Hey guys, gals, and giraffes. This is the top ten test to see if you're a Zelda-freak, lol. I passed, I passed!

1.) You don't understand why Zelda isn't included as one of the Disney Princesses:)

2.) You have a bumper sticker that reads, "I brake for stray Gorons."

3.) Your idea of 'going green' is wearing a green tunic, pants, and matching elf hat:)

4.) You've constructed an entire scale model of Hyrule in art class (or on your own:), complete with land features such as mountains, volcanoes, lakes, forests and castles:)

5.) You've spent many a nights pondering over the whereabouts of the Lost Woods:)

6.) You know deep down in your heart that if ever buy a horse you will name it Epona and it will be red, even if you have to go to Walmart and purchase several packages of Auburn hair dye:)

7.) You've started a 'save Lon Lon' ranch fund.

8.) In World History class, you were confused as to why your teacher never mentioned the the king of Hyrule in the list of European monarchs.

9.) You wrote a strongly worded letter to Universal Studios Islands of Adventures. They're building a Harry Potter themed castle area and you are seriously ticked off because a Zelda theme park would be way cooler! :)

10.) You have a dartboard in your room with Gannondorf's screen-shot face on it. It's taped on, so that way you can interchange it with Navi's picture or any other annoying characters. ;)

Bonus; You can name one or more places in your community that remind you of Zelda

(Did you like what you read? Hated it? Did it make you laugh? Cry? Scream out in rage and throw things in a violent fashion? lol, oh well. JK JK. At least I hope none of my stories make anyone do that, lol. Think you got some you wanna add? Review! I will give credit where credit is due. Just let me know if you want your ideas added or not... they have to be appropriate... and preferably funny...lol)