bowl knows what it shows."

Harry looked at her. "Do you really believe that?"

She nodded. "I have a bit of the seeress powers from my mum. I know you'll be happy Harry."

He rested his head on her shoulder a moment and then spoke. "Luna, would you be my witness tonight?"

Luna was surprised. "Why not Ron or one of his brothers? Normally it is a male you would choose."

Harry looked at her. "Normally I would be marrying a woman."

Luna shook her head. "This is not uncommon in our world. Men can even have babies Harry."

Harry had known this. "Luna you're the only one who understands how I feel right now. I would be honoured if you would stand by me."

She smiled. "I would suggest Draco as I know he understands to, but I will guess he will stand for his godfather as Lucius is away on business."

Harry had thought of that as well. His mind had thought of Draco when he found out of the wedding but Draco was Severus' godson and the easiest possible person for Severus to ask to stand up for him.


Watching Harry flee Severus turned to Albus.

"Why didn't you tell the boy the rest of it?" Severus asked.

"There is no need to worry the boy Severus. He is willing to marry you." Albus said.

Severus noticed the old man was holding back. "What aren't you telling me?'

Albus sighed. "Unfortunately your bond is a full bond. It needs to be consummated right away. After its been consummated you'll need to have physical contact as much as possible, if apart for more then three days it would be like torture."

Severus had known this might happen. "I can't force the boy to consummate with me. I won't until he is ready."

Albus felt pained to say this but Severus needed to understand. "The bond will cause pain until it's done. It will get worse and worse until it drives you insane or kills you."

Severus stared. "I am used to pain."

"I know you are but Harry is not. It will intensify every passing day until it feels like he is under a constant cruciatus curse."

"How long do we have?"

"Maybe a few weeks but he'll start to feel the results within a few days."

Severus sunk back into the chair behind him. He was attracted to the young man and could see having sex with him but he could not bring himself to force the boy. He knew Harry was strong, perhaps he could resist it. Harry had beaten the odds many times before.

"You should go and prepare yourself for the wedding. I will officiate but have you an idea for a witness?"

Severus nodded and stood up. "Lucius is away on business. I assume Draco will be willing to stand in for him."

Severus left the room and walked to find his godson Draco. When he saw Draco he knew that Harry had told his friends. Draco had a look of shock and contemplation on his face when he came up.

"Is it true?"

Severus nodded. "It's all true."

Draco smiled "I know Uncle Sev the way you look at him."

He informed Draco of the rest of the conversation that Harry had missed. Draco went pale. "Harry is gay. He won't be too against this."

Severus wished that his godson would be right but he didn't think he was. "Your father is out of town. Would you stand for me?"

Draco nodded. "I know Harry has chosen Luna as his."

"I'm surprised I would have thought ht would call the werewolf to stand for him."

Draco shook his head. "Remus has been in France recovering from injuries since that battle. I think he is also concerned at how his new godfather would react."

Severus nodded "At least I can count on him being more reasonable when he returns then Black would have been."


Harry walked into Professor Dumbledore's office a minute before he had to be there. He was dressed in a new pair of dress robes he had received for Christmas. He held Luna's hand for moral support. He remembered seeing her the first time on the train; he would never have suspected how close he would feel to her.

Luna whispered to him "Harry remember what I said. It won't be too bad."

Harry tried to smile at her. "At least you and Neville will be happy when you are bonded."

"I think Neville and I will fight over who is able to have you as their witness at our wedding."

Harry had to smile at that. "You might have to compete if you have that triple wedding. Ron and Hermione might both want me as well."

Albus saw them enter and smiled. "Miss Lovegood I must say it's a bit odd for a female witness for a man in his wedding."

She smiled "Harry is like a brother to me and I could not refuse his request."

Albus motioned for them to stand in front of him and next to Severus. Harry was not surprised of course to see Draco standing next to his godfather. Harry felt a slight pang that Remus was not here.

Albus motioned and Severus grabbed one of Harry's hands tightly in his own. Albus had decided to make it a short ceremony for both their sakes.

"Do you Severus Salazar Snape take Harold James Potter as your bonded soulmate?"


"Do you Harold James Potter take Severus Salazar Snape as your bonded soulmate?"

Harry was a bit slower to respond but said "Yes"

It was Draco and Luna's part now. "Who stands as witness for Severus for his obligation and commitment to this union in life and death?"

"I Draco Lucius Malfoy stand as witness for my godfather Severus Snape to his commitment until death and beyond to this union."

He presented Severus with a gold bond ring which Harry watched with amazement as the ring was pushed on to Harry's ring finger and he felt the finger tingle and the ring re-size.

"Who stands as a witness for Harold for his obligation and commitment to this union in life and death?"

"I Luna Cassiopeia Lovegood stand as witness to my best friend Harold Potter to his commitment until death and beyond to this union."

Harry was surprised by her words but he smiled at them even as she pressed the ring into his hand. He slipped it on to the finger that Severus offered. He felt the tingle from his finger move through his entire body.

"As these two will stand witness, Harold and Severus are bonded as soul mates and husbands through death and beyond. Severus as senior mate kiss your husband as a symbol of the union."

Severus reached down and kissed his husband on the lips. Harry could seem to sense his husband's heart beat and even nearly his thoughts, at least his emotions. His head swam from the effects of it.

Luna came to embrace him. "Harry, see the bond is taking effect on you already. You'll be okay."

Harry nodded and was soon hugged by Draco who had already spoken to Severus. "I guess this makes you my other godfather. Welcome to the family Harry."

Severus took Harry by the arm and led him from the room. Harry was now a Snape in name and law. Severus walked him down to their chambers. As Harry looked around the chambers he was surprised to find they were not in silver and green, done in warm tones of wine colors and beiges and creams. There was a potions lab and office as well as one bedroom.

Harry looked at the bed. "One bed?"

Severus smirked. "We are married after all."

Harry paled. "I guess."

He knew no matter what Albus said he would not be able to force the boy to do anything. "It will be purely platonic I assure you until you're ready."

Harry just nodded. He let Severus lead him back into the living room where his husband calmed him with some alcohol. Normally he would never give alcohol to a student but he knew it would ease the boys' nerves right now. They spoke of plans. Harry would be tutored in potions and would take his tests from the headmaster for he could not mark his husband.

As he crawled into bed next to Harry he felt this desire to take the boy but he knew he could not. He had to hope Albus wad wrong.