The Missions That Changed My Life

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It all started with a silly mission. All we had to do was get an imposter prince to be jealous enough so we could capture him without causing too much trouble. It sounded easy enough, but things quickly changed when the so called prince springs up a bunch of ninja to capture u.


It was a sunny day in Konoha. The streets were filled with people going from shop to shop. It sounded like a nice day, but a certain Kunoichi was in the most depressing mood. Yes she was in a flower shop helping out so her parents wouldn't work themselves too hard, but that wasn't the center of her problems. Having no missions sent out to you and training by yourself can be really boring to any ninja. So here we are with our favorite purple wearing kunoichi being bored as hell.

She sighed. This really sucks. Having no missions to work on is the same as being stripped of your ninja status. Also everyone I ask to train with me says they're busy with someone else or they have to run an errand. Man, I wish something fun around here happened, it really is getting boring she thought.

When she felt a light tap on her shoulder her ninja instincts kicked in. She grabbed a kunai in her pouch, turned around, grabbed him by the shirt and placed it at his throat. The thing that surprised her was that it was the villages number one knuckle headed, orange wearing ninja with his hands up and looking very scared right now.

" Ino, how you ...doing?" Naruto asked, very nervous about what was going to happen.

"Oh, hey Naruto. I didn't expect you to be here. My ninja instincts kicked in and I kinda grabbed you. She let go and continued. "What brings you to my flower shop? You don't look like your desperate for a girl right now, unless you've found that special someone Naruto.

"Ah, no it's not that. I was passing by and I saw that depressing look on your face so I wanted to ask what is wrong." Naruto answered.

"Oh, so that's why you're here." She explained her situation to him. Just then an ANBU appeared in front of the two.

"Lady Hokage wishes to see the both of you in her office immediately for a mission briefing" He said and disappeared.

"Well that answers your little dilemma now doesn't it Ino? Anyways let's go see what Tsunade baa-chan wants."Naruto was about to disappear in a cloud of smoke until Ino grabbed his wrist. He had a questioning look on his face

"I need to tell my parents I'm going off on a mission, and besides I can't just leave the shop open while I'm gone." Ino poofed in a cloud of smoke for a few seconds until she re-appeared.

"Ok, lets go Naruto" Ino said They both disappeared in a cloud of smoke

They appeared in the Hokage Tower. Naruto knocked on the door and waited until he heard "Enter"

They both entered and waited until Tsunade addressed them.

"As you know, you two have been called here for a mission. It is an A-Class mission regarding an imposter of the Prince from the land of Wind. He is known for using his new appearance to lure woman into being raped. The only reason other authorities haven't already captured him is because he has a wide range of shinobi at his finger tips to take out anyone who appears as a threat. Civilians do not know of the imposter so don't expect any help from them. What I want you two to do is enrage and capture this imposter while finding where the real prince is. How you two are going to do that is to act as a couple to make him jealous of you Naruto. Get close to the prince and search his quarters for where he is hiding the real prince. Do not fail me." Tsunade said.

"Wait Tsunade. Not that I'm complaining it's just why us two? Couldn't you of sent a bigger group of shinobi to just capture the imposter rather then going through all this trouble of making him jealous?" Ino asked.

" I could of but the fact is that if he's jealous his decision making will be clouded by ill judgement. Also as to the reason why I didn't send another group is that I see that you two are the most capable of finishing this mission." Tsunade replied.

"Tsunade baaa-chan. I still don't think that is a good reason. If former shinobi couldn't capture the imposter how do you think that we will be able to? Also I'm with Ino's idea of sending a bigger group of ninja. They could capture him and move away swiftly" Naruto said.

"Narutoooo" Ino said in a sweet voice.

Naruto heard that voice before. It's the same voice Sakura uses right before he's about to be pounded into the ground He turned around slowly just to be grabbed by the collar.

"Did you say that because you didn't think we could do this? We just got assigned a new mission. An A-class one at that. Do you want to ruin it and get pounded into the ground or do u want to go ahead with the mission?" Ino asked in a death tone.

"Errrr, I'll go with the second option." He replied.

"Good now meet me at the North gates in an hour so we can get ready. If your late ill hunt you down and make your life a living hell" Ino said.

They both disappeared with a scared Naruto and the most pissed off Ino.

"Tsunade- sama. Why did you send those two anyways. It would of made more sense in sending a group of ANBU to complete the mission.

"The reason Shizune is because I know those two can complete the mission faster then any ANBU group and besides. Naruto needs someone after Sakura left him for Sasuke." she replied.

"Eh! The reason you sent them is because you wanted him to be with Ino? Are you out of your mind? You know as well as I do that Ino would never be with Naruto. No matter what the circumstances, and this mission could get them killed in a matter of seconds. Were talking about Takeda here. He knows how to take out a shinobi with a snap of his fingers." Shizune said.

"Shizune you have nothing to worry about. Naruto and Ino aren't kids anymore. They grown over these years and they can take care of themselves. Besides If they really got together then it would be a good thing for the both of them. They have been depressed lately so I thought this was a mission suited for them."

"Whatever you say Tsunade. But if they get killed it's your own fault."

"I'm aware of that Shizune" I just hope that he can handle himself."

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