So once again I wrote a random story, I wanted to do one about someone who isn't in the team. THIS GIRL IS NOT A MARY SUE. Do I need to repeat that? I think I will. THIS. GIRL. IS. NOT. A. MARY BLOODY SUE!

Here goes.

I'm writing this to remember, okay? I've been drugged, and I don't know what's going to happen to me. This is ALL TRUE. DO NOT FORGET THAT. This is my story. So I don't forget.

I can't forget.

But that's the problem. The details are falling away like they're water in my hands, and I can't hold onto what's reality, and everything is going fuzzy. And it doesn't help that they've faffed around with my computer, my hand already hurts from writing.

I can't forget.

Three Months Earlier.

So I had a problem. A rather big problem.

Stupid dog.

"RABBIT!" I yelled. Yes, my dog's name is Rabbit. And I'm proud.

Actually, that's a lie; my dog has fleas, and smells bad. Lying is bad. Oops.

"OI!" I screamed again "RABBIT!"

I thought dogs were meant to have good hearing? Or is that whales?

I heard a bark in the distance. Finally, I've been out in the rain for what feels like years. Now for a calm approach, otherwise Rabbit won't come.


That didn't help. He just peed against a bush.

"Well guys, it looks like he's dead" I heard a man say.

What? Does he mean Rabbit? Because if he does, I swear to God-

"Really Jack? Because I didn't notice what with all the blood and all!" Someone snapped.

"You'd think with a dead body around you guys would be polite" A woman said calmly.

Eew, dead body. I should have walked away.

But... I kind of went the wrong way.

"Away dammit!" I muttered to myself "Just walk away"

I'll just say I tripped if anyone asks.

I peered round the bush. Ugh, the one that Rabbit peed on. Real smart.

Just an inch closer…

"Guys, what's that smell?" Someone said. Oh God, is he talking about me? I knew I should have put more deodorant on, Oh God, I could practically feel flies crawling over me like I'm cow pat...

Must. Get. Deodorant. I bet they're going to die from the stink in a minute.

Crap. Now I'm having a panic attack.

Oh, this is great, I was wheezing about, trying to dodge Rabbit's wee AND get him back.

Breathe… BREATHE.

That's the thing, if you think about breathing, you can't breathe.

"Oh, it's just the dog there that smells" A girl said.

Don't know what all the fuss is about.

"Okay guys, here's what's going to happen, we wrap up the body, take it back to the hub, and do all the tests and stuff, and then-"


Damn! It was Rabbit.

"Rabbit!" I hissed, "Get back here!"

"And can we get the Dog off of the body?" An American voice snapped.

"Rabbit!" I said, slightly louder "Get off the body! It isn't a chew toy! Rabbit!"

Oh, thank God, he heard. And now he's running over.

No, wait. That's not good.

"Rabbit!" I whispered furiously "Sod off!"

Stupid dog. I knew it was a mistake to get him, this is all his fault.

"Hey, is someone there?"


"Oh well done Rabbit!" I said to him.

Oops, I forgot, dog's don't really get sarcasm. He looked proud.

"Just… Go annoy strangers!" I waved my hands about. This excited him.

"Hello?" A girl called out.


I needed a plan. And fast.

I clapped my hands over my eyes "If I can't see you, you can't see me!" I hissed.

"Um… Excuse me?"

Dammit! I was surrounded. Not that I could tell at the time of course. My eyes are still covered.

"Okay... This is the point where I should run." I mumbled to myself.

I started sprinting, as fast as I could, which was rather tricky, because my dog was trying to chew at my shoelaces and I couldn't really see because of where my hands were. Not helpful.

"Oof!" I groaned, as I ran into a tree "Fuck!"

Stupid thing, whose Idea was it to plant that there?! This is also that trees fault.

"Oi!" Someone yelled, a Londoner, I think.

I looked up (hands at my sides) to see five people (I think, my eyesight is shit).

The men are HOT.

The tallest nodded to the others, and came over "Hey there" He smiled (his eyes twinkled…)

This was not the time to flirt!

"Hi" I said, backing away a bit. Maybe he'll follow…?

"My name's Captain Jack Harkness" He said.

Ooh! A captain? That'll make Mum and Dad happy with me! If I go out with someone like that!

And we'll get married, and…


You have to buy the rings first.

"What's your name?" He said, staring at me.

Oh. Oh god, what If they want to arrest me? I bet they thought I killed that person!

I have a plan (other than wedding ones) Use a fake name. Brilliant.

"Harry Potter" I said, sticking my hand out.


They all snorted behind him. I knew I should have said Gandalf.

"We're gonna need you to come with us… Harry"

Okay! So that's the first chapter, and my other Torchwood Fanfics have been boys, so this one's a girl, and her name shall be revealed soon.

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