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Anyways, sorry for taking so long, first of all… I couldn't be bothered, then, when I did try I didn't have any ideas, so now I'm just going to try and do it as good as possible.

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I love how people liked the whole "Bloom, bloom bloom" Thing, lol. That only took me a second to make up.

"Really?" Jack said to Ianto "You bitch!"

"What?" Ianto shrugged "He's got that whole- "I'm gonna try to own every child in the universe" thing going on"

"What about Johnny Depp?" Owen piped up "He's quite sexy"

Everyone stopped.


Everyone stared.

"Seriously… Johnny Depp"

Everyone forgot to breathe.


Everyone suddenly started wheezing out of forgetting to breathe.

"She's hot too!"

"Wouldn't hurt for you to say it once in a while…" Jack sniffed.

I rolled my eyes "CONSIDERING THE FACT THAT YOU GUYS ARE ALL "Ooh.. I'm higher than the police, and the government fancy me, but don't even know who I am…" YOU'RE A PRETTY CRAP TEAM!"

"That was such a bad imitation" Jack laughed slightly, "You have to sound mysterious… Ominous…"

Owen sighed "He spent weeks saying those lines…"

"Over, and over again…" Tosh muttered.

"For Gods sake!" Gwen said.

"ESCAAAAAAAAAAAAAPE!" I screamed, I kicked Ianto in the crotch, and legged it.

"Omf… Me goolies" Ianto whimpered, and I heard a thud as he fell to the floor.

I sprinted round the corner, and dived into a nearby building, slamming my body against the wall to hide myself.

"Well, hi there!" A high-pitched voice said "And welcome to Tammy and Trudy's Truly Tanning Parlour! How can I help?"

"Bollocks" I muttered.

"I'll tell you now, Tammy and Trudy's Truly Tanning Parlour haven't had a customer in weeks, Tammy said we'll have to close it, but, no, no, I said, I said there'll a customer, and surely a customer there is! TAMMY! LOOK AT THIS!"

Another woman entered the room.

"Is that a customer I see before me?"

"It surely is Tammy!"

"Well, Trudy… What did I say?"

"No, Tammy, What did I say?"

"No, ME!"



Son of a bitch.

Right. So couldn't think of an ending, so she's trapped in a salon with a bunch of maniacs.