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The Doctor sat in his chair, his arms behind his head, holding it up as he gazed around the Tardis' control room. Martha still hadn't come out of her room yet. He hoped he hadn't hurt her too badly. He hadn't meant to. He'd accidentally called her Rose. Oh, she'd went off, yelling at him, crying, slapping him. But, the 900 year old Time Lord couldn't help it if he was still grieving over his lost companion, best friend, and love, Rose Tyler. He couldn't help it if he had no idea where she was and what she was doing, or if she was even…alive? 'No, I won't think like that,' He commanded himself, squeezing the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger.

"She's alive," He whispered, only so that he could hear, for he alone needed to hear and believe it.

Of course, who else would hear him? Martha? No, Martha was in her room, laying across her bed, letting the stream of tears wash her face. She knew she'd never own the Doctor's heart or he himself. She wasn't good enough, she told herself sometimes. But, that wasn't it at all. She just wasn't the one he loved, she just wasn't Rose.

The Doctor had had many ideas about how to get back to the Parallel Earth in which Rose was trapped, but they had all failed. "It's impossible," he often cried out, " Impossible!" He wished there was some way, some way to keep his Rose with him forever. He had thought of destroying both of their universes, but, of course, he had been overruled by his own self saying that it would be like murdering two full universes, and the thought of doing that had forced him into submission. He had even thought about not letting Rose go to Torchwood that day, or maybe even not even letting her travel with him at all….so that they would have never had to hurt this much. Of course, he would remember always, even if she didn't. But, he again resigned the thought, saying that that was messing with history and the authority it has to run its course. He shouldn't change history. It was, of course, just like everything else in his life, wrong.

"ALL WRONG!" He yelled, not caring whether or not Martha heard him.

He was hurting, and he didn't care who knew about it. He needed his Rose back, and he couldn't wait any longer. He was going to have an emotional breakdown if he didn't get her back.

He jumped up out of the chair, and began racking his brain for ideas…..ANY ideas.

Meanwhile, on Parallel Earth

Rose Tyler, defender of the Earth, sat in her Torchwood office, oblivious to her old friend's torment, but very aware of her own. She was silently thinking about him, which in and of itself could be dangerous. She hated that she couldn't think of anyone or anything but him. If he had actually been there, it would have been fine to think about him all the time, because she wouldn't miss him if he was there with her. But, he wasn't, and that left a deep hole near her heart that could only be filled, she decided, by his return.

"Which will never happen," she sighed, resting her head on the back of her black leather chair.

She used to love to just sit there and think about him. She would sit on her bed in her room in the Tardis and think about him for hours at a time, smiling with every thought.

A tear threatened to fall from her brown eyes as she remembered one day when he'd found her there and asked her what she had been doing just sitting there. He had asked her if she hadn't gotten bored being in one place for so long, giving her that perfect smile that he reserved just for her. She had answered, after staring at him for just a second too long, that no, she hadn't gotten bored, because she had had something important to think about. Of course, he had asked her what it was that was so important that it kept her inside her room for around three hours, and she had just smiled and replied, "My family."

Rose laughed when she remembered the somber look on the Doctor's face when she had said this, and his (to her) musical voice, quietly asking, "Would you like to go home?" Rose denied, obviously not meaning her family on Earth, but him and the Tardis. That family.

"At least you know much I...I..."Rose began, but her voice broke, and she couldn't finish.

The tears that she had tried so hard to keep from falling finally began to flow down her face. For the past few months, ever since that day at Bad Wolf Bay, she'd kept her emotions all bottled up inside, and she hid from everyone and everything. Except Mickey. No, Mickey had been the only one who had been there for her. He understood her pain. Her parents didn't. Her mum just made it really ten times more unbearable because she acted as though nothing had even happened, and that infuriated Rose. She found herself becoming more and more detached from the world with every thought, every memory, every reminder of him. The only thing she really liked to do was just stare at the stars for hours on end, and this worried her family. But, Mickey understood. Mickey always understood. Rose had set up strong unfailing barriers around herself that excluded the world, but Mickey had somehow broken through them. But, that was as far as it went. A best mate, the best of the best, but he still wasn't the Doctor, and that was who she really needed right now. Mickey knew that. Mickey always knew that Rose loved the Doctor, but he also knew that Rose loved him as well. Maybe not in the same way or at the same level, but it was enough for him.

The tears continued to fall, but she didn't sob. Noone would have even been able to tell that she was crying if they had opened her office door adn just took a passing glance inside. Maybe, with closer inspection, they would see the glistening tears portraying her sadness. But, before they saw the tears, they would see her eyes, and pity her. They were empty, solemn, and lost, when they were, before, so joyful and bright. She was mourning for someone who hadn't even died.

Just as quietly as the tears had began, they ended, and Rose wiped the moist droplets away with the edge of her sleeve. She sighed and turned her gaze to the window, again leaning her head back on the chair.

"I love you," she whispered, closing her eyes and seeing the Doctor smiling at her from behind her eyes.

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