Hinata looked between her two fueding friends,Kin pouting and sending Tayaya death glares. Tayaya on the other hand was just sleeping Hinata things were just as boring,she saw her cousin sitting with his whore of a girlfriend Kiki,Sasuke and Tenten and all the other sports people.

Sitting a couple seats down was Naruto and Gaara,Kiba and Shino were with them to but only Naruto and Kiba were talking. Then there was Sakura and Ino sisting in front of her arguing over who Sasuke would date. Then Lee and Chouji, Hinata felt bad for them Lee used to be great friend with her cousin before Neji's ego really hit the roof and Chouji's bestfriend Shikamaru was in collage already,leaving Chouji in highschool.

Then with Hinata with her own dumb friends Sakon and Ukon,Kimimaru, and Kidomaru and Fatty. Then Kin's friends Zaku and Dosu."Hinata Babe your spacing" Hinata looked over to Ami one of her bestfriends, she had purple hair and was a bit of a bully.

"Attention" Tsunade yelled and finally the asembly began.

Kota walked next to Gaara who was talking to Naruto, they were walkiing to saw Ino and Sakura walking ahead of them but they kept looking behind them and giggling."guys why do bitch and slut keep looking at us" Kota asked. Gaara stopped talking to Naruto to look straight at Sakura and Ino, when Ino turnned around and started to giggle he cringed. "i dont no buts lets go a different way to class". "but we will be late to class", "so" both Naruto and Gaara said at the same time.

Ino looked back again but Gaara was gone,"Awww where did he go"Sakaru looked back,"Kota must of dragged him away, she was totally hanging all over him, but i think he was looking at you" "you think" "totally" sakura said.

Temari sat in her seat in latin Shikamaru was already in his seat next to her and already sleeping. "Oy lazybum wake up" Temari said poking him in the rips ,he just mumbled and turnned his head away. Temari never liked being ignored and buy a sleeping super genius was no better,she kept poking him. "Oy stop that you troublesome woman,why do you never let me sleep" Shikamaru said yawning and sitting up,his hair was out of his pony tail and it looked kind hot.

Temari really hated that she liked Shikamaru,for one he was three years younger he would always be smarter and he was her brother's friend but it didn't help he had been in her grade last year and he was now going to the same collage as her.

TenTen looked up from her blackberry tp see a very angry Sakon "hey baby twin #2 whats hot you pissed" TenTen said "well everything from my older brother to him tring to get with the girl i like," TenTen just looked at him "oh ok well out do him, make her like you" "ok well what about Ukon" Sakon said. Tenten just looked at her baby bro in shock "he'll get over it he never liked a girl for more then a girl 3 weeks tops" Sakon nodded and thanked her and walked back to his friends, TenTen just went back to her BlackBerry.

End Of School-8:00 pm

Naruto left Gaara's house heading in the direction of Sasuke's, that what he alwaysed did, stayed at Sasike,Gaara or Shikamaru's house. but tonight he pasted Sasukes house and kept walking east, to his apartment, the South East was the living area for, gangsters,druggys and sellers, prostitutes, thevies and different Mafia's. This was Naruto's home since was 2 before that he lived in a orafanage, Narutos father had never lived to see Naruto turn 5 mins old and His mother a Naruto was big hear. People listiened to him here...TBC

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