The Sun and The Moon is a short story explaining what happened in "Fracture" from the point where Chloe dies and how Clark helps her recover to health.

Clark Kent enjoyed staring out of sunlit windows. Clark, as a young boy, would become transfixed in the picture window. He would just stop playing and stand in a beam of sunlight. He liked doing this more than eating. Clark's adoptive father Jonathan built Clark his own place to watch the sun. It was above the horses and farm equipment, but it was private. Clark could go there and not be disturbed by his parent's concern. They knew although Clark did not, that Clark was an alien from another world. His instincts weren't the same as a human's and it might be good for Clark to have a spot of his own, where he could be himself. He could look out his own window until he was content.

There was a logical reason for his behavior: Clark's body used the sunlight differently than humans. It was the source of his superpowers. The sun strengthened him and comforted him. It nourished his body fueling growth, from boyhood, to adolescence and then manhood. It was the source of his super-strength and speed and gave him other marvelous abilities, like heat vision and super breath. There really wasn't a limit at what he could do when the sun provided.

He leaned on the sun now, his ultimate comfort food. He looked outside, memorized in the winter's brightness, hoping, that the world would not look in. He himself couldn't turn around and face his world now. Chloe was dead and all he could do was miss her.

He always felt close to Chloe. Even before he told her that he was an alien, they had been good friends. Telling her was a natural extension of that relationship. Clark's trust in Chloe was returned many times to him. Chloe's friendship ministered to his anxieties about himself. She was always there as his lighthouse. She helped him navigate around his problems. She protected him by gauging the tides of change.

He tried to protect her. It was easier before she manifested her meteor-power, her ability, to die and come back. The first time it happened, it was a surprise. She described exactly like being asleep and waking up. This was the second time, and Clark was starting to wonder if Chloe was going to come back at all. Maybe her coming back last time was a fluke.

Clark had patiently waited for her to recover, eventually, he gave up on it. The worse part about it, Chloe died to save him. When she reached to save Lex, she was really reaching to save him. So, he felt responsible. She would not have done it if he hadn't been involved.

The rest of Clark's life, he'd never have a friend as wonderful and self-sacrificing as Chloe. It would be his voice that would speak for Chloe from now on. He wanted to share how special she was. It wouldn't be right to stay silent at her funeral.

Clark crafted his words while staring out of her apartment window. He felt that his speech reflected their friendship, everything that it was and the indelible mark she left inside of him. Chloe would have liked it, but he also knew she would have teased him mercilessly about it too.

"Clark," Chloe's voice whispered. "I'm glad my life meant so much to you."

Clark couldn't believe how his mind created Chloe's voice in such a realistic way. He felt himself falter as he pretended Chloe was talking with him.

"Clark, is there anything you've wanted to tell me?"

Chloe wanted him to say goodbye, but he answered her question with a different revelation. Not the one she wanted to hear. Not that one, not yet.

"Chloe, when I first developed super-hearing, I heard you all the time." Clark voiced. "I had to teach myself to tune you off, but still, you could always call me. Did you know that? Whenever you said my name, I heard you. I guess it's you that can hear me now, anytime you want.

"I need your help, Chloe," Clark muttered, turning around to look at her corpse. "I need your opinion here. I think Lois deserves to say goodbye to you. She's not going to believe you're dead unless she sees. But she'll want answers, and then, I'll be telling her, probably everything.

"I can convince Lois to keep the secret. But I want you to know, I'm not doing this because I want to share my secret, but because you deserve her good-bye.

"You can't be replaced, Chloe. You just need to know that. You can't be replaced."

A few weeks ago, Clark and Chloe discussed telling Lois about Clark's real origins. Both of them saw the advantages of telling Lois. Chloe wouldn't have to block Lois through Clark's lies anymore, and Clark might be able to finally convince Lois to drop her mission to get Lex. However, it was Clark that finally decided against it. He'd reconsider telling her if she really needed to know. Chloe was dead, and Lois, as her cousin, should know how Chloe died.

"But, here's the problem. I can't call the sheriff because I don't want to tip-off Lex for his 33.1 experiments. I'm not leaving your body to anyone. I'm not going to let you become his postmortem lab rat.

"I'll take you somewhere safe, use my heat vision and hide your ashes."

Clark forced himself to look at Chloe's lifeless face.

"Chloe, I was hoping Kara might fly your remains to the moon, once she's has her powers back. You'd be safe and you can watch out for me until I can come and get you."

Clark felt something tug inside of him. Chloe didn't move, but he shifted on her bedside. His ears spun and he felt dizzy. He had felt this way before, right before he heard Chloe call for him the first time she woke from her death sleep. Clark's vision switched into x-ray mode and he scoped Chloe's chest. He saw her heart, struggling back to life beneath her bust.


He was absolutely amazed. One eye watched her heart pump, the circulation pushing through her body. The other eye kept her face in constant view. Tiny amounts of color returned to her lips. She inhaled. Chloe was breathing!


Clark's heart pumped at light speed, waiting for her to jump back into his life.

Her eyes opened and her breathing quickened.

"Chloe! Chloe!"

She looked past Clark, confused. Her eyes were like glass.


"I'm here," Clark said reassuringly. "Chloe, I'm here!"


Clark discovered something else his alien body could do. He made a pocket of heat for her, just by exhaling.

Her face colored-in more, turning black spots into gray shadows.

"I can't see you." She shivered.

Clark groaned and cradled her head to examine her eyes. He saw the problem. Her retinas had no circulation. She moved her eyes to find him. She was scared. He had to say something:

"You've been through a lot Chlo'. Give it time. I'm going to move you to the couch."

Chloe's heart pumped hard, pushing congealed blood back into action. Her body slowly drew breath. Her lungs instantly used the oxygen to thin her blood.

Chloe opened her mouth wider, sucking in more air. She needed more oxygen and Clark realized he was holding her too tight. He loosened his grip and she deliberately forced as much air into her lungs as possible. Chloe tilted her head and eyes backward:


She was alive!