Harry could hardly believe it. He was standing in a bedroom in Malfoy manor preparing for his wedding. He had been married for five months now he reminded himself but he felt like the nervous groom still. He had his gift for his husband in his pocket. Luna and Draco were helping him prepare. The Weasleys, Remus, Hermione, his friends from school, everyone would be there this time. His husband had seen to that.

Draco laughed at Harry. "Stop fidgeting. Someone might think this was your first time."

Harry smiled. "In a way it is. I'm not sure why I've got cold feet though. It's not like either of us can really back out now."

Luna came and hugged him. "Not that either of you would want to this time. You're both in love."

Harry felt his heart swell at the thought. "Yes, we are. To think you had to nearly drag me to the ceremony last time."

Draco noticed the time and said. "We might have to drag you this time or you'll be late. Come on."

Harry turned to Draco. "Go down, you need to be with my husband anyways. I want to talk with Luna for a moment first."

Draco left. He and his father would both stand for Severus though Draco as the original witness would again play the role as best man. Luna and Remus were doing the honours for Harry.

"I just wanted to say thank you Luna." Harry said when they were alone.

Luna grinned slightly at that. "Both me and Draco helped you through this. We're all connected through the bond."

Harry shook his head. "You got me to go to the wedding in the first place. You were by my side before the ceremony. I owe you everything Luna."

Luna hugged him. "You were my brother before the ceremony and you are my brother more then ever now. There is no place I'd rather be then by you."

Harry returned the hug but smiled when Remus came in the door. Luna left them to be alone for a moment and Remus came over and handed him a small package.

"I 'm sorry more then you'll ever know that I wasn't here the first time. I'm proud that you asked me to be a part this time." Remus said.

It had taken months for Harry to forgive Remus for leaving him for months but he had. "You're my dad in almost every way. I would have you no where else."

Remus had Harry open the wrapping paper and he found a beautiful gold pocket watch which had not one but two crests on it. The Potter and the Snape crests were both on it.

He looked up at Remus. "How?"

"This belonged to your dad, passed through his family for generations. Normally you would get it on your birthday in a few weeks but since you're a married man I thought now was better." Remus said. "I had your husband's crest added to it for you."

Harry placed the watch along his robe and hugged Remus. "Thank you, and thank you for walking me down the aisle."

Remus smiled. "You know I never thought I'd have a cub to walk down the aisle. I am glad you have given me the chance."

Harry allowed the older man to lead him from the room and through the halls down towards the gardens. He had not seen any of the plans but he knew that Narcissa had outdone herself in planning the event.


Severus stood by Draco and Lucius with Albus at the front while the music of the small band Narcissa hired started. All of the hundred or more guests stood up and turned to watch. Luna made an appearance first, quite pretty all in yellow, walking down the aisle, met half way by Draco who escorted her the rest.

Severus' eyes turned to his husband who was being escorted by Remus. He had kind of laughed at the thought of his husband escorted like a bride down the aisle but he knew it meant a lot to Harry that Remus was there to escort him and give him away.

Remus handed Harry who looked handsome in his dark green robes, over to Severus and they held tightly to each other's hands and turned to Albus.

Albus smiled. "On Valentine's day these two saw each other in the soul mate bowl, No one, even them knew where this would lead. Married that same night they have traveled a rocky road that has brought them together not only as bond and soul mates, but in love as well. They have asked us to come together today so that they can renew their commitment, in full knowledge of the love and strength of their bond."

Severus turned to Harry. "I have made so many mistakes in my life. I have no idea how I ever deserved someone as special as you. I knew before we wed I cared for you and I know in our marriage I made mistakes too. I don't know what the future holds, all I know is that I love you with every beat of my heart. Your pain is my pain, and not simply because of the bond. Remove the bond and I'd still bleed when you bled, cried when you cried. You are my other half. You have made me whole and I will spend my entire life proving that I deserve you."

"When I was told we were to marry, anger and shock were under statements to what I felt. I didn't understand the bond between us. It took me having a chance to see the real you, open my eyes and my heart, to see that I was married to my other half. You were patient with me when I was stubborn, gentle with me when I was scared and you loved me when I pushed you away. I know now with every fibre in my body that I not only love you but I need you. I am nothing without you. I was so happy when you asked me to do this ceremony with you. I wanted a chance to tell you and the world that I am yours in my very being, for the rest of our lives.

Dumbledore smiled. "I will ask the grooms to repeat their traditional vows now with their witnesses by their side, to show their new commitment."

Severus slid the second band into place. "I Severus Tobias Snape take you Harry as my bonded husband and soul mate, in mind, body, soul and heart until death and beyond."

Draco stepped forward. "I Draco Lucius Malfoy stand as witness to my godfather Severus Snape's commitment to this marriage until death and beyond."

Harry had no second ring but kissed his husband's hand. "I Harry Potter-Snape take Severus Snape as my bonded husband and soul mate, in mind, body soul and heart until death and beyond."

"I Luna Cassiopeia Lovegood stand witness to my honorary brother Harry Snape's commitment to this marriage until death and beyond."

Albus turned to the guests. "This time in front of their family and friends these two men have pledged their hearts and souls for eternity. Let us all stand and celebrate in the renewal of the marriage of these two men as I pronounce them husbands."

Harry almost did not hear the cheering as his husband pulled him in for a long passionate kiss. For both it felt like they had married for the first time.


The reception was a huge event under the great tents set up. Hundreds of roses and lilies decorated the tables and the best catering service had been brought in. The coloring was done in red and green to honour both husbands. Narcissa amazed Harry with how much she pulled together in two weeks.

She smiled when Harry thanked her for this. "My pleasure. You mean so much to my son as well as Severus and Lucius, I was only happy to do this for you."

The Weasleys were next in the receiving line and Molly was crying. "I'm so happy for you two. I love you like a son and I am so glad you've found happiness here."

Harry was glad when the receiving line ended and the reception began. Neither he nor his husband was much for dancing but they took their places on the dance floor for the traditional first dance.

Harry turned to Severus as they walked onto the floor. "What song did you select for this dance?"

Severus smiled. "God bless the broken road."

Harry had never heard the American country music song before but as the words played he knew they were so true for them. A broken road with twists and turns but that still seemed to lead a direct path into the arms of the one he loved. As Harry danced in his husband's arms he knew they were those words.

There was dinner and a cake, gifts, all the normal trappings of a wedding. There was even a huge fire work display that was put on by the Weasley twins when the sun finally went below the horizon and the stars came out.

Harry stood with his husband's arms wrapped about him as he looked at the show. "A perfect ending to a perfect wedding." Harry said.

Severus had to agree. "Though those twins have never been my favourite students, I must say they do put on an incredible show."

Harry turned to look at his husband. "Do you think we could escape from the party yet?"

Severus tried to sound as serious as possible. "You want to leave this amazing party already? What ever for?"

Harry pulled him down gently for a kiss and when they came back up for air. "I thought we could start our honeymoon."

Severus needed no further prompting and after saying their thanks and goodbyes to the guests and everyone they headed off. They went no further then the east wing of the manor where they had been given a suite of room for the night. They were actually going off on a real honeymoon finally, to France, the next day.


Severus stood in front of Harry, both dressed only in their trousers now. They had come up for air having been undressing and kissing passionately. He looked into his husband's eyes.

"Are you ready for this?" He asked gently.

Harry nodded without hesitation. "I want you to make love to me tonight. No stopping, no holding back, tonight I want all of you."

Severus gently lowered his mouth to the base of his husband's neck and gently nibbled on it as he led his husband back towards the bed and back onto it. He wanted so much to ravish his husband's body after this wait but he was going to relish every last moment of it. His lips moved down his husband until he came to his nipples which he gently began to suck on until they became hard and gentle moans came from Harry's throat in response.

He moved to Harry's belly button which he began to dip his tongue in and out of, feeling under their trousers, Harry's rising errection. He swiftly unbuttoned his husband's trousers and pulled them and the boxers free, and discarded his own.

For a moment he looked down on his husband's perfect body just drinking in the sight before he lowered his mouth over his husband's erection and began licking and teasing it, Harry's hands gripping him by the hair and guiding him to move up and down it, desperate for release. When Harry had cummed, Severus moved back up to the head of the bed and took his husband's mouth to his, his tongue sliding in, gently exploring.

Pulling away he looked at Harry. "Are you sure you're ready?"

Harry was panting from it already. "Yes."

Severus took some of the gel from the bedside table and slowly with a finger rubbed some in the entrance of Harry. Gently lifting Harry to give him easier access he slowly moved into his husband. There was no protests or cries from Harry this time. As he began to slowly at first but with growing speed piston inside of his husband, deeper and deeper until he hit his husband's soft spot, Harry wrapped his legs around him and began moving with him. With Harry's movements Severus came to an intense climax at the same time as his husband.

Slowly he removed himself from his husband and lay down on the pillows next to him but Harry was about to repay the pleasure. Harry moved to his husband and Severus' eyes snapped open as he felt his husband's teeth gently biting into the flesh of his neck and tongue running down his chest, his mouth tugging Sev's nipples into his mouth and making them harden. He had taught the boy too well he though as he groaned in pleasure. Harry's hand moved to Sev's penis as he was making work on his neck and gently stroked at first and then was soon pumping it. He brought his mouth down over the end just before his husband reached release, allowing Sev's juices to fill his mouth.

For the first time in his life Harry prepared to enter a man himself. Severus wasn't sure he would do it until he felt Harry gently sliding inside of him. It took a few moments for Harry to get used to it but he slowly started pistoning inside of his husband and when Severus wrapped his legs about Harry and helped Harry into a steady pace, Harry lost himself in the motion and soon reached an intense climax as did his husband as well.

As they lay side by side panting when Harry slid from inside of him Severus gently cupped his face. "I love you."

Harry kissed him before he responded. "I know you do."

Severus watched as Harry turned to grab something from the bedside table. "What are you doing?"

Harry handed him a small package. "Your wedding gift. I was thinking of a potions book but Lucius and Draco helped me pick something far more special."

Severus unwrapped the paper and found to his shock a small platinum baby rattle with the Snape and Potter crests on it. It was like one that most pureblood children received when they were born.


Harry kissed him. "I know you want kids. I'm not ready yet, I need to finish school but I wanted to make sure you knew I am willing and happy to give you them. When the time is right I will with all of my heart, give you the children you have wanted so long."

Severus was shocked. "Harry, you have no idea how much this means to me."

Harry kissed him. "I do. I know how much it means to both of us. Though we'll have to discuss this idea of naming our first born after Lucius."

Severus laughed as he realized Lucius had told Harry all of that conversation. "It was just Lucius' idea. I think I could be persuaded on another name."

They put aside the gift and Severus pulled Harry to him, intent on another round again. Harry was happy to allow Severus to take control again, though he had needed to experience the top as well. he would much rather be where he was, looking up into the eyes of the man he loved.