The Forgotten Son

Limping as fast as he could, Kai knew wasn't going to get to Harry in time to stop him from making one of the most stupidest mistakes of his young life. Even if Bella had killed Harry's godfather not minuets before, revenge and murder where not the answer to his grief. Two wrongs do not make a right. No 'if's or 'but's about it, the grief wouldn't go away if you kill the person responsible for it.

Gritting his teeth to the pain in his ankle, he limped through the marble corridor. The path was lit by dim torches across the dark walls. Every uneven step he was echoed around him. It seemed as though he was in some sort of entrance-hall to the Ministry if the rows of fireplaces were anything to go by, this only succeeded in keeping the young Blader on edge; anyone could pop out of those fireplaces at any moment and there was no guarantee that they would be friend not foe. Kai turned a corner to see Bella sitting on the floor, gasping for every breath while Harry stood a distance way from her with his back facing her. In front of the frozen teen was a tall male with snake-like appearance. The man wore a simple black robe, a cocky smile upon his gaunt face and an unnerving glint in his scarlet eyes "I have nothing more to say to you, Potter" the man stated quietly "You have irked me too often, for too long, AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Kai wasn't quick enough, his wand had been lost during the attack by the Vail. There was no way he could save is friend.

But luckily someone else could. A golden statue that had been in a fountain nearby had suddenly become animated and leaped in front of the defenceless boy. The curse merely bounced from the polished chest of the statue as it protected the boy.

"What?" the snake wizard cried in shock, before realization spread across his face "Dumbledore!"

He was right, in a 'Pop' the ex-Headmasted appeared not ten feet from the man.

Seeing that Harry's rage had faded with his shock, Kai stayed back. Away from the group, leaning on one of the walls, hoping his ankle wasn't broken after all that running.

Without a word, Dumbledore cast a massive water spell at the snake-man.

Bella, sensing the threat to her life, slid backwards into one of the many fireplaces and disappear a mass of green flames while Harry jump out of range of the fight.

Meanwhile Kai watched in awe as the snakelike man breathed a wave of fire that then shifted into the shape of a giant snake. The Blader could feel the heath from were he stood, the flames almost felt as though they were skimming across his flesh. The feeling made his body want to retaliate by bursting into flames; being around that much heat made him feel stronger. As though the fire was seeping into his very being.

Once the power-high had left him, Kai fond himself slouched against the wall he had previously been leaning on. Confused at his sudden change of position and no clue how it happened, Kai looked back to the fight to see the snakelike wizard trapped in a giant ball of water that Dumbledore had created "It was foolish to come here tonight, Tom" Dumbledore called "The Aurors are on their way-"

"By which time I shall be gone, and you will be dead!" the other bellowed as he destroying the ball of water and landed heavily on his drenched feet before sending a sonic wave through the building shattering all the windows and sending Harry and Dumbledore flying back at the force. Clutching the edge of one of the fireplaces, Kai was barely able to stayed in place against the wall, the edges of his nails seeping blood as the dug into the stone.

With a flick of his wand, the dark wizard then willed all the broken shards of glass fly at dazed Headmaster and student. Seeing the danger, Dumbledore shielded them with a spell that caused all the glass that came through the shield to disintegrate into sand.

The snake-wizard was pissed Kai realized, he was almost steaming as he disappeared in a cloud of sand and with that Harry then suddenly collapsed to the floor looking like he was having a fit. "You've lost old man" Harry hissed as Dumbledore kneed down next to him, by then Kai could tell he was being possessed by the other wizard that had vanished.

After a few minuets of Harry thrashing violently and fighting against the wizard that was possessing him, Kai clambered to his feet and limped forwards to get a better look and maybe help his friend when the snakelike-wizard appeared standing above Harry, looming over him causing the Blader to gasp in surprise at the suddenness of the the appearance "You're a fool Harry Potter and you will lose everything" he hissed down at the boy. Hearing the quiet gasp from the side of him, the dark-wizard snapped his head to the sound.

Eyes widening in realization, Voldemort stared at the young teenager, the hair, the eyes and the familiar face meant only one thing. That this was his only son, Kai, was standing there, not twenty feet away from him.

The boy looked a mess, Voldemort realized; his clothes were covered in dust, sand and dirt, not unlike Potter's. His two-toned hair was messy and drenched in sweat. He had dark bruises along his arms and wrists, he also seemed to have hurt his leg due to one being raised off the floor slightly as he swayed, trying to stay balanced.

Opening his mouth to call out to the boy, Voldemort never had the chance as a flash of green-flames came from behind his son in many of the fireplaces. Glaring at the disturbance, the Dark Lord watched as Minister Fudge and group of Auror's stepped from the fire and froze in place upon seeing Voldemort. Realizing his situation, the Dark Lord sent his son one more fleeting glance before disappear in a cloud of sand once more.

"He's back…" Minister Fudge whispered.

Kai felt a slight annoyance build as The BladeBreakers came running up to him, as if sensing the danger was no longer present. "You alright, Kai?" Rai asked, looking no better than Kai as he grabbed his arm to steady the shorter boys swaying.

"Fine.." he muttered as Tyson supported his other side, watching as the wizard half of their rescue-party quickly weaved around Ministry officers and made there way up to the now unconscious Chosen One.

"If you will downstairs into the Department of Mysteries, Cornelius" Dumbledore began after finishing his check on Harry's wellbeing "You will find several escaped Death Eaters contained in the Death Chamber, bound by an Anti-Disapparaion Jinx and awaiting your decision as to what to do with them"


"So you're some evil wizards son?" Max asked, leaning back in his seat of the train.

"Something like that" Kai sighed heavily, staring out of the window, unfortunately things weren't as simple as that; it wasn't just any Dark Lord, but Voldemort. The man who had killed hundreds of innocent people, including one of his 'friends' parents. Not that he could really consider any of them his friend anymore since the discovery of his heritage, except for Luna who just didn't seem to care for the whole thing.

"Weak…" Max frowned along with the others, they didn't blame Kai for the stuff his grandfather did to them so why'd his new 'friends' hold who his father was against him.

"Yeah…it seems I don't have much luck when it comes to family"

"We're your family, Kai" Rei smiled, throwing an arm over the other boys shoulder in a one arm hug.

Kai scoffed, elbowing the Neko's ribs, a small smile playing on his painted face. Yeah…

They were family, and he didn't need anyone else but them. Not his 'godmother', not his father and not even his 'friends' at school. It may bothered the other Bladers to think that all the improvement they had made with Kai's attitude was about to be for nothing, but they were his family and would swear that they'd bring him back from his shell once they got him away from the wizarding world. That he'd be fine…until next year anyway.