The Forgotten Son

The wind was howling softly in between the tall buildings of the dark city, the BladeBreakers where currently staying in an old hotel. Tyson, Daichi and Max were all fast asleep; they were all curled up together on the floor in front of the small television. Rei and Hilary were watching a black and white romance film while sitting on the couch with a box of tissues between them. Kenny was working on Tyson's BeyBlade and Kai was sitting on the window ledge reading one of his many books.

looking up from his book, Kai saw the clock terns 8:00pm, closing his book with a sigh stands up, the bluenette headed for a the small kitchen in the hotel room, once he came back out a couple minuets later he is holding a jug of water. With a cruel smirk, he held the jug over the still slumbering Tyson and tips it.

"AHHHH!" Tyson screamed, jumping from the floor, waking Max and Daichi in the process while the others sniggered. "What the hell, Kai?" Tyson yells angrily, looking ready to jump their captain.

"Time for dinner" Kai sayed simply and walked back into the kitchen with a satisfied smirk.

"Bastard" Tyson muttered, wringing the water from his shirt.

"What was that, Tyson?" Kai asked glaring at Tyson over his slim shoulder.

The world chap' gulped and looks too the side nervously "…Nothing" he grumbled.

"Good, now come get your instant ramen" Kai ordered calmly but they all know it really meant 'You call me that again and you will regret it' so everyone went to get there food.

Once everyone done eating there instant ramen, Tyson and Daichi had ate at least three packets each, which disgusted Kai to no end at the utter gluttonous behaviour, it was around 9:30pm causing Kai to sigh tiredly "Okay. Time for bed, team" he stated, standing from his seat.

"What! Its only half nine!" Daichi protested.

Kai just blinked boredly at him "Daichi, we're getting up early for training so we need sleep" Kai stated calmly before yelling "Now get to bed!" making them scarper out of the kitchen and into the bedroom, Kai smirked, following after them.

Once in the hotel bedroom they were all meant to sleep in, he changed into black boxes and a gray T-shirt that was so baggy the neck line came over his shoulder so you could see his shoulder. He like to be comfortable while in bed.

He sat down on the bed he had to sleep in with Rei and once everyone was ready for bed he got their attention "Okay everyone, get loads of sleep; I don't want any moaning about being to tired while training…Tyson"

Tyson glared "Okay, okay I get it " he mutters "G'night".


In the dead of night in the hotel the famous BladeBreakers where staying in, everyone but the women working at the front desk was sleeping silently in there be-


Rei shot up into the sitting position; jolting the bed and waking Kai "What's the matter, Hilary?" he yelled, scared by the sudden sound.

Kai groaned, lifting his head from the pillow "…that was Kenny" he muttered sleepily before dropping his dead back down into his fluffy pillow.

"A RAT! There was a rat on me!" Kenny screamed in a high pitch voice, clutching his pillow like a weapon.

"What? A rat?" Max yelped, jumping out of the bed he and Kenny where sharing, and dived in next to Kai

Kai grumbled into his pillow angrily as the blond jumped under his covers a clung to his side." Kenny, you were dreaming. Go back to sleep" Kai groaned into his pillow.

"But - !" Kenny started but stopped when he heard a warning growl coming from Kai's pillow.



"Max! your just dreaming! Go back to sleep!" Kai yelled irritated, lifting his head out of his pillow before placing it back down; not feeling anything on the bed move other that his bed partners.

"What was in that ramen we ate?" Rei muttered tiredly, knowing they were going to be dead on their feet tomorrow.


"AHH! Rei what are you doing? Stop jumping around like that!" Kai ordered as the Neko-jin jumped around on the bed, hands clawing at the covers.

"Get out of the way!" Rei yelled, tacking a flying leap off the bed onto the floor, landing on all fours before jumping to the over side of the room, still in the crouched position.

Taking all this in, Kai just sat there blinking with a blank look on his face "…Rei -"


"-are you chasing a rat?…" Kai asked blankly, eyes tiredly following the Neko's every move.

"I told you there was a rat!" Kenny and Max called in unison, both of them climbing onto the headboards of their beds.

"Damn! Hold still you little-!" Rei growled before skidded on a duvet and fell onto the hard floor with a loud 'Thud!'.

"That's it!" Kai yelled and in one swift movement; snatched up the rat that ran past his feet and exited the room, stomping the entire way.


"Excuse me Miss, may I see the manager?" Kai asks the lady at the front desk, his eyebrow twitching in annoyance due to the whole night.

"No. I'm sorry, but the manager is asleep" she said, tiredly rubbing her eyes, not even looking up at the teen.

"Fine then, can you give him a message?" Kai asked, glaring at the middle-aged woman.

"Alright, what is it?" she sighed, finely looking up at Kai, looking incredibly bored.

"Tell him this; 'Get your hotel checked out for rats' " Kai growled and dumped the rat on the desk, angrilly.

"EEEEEEEKK!" the women shrieked while Kai walked back too his room, not even bothering to look back at the frantic woman.