Again, this is spur-of-the-moment that came to me after watching some "Great Teacher Onizuka" for the first time

Again, this is spur-of-the-moment that came to me after watching some "Great Teacher Onizuka" for the first time. It is at the end of the series when Onizuka can be found in a nameless California Junior High. Well, let's say that nameless school is Peach Creek Junior High. This begins a little before that. With some positive reviews, I'll try to continue this to the end. I obviously don't own any of what I'm about to write except maybe an OC or to for some laughs.

G.S.O Great Students Ed

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(Foreign Translation)


Chapter 1: School Begins

"Hurry up will ya?!" yelled Eddy, his frustration mounting. "We got only one day left 'till school starts, and I want to get in as much fun as I can."

"Sorry Eddy, but things would move faster if you actually helped construct this device, after all I'm the designer, I'm the one who should be giving orders so it doesn't go wrong!" replied Edd, his smarter, and more careful companion. "Besides, haven't we tried this idea before? I recall the 'jawbreaker detection satellite' turning into a complete fiasco."

"That was Ed's fault!" retorted Eddy, pointing to the tallest, and dumbest of the three. Ed was currently lifting a large, what might have been an engine into a large stove like compartment. At the mention of his name, Ed dropped the engine and waved. "This time it'll be different! The Jawbreaker Finder Mk. II will make history! Back to it!"

The three were in the junkyard, thus keeping them close to their source of materials, Edd had designed a new version of the Jawbreaker satellite as a pass-time and Eddy snatched up the plan as serious, setting out immediately to begin construction. Ed of course, had enough strength for an entire construction crew, and unfortunately, the brain of two ants.

"Aye Aye Captain Skipper Commodore!" replied Ed happily, having no idea what he was saying.

"But I told you, I need to test the fuel solution we're using before actually using it to ensure nothing dangerous happ-"

"Details details, we'll handle them when this baby is in orbit." Eddy dismissed.

"Say, you smell something burning?"

"No I-ED! HOW DID YOU CATCH THAT ON FIRE?" Ed was standing near the would-be collection of metal that was their satellite. That, defying all logic was on fire. Ed was standing nearby, mesmerized by the flames, but snapped back to reality at the sound of Edd's demanding voice. "Ooops, uh…it wasn't me!"

Eddy was stomping towards the taller, dumber Ed, teeth grinding together. "Ed, do you WANT me to pound your skull in? Maybe it'll kick start that little raisin you call your brain! Edd! Can we fix… Edd?" Edd had ran back about twenty feet, hiding behind a pile of reinforced junk that the kids remolded to be the testing bunker. Eddy only had time to utter "I hate you Ed." The satellite fuselage exploded, sending a burning pile of scrap into the air.


Junpei Mckenzie was glad that his cousin in Japan recommended Cresta to him. It was absolute bliss. What did it for him though? Was it the efficiency, the rumbling engine, but it was simply intoxicating to be in this car. Yes, with his white Cresta, he could tackle the new school year with a smile, no matter what that troublesome delinquent Eddy pulled on him. It was painful to leave his Cresta be, but he couldn't sleep in it. He quickly locked it and stepped back to admire his new car. Then he turned around and walked up his driveway. Junpei was about to open the door when he heard a whooshing noise. He turned to see a burning ball of something heading straight for…HIS CRESTA!

He didn't have enough time to scream, or even move before ht burning wreck that was once the Jawbreaker Finder Mk. II plowed into his Cresta, causing the ground to shake. The following explosion shook Junpei out of his stunned shock. The scream could be heard all the way in Junkyard.

(Back at the Junkyard)

"Sounds like the satellite landed on something in Mr. Mckenzie's property." Eddy remarked nonchalantly. After the fiasco the Ed's had retired to their usual Junkyard spot, the tricked out van. Eddy was sulking while steering the wheel while Edd sat stiffly in the seat next to him. Ed was nowhere to be found.

"How can you be so passive about it? Mr. Mckenzie is human as well you know."

"But it only takes one thing for me to hate people, and he has quite a few."

"And they are?
"1: He's a teacher. 2:He teaches me. 3:He teaches me CHEMISTRY! 4:HE'S A FRIGGIN TEACHER!"

"Wow, if you hate Mr. Mckenzie for that, I wonder how you'll react to our homeroom teacher. I hear the board recently hired him and he'll be teaching us Ancient Eastern History."

"I'll just prank him till he leaves like everyone else who takes that cla-HEY! Don't change the subject! How are we supposed to do anything with you messing everything up!"

"How did I cause the rocket to explode?"

"You put that explosive stuff in it!"

"It wasn't my fault Ed set it on fire, and you were the one who wanted to use it before I tested it! By the way, where's Ed?"

"I buried him to his head in garbage as punishment. He seems to be enjoying it though."

(Somewhere else in the junkyard)

"I am the Brain Eating Worm for Kaulyon V! YOU CAN HIDE BUT YOU CANNOT RUN! HIDE THE CHILDREN BEFORE I MAKE A FEAST OF YOUR SPINAL FLUIDS!" cried Ed happily, his head poking out of a mountain of junk. A seagull landed next to him, and eyed Ed, before Ed engulfed the bird in his maw, and spat it out like a cannon at some target he imagined. "Another feels the aviary sting of the Worm!"

(Back to the other two)

"You really should let him out before the end of the day."

"Not till he's sorry for messing up my plans."

"Well its getting late, I think I'd best prepare for tomorrow. I don't want to be late for the first day of school."

Eddy's eyes glinted menacingly and he suppressed a grin. "No you would not. See ya Sockhhead."

Little to Edd's knowledge, as a final prank (Actually it started off as more of an accident) Ed had demolished Edd's alarm, and Eddy had painstakingly repaired the outside frame so it looked like nothing was wrong. That would show that brainy know-it-all.

(Edd's room the next morning)

Edd blinked back weariness in his eyes at the sound of something. His mind was to boggled by sleep to realize or discern what the sound was supposed to be. He got out of bed, and remade it to perfection, slipped out of his pajamas, and was about to go shower when something in the back of his brain finished booting and he realized what that sound was. It was the honking of a school bus. That was peculiar, it was only 6 when he got up, and now it is…6? His mind worked it out in a second what had transpired. "EEEEEEEDDDDDDDYYYYYY!"

(Outside Edd's house)

"Sounds like Sockhead found our little surprise." Eddy smirked. He was sitting next to Ed, right adjacent to the driver, and the bus driver, being as impatient as he was finally gave up after the fifth honk and prepared to drive off.

(Back in Edd's house...again)

"Of all the hair-brained, low-browed, cheats you've done, this one takes the cake mister, when I reach you I'll-" Edd was frantically getting himself prepared, his trademark hat barley covering his head, his shirt on backwards, one shoe in his mouth as he frantically tried to put the other one on. He scrambled out the door just in time to see the bus drive away. Edd fuming started trudging down the sidewalk to Peach Creek Junior High. He was still angry when he heard the sound of a motorcycle behind him. He turned and saw a man in his early twenties, a bit punkish, that reminded him of Eddy, wearing a blue t-shirt with cursive kanji splattered on it, and white jeans. His helmet had two more kanji written on it saying (justice) and a half-burned cigarette hanging in the side of his mouth. He was looking at Edd through half drooped eyelids. "Oi, kid, you going to school? You'd better hurry or you'll be late."

"I would already be on the bus good sir if certain events hadn't transpired to wake me up late. I need to go, the more I'm tardy the bigger the blemish on my perfect reco-"

"I can drive you there." The man said. "I just got hired at 'Deach Meek Junior High'?" he said, clearly forgetting the name of the school.

"It's Peach Creek and no thanks, I'm not supposed to accept rides from strangers."



"My name is Eikichi Onizuka. Now you know me, we're not strangers anymore." Eikichi said, his face scrunching up a bit.

"Okay then Mr. Onizuka, what are your proposing."

"Proposing? Propose nothing, I'm just helping you get to school on time. (it's called helping out, haven't you Americans heard of it?)" the last part Edd couldn't understand as his Japanese was limited.

"Well if it isn't too much trouble." He said warily.

"(Okay!)" yelled Onizuka, grabbing the teen by the waist and hoisting him to the back of his bike. "Lets' go!" and he sped down the road, well over the speed limit, with Edd screaming and clinging for dear life the motorcycle. (Now would be a good time to play G.T.O's 1st season opening song in the background if you have it.)

(At Deach Meek Junior High- I mean Peach Creak Junior High)

The bus had just arrived at Peach Creek Junior High, and was delivering its payload of unhappy, dismal students. Eddy was still grinning as he hopped out and trudged up to the school doors. There's no way Sockhead'll get to school in time now. Hey, it should loosen him up a little when he sees it's no big deal and all being late. His thoughts then strayed away to money and jawbreakers as he opened the doors to see Junpei Mckenzie scowling at him. "Eddy, I don't know how you did it, but I know you did it. As soon as I find any evidence, I'm having you carted out of this school you hear me? Luckily my Cresta warranty covered burning wreck falling out of the sky for some reason, but I'd better not see you even go near it! You understand me? I-"

The sound of a motorcycle permeated the air, and around the corner came what looked like a flash of color sipping down the road. The flash screeched as it applied the brakes to whatever it was, kicking up a good cloud of dust. When it all settled, There was a bike with a man in his early twenties, a half-burned cigarette in his mouth, and a boy still clinging to the back, the straps on his backpack, close to snapping from the pressure placed on them. When the dust cleared even more, it revealed a dust colored Cresta, the glass cracking suddenly like the presence of the newcomer harmed it. The aforementioned boy on the back was none other than Edd.


"It was a joke Sockhead, and you know it."

"That was a new low, even for you Eddy. You could have marred my perfect record, and for what? A cheap laugh. Shows how much you value our friendship."

"Come on, you know it was funny, besides, I was just trying to loosen you up for the new year, you know less stress so you can find more time to play and scam." Eddy replied, the businessman in him taking over.


"Yes really, no one should start the year wound up tight."

"Well I appreciate the concern but don't do it again Eddy." Edd said, his demeanor softened a fraction. "Why is our homeroom teacher late. That isn't proper behavior to convey upon the students."

"Speaking of students, looks like the gang's all here." Edyy replied, pointing behind him. There was Nazz chatting happily with Sarah and Jimmy, Johnny and Plank in their corner counting…nuts. Rolf being Rolf, The Kanker Sisters gossiping/plotting in their little circle, and Kevin, sitting in the middle of the whole class, looking bored. "A regular odd bunch aren't we?" Ed spouted randomly, reminding the other Eds of his presence.

"I suppose."

Everyone in homeroom was so busy talking they didn't realize the adult that stepped in and wrote in big across the chalkboard: G.T.O. Almost comically as one, the class turned and saw the chalkboard first, and as one they said "G.T.O?"

"Yes!" said the man in front. The man who had blonde, short hair, a blue T-shirt with Kanji splattered on it, and white jeans. "I am Great Teacher Onizuka! (22 years old)" Onizuka then slammed his hands on his desk, eyeing the class, his face scrunched as if gauging them for their worth. (Nice to meet you!)

Once again this is spur of the moment. Don't expect an update soon. I'll need to figure out some good pranks Eddy will try to play on Onizuka, after all, he hates all teachers.