Spitting Image

Epilogue: Rewards

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Savannah, Georgia - February, 2008

It had been five days since Dean had confessed the cause of his nightmares. And as Sam had predicted they hadn't recurred. Dean was 95% recovered and the time had come to move on. It appeared to Sam that they were both restless and wanted to be back on the road, they had a job to do and Sam wanted to get back to finding a way to break Dean's deal as time was ticking away, the year was passing much too quickly for his liking.

Since his confession Dean hadn't even once mentioned not wanting to carry on with the whole hunting evil and the hunter lifestyle that went with it.

Sam knew he had to give his brother the opportunity to pursue the lifestyle he had mentioned he could get used to and had broached the subject of staying in Savannah and maybe settling down.

"Are you out of your mind, Sammy I want to get back in there find Bela and kill some more evil sonsobitches."

"What happened to wanting normal and safe?" Sam asked.

"Oh that…I was not myself Sam. It was…call it a moment of weakness, Sammy a moment of weakness," Dean had answered flippantly.

Sam looked hard at his brother gauging, assessing to see if Dean was lying. Was Dean was just saying that for his benefit? It would be so like him always putting Sam before himself. But on Dean's face and in his green eyes Sam saw the truth. Dean wanted to continue on his lifelong crusade of wiping out the evil in its many different guises that walked the earth.

Sam was relieved and even though he had enjoyed the last five days of being spoilt with soft beds, good, luscious food and people around to do everything for him he was eager to be away from Savannah and the thought of doing so without Dean was unthinkable.

Dean had to admit to himself that to some degree he was going to miss the marshmallow life he'd quite easily grown accustomed to over the last five or six days, but not enough to make him want to stay. It had been nice for a change for a brief time, but he was ready to move on; Sam and him had work to do and he was itching get back in the game he wanted to find Bela and get back what she had stolen from them, the Colt.

He got the impression Sam thought he had wanted to settle down in Savannah, live a comfy life a normal life and he had to admit the idea was tempting, but how long would it be before he got sick to death of all that normality? Not long and with his time getting short he had to be there beside Sam as his brother would try to find a way to break the deal. If anyone could Sam could. Plus the open road was calling and beckoning and even though they didn't yet know their next destination, he was eager to answer the call and so was Sam that much he knew.

The Bradstreet's and Father Harper had been dinner guests on two occasions during their stay. The second time had been last evening.

Father Harper had never questioned why Matthew had the journalists from some magazine who it turned out were brothers staying in his home or Dean's healing but still very obvious injuries. The brothers were convinced the octogenarian priest had either guessed or been told what had happened in his church and that was how Dean had come about the injuries. The man may have been ancient but he certainly wasn't stupid or senile, that was for certain.

Dean had grown fond of Violet and Oliver Bradstreet. Last evening when the couple was leaving, Oliver had in turn enveloped both him and Sam in a bone crushing but affectionate bear hug. Violet's kind brown eyes had filled with tears as she hugged and kissed them on the cheek.

Violet had started to think of the two handsome young men as the children she and Oliver were never able to have. She was going to miss them and hoped to see them again someday, but not as patients, God forbid but healthy and happy.

Matthew had said his goodbyes before he had left for the office. He'd smiled and pumped their hands thanking them yet again for what they had done here in Savannah.

A couple of days prior Matthew had been in contact with his son David. He was coming home to Savannah to settle down and was going to join his father in the family real estate business. Matthew hadn't been able to stop smiling ever since. Lilia had gone off to the hairstylist for her regular once a week appointment and had said her goodbyes after breakfast.

The Impala was packed up and they were ready to leave.

Hettie walked them to the front door; she looked sad and as with Violet had tears in her dark eyes. Dean had grown extremely fond of Hettie over the course of their stay. She handed Dean another white cloth napkin saying it was a parting gift from the cook. Dean knew what was inside some more of those delicious homemade cakes that he'd been gorging himself on. Dean took her hand but then leaned in and kissed her lightly on the cheek, now it's her turn to be embarrassed. She handed Sam a large buff colored very fat envelope.

"Mr. Archer said for me to give this to y'all before you left," She informed them.

Sam took the heavy envelope a frown creasing his forehead unsure what the contents could be.

Hettie stood on the veranda watching as they strode down the path and away from the mansion.

Before getting into the Impala both Dean and Sam raised their hand in farewell, Hettie returned the gesture and then went back inside closing the door behind her.

Once in the car, Dean immediately unwrapped the cakes and shoved one in his mouth, making serious happy noises as he chewed. Sam looked at him then shook his head before his eyes went back to the envelope sitting on the seat between them.

He picked it up and felt the weight it was heavy and the shape familiar, "I wonder if this is what I think it is?"

A mouth full of cake made Dean's words thick, "Why don't you open it up and find out?"

Sam tore the end off of the envelope and tipped the contents out onto the seat. A fat, banded buddle of hundred dollar bills and a neatly folded piece of paper spilled out across the worn leather.

Swallowing the last of his cake Dean dusted off his fingers then picked up the wad of bills and fanned through them, then gave a low whistle, "Sam there must be twenty grand here."

Sam had unfolded the paper and was scanning the hand written note. "Wow."

"What?" Dean asked.

Sam looked back at the note and read out loud:

Sam and Dean

Please accept the enclosed as a small token of my sincere appreciation and thanks for all you have done not only for me and my family, but for Savannah, with never a thought for the consequences to your own health and safety.

I have asked Hettie to give you this as I knew you would not accept it from me personally.

I wish you God's speed on your quest and hope that you both travel and stay safe. I'll light a candle and say a prayer for you both every Sunday in church.

Thanks again and best wishes for the future,

Matthew Archer

They sat in silence for half a minute the late winter Savannah sunshine beaming in through the windshield warming their faces.

It was Sam who broke the silence, "We can't accept this Dean."

Dean pulled his head back giving Sam a 'why the hell not' look, "Why not? We did the guy a massive service we did Savannah a massive service if Matthew appreciates it enough to pay us for that service then its payment for services rendered." Dean reasoned.

"But Dean twenty k? It's too much."

"Hey we earned it," Dean said his cool green eyes serious and intense. "Sam this hunt nearly killed me… we earned it… we deserve it."

Sam nodded, "Yeah your right we did earn it…you particularly."

"Damn straight." Dean agreed enthusiastically.

Sam glanced to the side at the Archer mansion then back at Dean, a smile lighting his face, hazel eyes sparkling, "So where to now and what do you wanna do with it?" Already knowing what the answer was gonna be.

Dean returned his brother's smile before replying, "Get your laptop out Sammy and find out where the nearest casino is, of course."

"Casino, of course." Sam replied.

The smile still on his face Sam reached over into the back seat retrieving the computer; he opened it up waiting for it to boot up so he could connect to the internet, "You know Dean your wardrobe is a little… depleted; we should really buy you some new clothes with some of this money."

"Loosen up Sammy, why must you be so practical all the time? We deserve to enjoy this money."

"I guess we do deserve a bit of fun for a change," After what you've been through bro I think you deserve it more than anyone.

"You better believe it, you got an address yet?"

"Here we go Millionaire's casino 42 E Bay Street, up near the river, but Dean it's only ten in the morning, will it even be open?"

"Most casinos are open 24/7 dude," Dean paused looking thoughtful. "Think I'll play craps or blackjack or maybe both always bet on black." He quoted.

The brothers shared a smile.

Dean started the engine put his baby into gear pulling away from the Archer Mansion he pointed the Impala north towards the river. A feeling of being observed drew Dean's eyes from the road to the review mirror; a figure stood on the sidewalk outside the big house. Someone was watching as they drove away, even with the increasing distance between them and the lonely figure Dean could see the sad smile on his face; a face he saw every time he looked in the mirror a face the spitting image of his own. James Archer. Could it be a trick of the light? Knowing what he knew… no this was not an illusion. He glanced back at the road and then back to the mirror; the spot where James Archer had stood and the road behind was empty there was nothing there.

Pulling his eyes back to the road Dean smiled.

Then Sam's cell phone rang.

Sam fished his phone out of his pocket and looked at the caller ID, "It's Bobby." He said connecting the call. "Hey Bobby."

Dean waited glancing between the road and Sam as his brother listened to their old friend.

Sam's expression was serious as he turned to face Dean, "He's found Bela.

The End

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Next up is- Crossing Paths a Supernatural/Dark Angel crossover.

Timeline: Supernatural- 2007 season 2 immediately after episode- 2:14 Born under a Bad Sign and Dark Angel- 2021 post season 2 finale 2:22 Freak Nation. Although a crossover it will center on the brothers and Alec.

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Crossing Paths

Story Synopsis:

Still reeling both physically and mentally from Sam's possession by the demon they know as Meg. Dean and Sam take on what should be a simple hunt or maybe it's a hoax for a lizard-like creature said to be living under Seattle. Once in Seattle a strange turn of events finds the brothers shot forward in time to Seattle 2021. Seattle is now a city in ruins due to the pulse of 2009. Will Dean's uncanny likeness to Manticore ex-soldier X5-494 now known as Alec lead them into a deadly situation from which there is no return before they can find the only person who can return them to 2007?

To wet your appetite here's a little excerpt from Crossing Paths - Chapter : Veiled Memories

He didn't need to see his face to know it was swollen, he could almost feel the bruising, deepening, coloring and reddening the skin. The stress and adrenaline of the last couple of days had kept him moving and functioning; the pain from his shoulder and the throb of his battered face having receded to a mild distraction. And now his adrenaline had drained away exhaustion was dragging at him slowing his reflexes, making his head swirl and causing his eyesight to waver. He needed sleep or he would drive his baby off the road he'd already had to correct the steering 3 times twice after straying onto the wrong side of the road and once after hitting the loose shoulder.

Sam had fallen asleep about fifty miles ago shortly after he'd unburdened what he could recall of his possession. Sam's head rested against the passenger side window he was snoring lightly his mouth open a little. A glance in the rearview mirror showed salmon pink staining the eastern sky as the earth rotated creeping closer to the sun and another day. A road sign shot by Sundance exit 1 mile. He needed to stop moving even for just a few hours lifting his foot the powerful car responded slowing enough to take the exit at a safe speed. 3 minutes later he hit Sundance. Sundance he knew was small so he didn't have to travel far before a neon light for the Rodeway Inn appeared.

Pulling into the driveway and cutting the engine Dean sighed rolling his shoulders releasing the lingering tension, grimacing as the movement pulled at his damaged shoulder. The Impala's cooling engine ticked down as if in sympathy with her owner.

Either the cessation of the engine or movement or both was enough to waken Sam. He gave a small snort straightening in the seat and sitting up blinking out into the rapidly lightening sky.

"Where are we?" He slurred sleepily.

"Motel, Sundance," Dean answered squinting out at the darkened office of the motel.


"Wyoming," Dean parroted.

"It's morning," Sam stated unnecessarily.

Dean looked across at him a smile lifting his lips, "Err yeah… you still asleep there Sammy?"

Sam sat up straighter on the bench seat, "I wasn't asleep." He denied defensively.

"Oh no?" Dean questioned. "Dude you were snoring."

"I don't snore Dean."

"Whatever," Dean was too sleep deprived to argue with a grumpy, semi-rested brother.

Sam must have heard the weariness in Dean's tone. He looked closely at him. The growing light told a story Sam didn't really want to read just then. The skin of Dean's face that wasn't bruised, reddened, marred or broken was pale the whites of his green eyes blood shot and shadowed by dark semi circles.

"How you doin'?" Sam asked.

Dean shot him a look that said I hurt physically and mentally but answered with, "I need to sleep… preferably for a week at least."

Sam made light of it, "Dude your eyes are as red as a crossroads demon."

"Yeah? Well you ought to' see 'em from my side."

Sam chuckled, "Trust you to find the appropriate pop culture movie quote to suit the situation."

At that moment the light inside the motel office came on drawing the brother's attention.

"Here we go," Dean said reaching for the car's door handle.

Sam touched Dean's arm stilling the motion. Dean turned his head in Sam's direction. "I'll go you stay here."

Dean examined him briefly before agreeing, "Okay."

Dean watched as Sam opened the door with a familiar creak, got out rounded the front of the car pushed on the door and entered the motel office.

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