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ahem, italics are flashbacks

He ran through the portal, knowing his fear had become real.

"Hey, pyro."
"Sparks." he smirked at her.
"You doing anything?"
"Want to taste my lips again, huh?" the red head teased. The blond woman smirked deviously.

He hastened his spurt.

"You know, maybe we nobodies do have hearts." he wondered. She looked up from his bare chest.
"What makes you think that?" she asked, too impatient and returning to pleasure herself and the Flurry underneath her.
"You." he smirked, earning another sweet kiss from the Nymph.

Tears already started to form in his eyes.

"I had always wondered what it would be like to love." He raised his eye brows at her.
"Saying you've never loved someone before?"
"In my Other's life I haven't"
"What about your Nobody's life?" he asked, slowly smiling one of his trademark grins.
"I'm pretty sure that I do." She kissed him with passion only he knew existed.

Finally, after feeling he ran for at least three hours, he arrived at his destination.

"Hey Larx!" he shouted after her.
"Fuck off, Axel."
"Larxene, please, listen to me..."
"Why! After what you did! How could you possibly think that I would ever forgive you?"
"It was an accident, I swear! I never meant to-"
"Axel shut up! SHUT UP!" She burst into tears.
"Larxene..." He was quick at putting his arms around her but she pushed him away.
"Didn't you think I was gonna be hurt! How could you! After all we've done!"
"Larxene, I'm sorry."
"Words never cured wounds, you know." She disappeared through a portal behind her.

He smiled sarcastically as he tried a healing spell on the broken body, but to no avail.

"Axel!" she screamed when the heartless were ripping her apart.
"Leave." Flames erupted around her slender figure.
"Her." Two flaming chakrams soared through the air, decapitating an entire strand of the black beings.
"Alone." A black portal appeared in front of her, she could only see a blur of different colors around her, before the attack finally got to her. But one of the colors was the one soothing her, making her feel secure. In all the black and orange was a patch of bright red, getting closer to her.
"Larxene." His whisper healed more of her than any spell ever could.

He choked on another set of tears.

"Axel." she breathed, her eyes still closed. The red head beside her stirred.
"Larxene? Are you ok?" His emerald orbs met hers. She smiled.

"Sparks?" he whispered into her ear, hoping his voice could bring her back.

"I know you must hate me, but-" She laced a finger on his lips.
"I could never hate you, pyro."

Another tear fell on her beautiful but pale face.

"This is treason. I will not tolerate this affair any longer. Disobedience will be punished with death."
"Yes, superior." Axel said obedient. Innerly, his life came crashing down.

The blond stirred in his arms.

"What did he want?" He put another smirk on, just for her.
"Just an annoying mission." She smiled back and lifted the covers for him.


She kissed her Flurry softly, then went through the portal, leaving the note next to her love.

"Larxene, please-"

He woke up, missing his Nymph next to him.

She put her fingers on his mouth, shutting him up.

Instead, there was a note

"You know that I have to go."

He opened the note.

"No, please, it's all my fault, I should have told you it was a decoy."

His eyes widened with every word said.

"Axel, I love you."

His breaths became more rapid as he read the note again, praying it was just a nightmare.

"No, don't leave me! I love you too much!"

He summoned a black swirl of darkness.

She closed her eyes as she faded away.

He ran through the portal, knowing his fear had become real.

The fire of fury erupted in his lost heart, marking him traitor. The Organization would pay.

Let the flames begin.

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