"We are now going over live to Party Headquarters where our leader is about make address the nation." A newscaster aid dryly.

The Leader walked out onto a stage to thunderous applause after the applause died down he cleared his throat.

"Honourable members of our great republic I have news to bring to you the Final Educational Amendment Reform Act has been successful in the past three years!"

On a massive plasma screen it showed Max killing Sarah in the first Battle Royale then it flashed to the next one.

A stormy night thunder and lighting flashed as a lone girl stood on top of a hill and the rain was coming down in sheets. A boy his uniform covered in blood ran up the hill shouting.
"You crazy bitch!" just before he got blown away by a shotgun the girl was holding the girl held her shotgun in the air and gave a cry of triumph.

Then the third ending of the program started an evil looking boy was stalking his prey a female who was hiding behind some crates "Come out come out I'll make it quick! Exclaimed the boy as he walked around the crates towards her. The girl screamed as the boy approached her as he raised his sword and was just about to plunge it into her another figure appeared a badly wounded boy fired three times at the evil looking boy blowing three neat holes in his chest killing him the injured boy collapsed in a heap also.

The screen went black and then was replaced by the party's symbol a pair of doves with an olive branch in both their .beaks

"But now I have decided that the act needs to be upgraded to one program every single week to combat the small tide of dissidents who try to make their voices heard with pointless acts. The youth of today is still no good as well they seem to make out that they are more important than decent adults who will not stand for the insolent youth now I say that the youth of today will learn that the adult will always control

of country and we will never stand for the crimes of the youth the school year begins next week and so I sac all schools to forward the details of all schools years eleven to thirteen for the first pick!"

The audience stood up and cheered.

That was two years ago.