"We better get going" Dave said softly.

The house where they where hiding in was close to the danger zone which had gone danger at 5am and this made Dave uncomfortable. He had already raised this with the three and they had agreed as it was light it may or may not be safe for them to travel but they did have the advantage of Dave's weapon a tracer which could tell them if anyone is nearby. It was an advantage they had to use it to there best ability. Dave stood up and looked at Laura she was sitting staring blankly into space with a vacant look in her eyes. Dave looked at her and clicked her fingers in front of her. For a few moments there was no response. Then Laura looked up at him.

"We're leaving in a few minutes Laura are you up for moving?" asked Dave softly.

"Yes." She replied nodding softly her voice hardly being louder than a whisper. She wiped a tear from her eye and stood up. She put a brave face on and smiled she was going to be brave. The four walked out Dave to the lead holding his shotgun and lead holding his shotgun which he had taped the tracer to it to keep his hands free there was nothing in the area. On the tracer showed three blips which where Scarlett, Andy and Laura. They moved slowly around the housing estate and moved slowly a lot even though the tracer showed no danger. It was wiser to be safe than sorry

"Okay let's be careful we going to cross this wasteland and it's right of the end of this grid zone ok." Dave said quietly. The other three nodded they looked at the wasteland and it looked dangerous there seemed to be enough cover but still was looking dangerous. The four started to run across the wasteland when Dave suddenly froze there was a blip on the screen then came a sudden blast which exploded about thirty meters in front of them. Caroline was standing on a garage roof about half a mile away from them.

The four flew back from the explosion. They struggled to their feet as their ears where ringing as Caroline leapt off the garage roof and landed on the wasteland.

Dave fired his shotgun wildly at her and he missed.

"Shit!" cried Dave as Caroline avoided his shot.

Caroline had ducked behind a small building and then fired her riot gun at them and missed just.

Dave fired back and shouted at Andy and Scarlett.

"Get out of here!"

"No way we're staying tighter!" shouted Andy in reply.

"Shut up Andy and listen I'll keep an eye on Laura we'll meet up again meet at the train station in town ok!"

Andy nodded as he stood up and ran with Scarlett as he heard Dave's shot gun fire again. Caroline threw herself to the ground and crawled into a ditch hiding she knew that she wouldn't be able to get another clean shot at them she crawled away and crawled into a small drain which lead into another part of the housing estate. She took a deep breath and sat down she was nervous she hadn't expected to meet such a heavily armed group. She thought that they where foolish as only one would survive she would get them later but now she would have to wait to get them.

She combed back her blonde hair and looked around she had cut her knees crawling through the ditch and her knees where bleeding she headed back to the house she had been hiding in and looked around in the cupboard. She found some medical supplies and put and some ointment on her cut knees. She let out a little yelp and then bandaged then knees. They felt fine. She decided it was safer to rest for the moment

Although the train station was south east of them Dave had taken Laura in a northward direction. It was due to the fact that this would give them a chance to go around a danger zone nearby and then get across the town using the side roads. This was critical they didn't run into anyone. Dave tracer beeped showing Laura and Dave but it doesn't get any more traces on the screen.

Dave looked at his watch it was nearly 9am but he knew that Caroline would come after them again and this time they had to be ready it wasn't possible to overpower her with weapons they would have to use the brains to take her out and that was going to be difficult.