From the beginning, Calvin saw Hobbes differently than everyone else. This is in response to the fanfiction forum discussing Hobbes' humanity/origins (Hobbes: Magic or Imaginary, started by R.S. Lee.) Hope you enjoy it. Please review.

Not sure if I should add other chapters to show their developing friendship, or keep it a one-shot.

When Calvin was born, the first thing he laid eyes on was his pale and sweating mother, her eyes glazed over from tiredness, but half a smile on her face as she viewed her newborn son. But the first object his green eyes truly focused on was the stuffed tiger lying beside him in his crib three months later. His uncoordinated face muscles pulled themselves into a lopsided grin as he gazed at the orange and black fur shining in the twilight. Babies cannot see in color until they are about three months old- it was fitting that his tiger should be the first color he had seen in his life. That and the orangish light of the setting sun, the silhouettes of the trees making dancing shadows on the walls. The tiger noticed Calvin's attention. Something in the fuzzy face became more lifelike. For the first time, the tiger had the ability to put his rather austere thoughts into words. "Hey, kiddo," The tiger said softly to the gurgling infant. The effect on Calvin was incredible. He kicked and giggled, cooed and pet the tiger. Calvin's mother, who had been cleaning in the other room, hurried into the nursery, feather duster still in hand.

"Dear, come quick," She called to her husband.

Calvin's father burst into the room to find his son cooing loudly as he pet the stuffed tiger. "It sounds like he's trying to talk..." Dad mused.

For Calvin was repeatedly shrieking what sounded like "Obb!" followed by a loud raspberry.

The tiger put the sounds together in his head. Obb... thbbbth... Obb... thbbbth. Obbth. Obbs. Hobbes. From that day forward, Hobbes had a name. And a best friend.