Lilith - Trinity Blood

Chapter 1: From the Past.


-Life Support System: Status, ACTIVE


-Life Support System: Vital Signs Detected, Administering Treatment.


-Life Support System: Patient Status, Stable, Initiating Revitalisation System.



Beep-Beep Beep-Beep.



The capsule canopy opened.

Gasping the occupant jerked into a sitting position coughing and drawing ragged deep breaths as they were the first taken in long time.

Raising a hand to her head she groaned at the pain. She had the urge to just lay back down. Glancing behind her at the bottom of the capsule she shuddered, no she had to get out of here.

Crawling over the side of the capsule she lay there on her hands and knees on the cold stone floor getting her breath and balance for the next step.

The noise of the capsule hissing shut caused her to turn her head to look at it. Crawling back over to the capsule she looked at the command interface. When she saw what she was looking for she let out a small gasp and lowered her head on the lid of the capsule to think.

I wonder if they are still even alive. They could be dead by now. She felt something wet roll down the side of face. Raising a hand she wiped it away and looked at her fingers. Tears, I can't remember the last time I cried.

After a while she braced herself against the capsule and pushed herself to her feet. Swaying slightly she moved through the large underground room towards the steps on the far side and started up into the light.


Father Wordsworth was hungry, in fact he was ravenous. So putting his latest invention on hold he decided he would go to this little sandwich place outside the Vatican. Which is how while walking towards the entrance of the Vatican he stumbled across a young looking lady with long reddish coloured hair who looked positively lost.

"Hello there ma'am, my name is Father Wordsworth. Is there something I could help you with?"

She looked towards him with a startled look on her face. She had the most enchanting eyes he had ever seen, soft golden in colour. Another oddity was her clothing it was an old style robe uniform with a high neck with golden trimmings, but its condition was immaculate. Lastly she had an odd blue mark on her forehead that he couldn't seem to place where he had seen the like before.

"I'm afraid I've gotten myself lost Father. I have not been here for a number of years, and now I cannot seem to find the exit." The young lady replied in the most polite manner.

"Ahh, well today is your lucky day, I'm just heading out myself for a bite to eat. I can walk you to the entrance if you wish." He said. At the mention of food there was a grumbling sound and the lady blushed and looked towards the ground. "If you are hungry, I can buy you a sandwich when I get mine."

"Ah, thank you father. I would like that, thank you. My name is Lilith, Lilith Sahl." She said tilting her head to the side slightly with the ghost of a smile on her face.

"Is that so, I knew a Lilith once, such an interesting lady. She was at the London University when I attended. Bright girl, temper like a fire-cracker though." He said chuckling, suddenly his stomach growled. "Well, I guess our stomachs are giving us both warnings!"

A short while later the pair was seated on a bench outside a sandwich bar each munching on a bagel contentedly. "So what brought you to the Vatican Miss Sahl?" Wordsworth asked around a mouthful of bread.

His companion stared at the ground a few moments before answering "Family, I have not seen them for many years."

"Are they in the church? I might be able to find them for you if they are." He replied

Frowning she said "I'm not sure. It is possible one of them could have joined the church."

"What would be the name of the one who would have joined the church?" He asked.

"Abel." She replied simply, causing him to splutter. Blinking she asked "You know him?"

"Well, I know an Abel, but it is doubtful he is your brother. For starters he has a different surname." He said, taking another bite from his sandwich.

"It would not happen to be Nightroad would it?" she asked slowly.

Eyeing her carefully he said "I have to say it would be quite the coincidence. But the chances of him being your brother is, well, slim. You see Abel is fairly unique, he is um..."

"He's a Crusnik?"

"There are not many who would be aware of that title." He said slowly. "To be family would mean that you are also a Crusnik."

When she nodded, he rubbed his chin in thought then said "Well, I know there is someone who may be able to prove your claim one way or the other, she has known him for just over 12 years now. Cardinal Sforza is her name."


Returning to the Vatican Lilith found herself inside a wood panelled office standing across from a woman dressed in red sitting behind a large wooded desk. The woman was staring at her like she had seen a ghost. She had not said a word since she had entered the office with interesting Father Wordsworth. The man himself was standing next to another priest. The pair of them was swinging their gazes back and forward between the two women.

"You're dead." Was the flat statement from Cardinal Sforza.

"I…." Lilith said softly raising a hand to rub the side of her neck.

"Forgive me, I was rude, I'm Cardinal Caterina Sforza, head of the Ministry of Holy Affairs, leader of the AX Division. You may call me Lady Caterina."

"Lilith Sahl, Lieutenant Colonel of the United Nations Aerospace Force, Mars Colonisation Project Medical and Personnel Division. But call me Lilith, please."

"The UNASF is long gone Lilith, it's been centuries since you last walked the earth, a great deal has changed since Armageddon. But how is it that you are alive?"

Rubbing her throat again she replied "I do not know, the last thing I remember is Cain then waking in medical capsule earlier today. Has it really been… that long?"

Caterina's gaze flicked to the two men the back to her as if she was having second thoughts about answering "Yes, like your other siblings, you have existed for over nine hundred years."

Lilith frowned "Then they are all alive then, Abel, Seth, and Cain?"

"Your sister Seth is the Empress of the New Human Empire, although she uses a different name. I have never met her personally. Your brother Cain leads the Order of Rosenkreuz as Contra Mundi. Abel works for us here in the Vatican as a member of AX."

"Abel is here?" she piped up with a look somewhere between worry and expectation.

"No, currently he is on mission, searching for information about Cain."


"A-choo… Brrr it's so cold and windy up here." Abel whined pulling strands of his long silver hair out of his mouth.

"Don't you dare start complaining, I don't want to hear it. We could have waited back at the last town they had a nice inn there." Scolded his companion. "Who treks into the mountains when a blizzard is about to start?"

"You could have stayed back at the inn if you wanted Ion-" Abel started.

"Like hell I would! Someone has to keep you out of trouble. Besides I want to find Cain as well." The small Earl of Memphis stated in return.

The two continued on in silence for a few hundred meters until Ion said through clenched teeth "Dammit why does it have to be so cold!" Abel chuckled to himself inwardly. In truth he wasn't feeling the cold nearly as much as his companion would be. While neither of them had any fear of lasting frostbite or hypothermia they didn't stop feeling the chill to some degree. The conversation helped keep the blood flowing and the temperature warm.

"We're nearly there" Abel said pointing towards the large manor house through the swirling snow.

Soon enough the two of them reached the supposedly abandoned manor house and broke in through a side door. Sneaking further into the house revealed no signs of life. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs. If Cain had been here, it hadn't been in a very long time.

Searching the house they found evidence that the previous occupants had left in an apparent hurry, with items strewn across floors or dropped carelessly in a hasty departure. Their search continued down into the basement where they found their best lead.

Lining the walls were banks of computers and lost technology, the devices were connected to monitors which had lit up at their entrance. At one end of the room was a large sealed glass area containing large rectangular devices which Abel believed to be a super computer.

Moving over to one of the computers on a central desk Abel tapped on the keyboard bringing up a login interface he had not seen in a very long time.

U.N.A.S.F. Central Database System:

-Auxiliary Mode.



Abel's head jerked up and he looked towards the computer cluster situated behind the glass. He could feel his eyes widening in shock when he recognised a familiar symbol on the sides of the cases. United Nations Aerospace Force. What had Cain found, what had he been up to?

"Um, Abel… I think you should take a look at this." Ions voice sounded distant in his ears. Turning his head slowly he looked towards what Ion was holding. It was a cream coloured binder and it looked old, very old in fact. On the cover was another symbol from Abel's past, Red Mars Project. Beneath it was single line written in faded ink that made his breath catch, Crusnik Project.

"ABEL!" cried Ion, dumping the binder back on the desk before rushing to catch his friend and slow his fall to the hard stone floor. Laying his friend down carefully Ion was surprised to see Abel out stone cold as if he'd thrown the binder at his head. Ion looked towards the binder and wondered what was so shocking about it that merely seeing it would cause his friend to collapse.


"My lord, they have discovered the manor." A voice echoed through the large chamber.

"It is of no matter Isaak, there is nothing they can do at this point to stop us. Let them have something to worry over. I feel it will be a very nostalgic trip down memory lane for my dear brother." Said Cain from his position in front of a large window watching a storm blow on outside.

Well that's the first chapter. Hope you enjoyed it. :)