"Haruhi, what's this?" Kyouya asked, staring at the small box on the corner of his desk.

Haruhi, who was already half way to the door, five more tiny boxes in her arms, turned and said, "Chocolate of course. I thought you had a head for dates."

"Dates, yes. Chocolate, no. I don't like sweet thinks."

Haruhi sighed in exasperation. "Kyouya-sempai, I came in early just so I could give it to you without anyone seeing me. The least you could do is say thank you."

"Thank you," he said curtly.

Haruhi frowned. "I made it myself you know."

"Interesting," Kyouya admonished, looking back to his laptop screen.

Haruhi's frown grew. Stacking her five other boxes on the nearest desk, she stormed back across the classroom, and attempted to snatch the box away.

Kyouya reacted very suddenly, entrapping it with his long thin fingers and challenging her with a glint from behind his glasses.

"If you don't want it, I'll take it back," she said, holding out her hand expectantly.

"Who said I didn't want it?"

Haruhi gaped at him. "You said you hate sweets," she said, hands on her hips.

"I do," he agreed. "But it's the thought that counts afterall."

Her cheeks colored ever so slightly as she stared down at him in surprise. "Er... yeah." she agreed lamely.

"I'll hold onto this," Kyouya assured her, tucking the box into his uniform pocket.

"Ano... arigatou, Kyouya-sempai," she said, suddenly smiling in that way that was absolutely unique to her.

She turned, and hurried from the classroom, gathering her boxes along the way.

Kyouya meanwhile, was busy pecking away at his computer, his eyes glued to the Host Club Web Page, where a box of "Haruhi-made Valentine's Day Chocolates" was now being auctioned for a starting price of 20,000 yen.