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The day couldn't be worse for young namine. "Calm down namine." Said axel and her mother in unison. "Oh, that roxas makes me so mad!" yelled namine, as her mother was trying to get some gum out of namine's hair. Kairi was holding an ice pack to her head. "sora's a meanie too!" she told her father, (axel is their dad remember) who was putting some band aids on kairi's cut and scrapes. "You two really need to learn how to not fight, by hitting people." Said axel. "But you hit people all the time daddy." "Yeah, but I only hit bad people. You two shouldn't hit anyone. Now we'll be going to their house for dinner, s you two can apologize for hitting them." Stated axel. "There we go. A nice, gum free head of hair." Said the mother, after getting out all the gum out of her daughter's hair. "Thank you mommy. Your so pretty and.." "Nice try but your still going to apologize." She said to namine, who pouted.

Sora was sitting on the counter, holding a bag of peas over his right eye. (Where kairi hit him earlier) Aerith was tending to roxas. Cloud came into the kitchen. "They'll be here soon. How are our little troublemakers?" he asked. "They'll manage, unless they get beat up some more." Said a girl with dirty-blond hair helping sora with his broken nose. "Thanks a lot Alexis." Said sora sarcastically. Alexis just laughed at the boy's coment. Just as soon as her laughter stopped a boy 11-years of age with messy light brown hair came into the room. His attention was on the school bag in his hand. "Hay mom I'm going over to alexis' place to drop off …" "My bag. Thanks jaden, but I came here first because I knew you had it." Alexis finished for the poor guy, before he fell down from surprise. "Oh hi alexis. I … " he said staggering from embarrassment. Oh god. I can't believe I just made a fool out of myself in front of alexis, again today. He said to himself. "Think we got our bags mixed up?" she again finished for him. Roxas and sora began to sing a song we all should know "Jaden and alexis sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G." "Well at least I didn't get beat up by girls." Jaden said to his 5-year old brothers. Sora turned down in embarrassment, while roxas said, "So you're the one who wants to kiss alexis." Jaden managed to keep his cool, till "Well I'm not the one who's going to get a nugie so hard all of your hair will fall off." Jaden said motioning toward the blond boy. Roxas ran out of the kitchen with jaden close behind. Sora laughed till he noticed cloud's smile and ran out as well. Cloud walked, knowing where his son was going to hide. He winked to his wife as he was leafing the room. "Mr. Shepard called, asking for chaperones for the spring dance. Cloud and I agreed." Arieth said to Alexis, who was helping make dinner.

"Really, so I'll see you there. That is if someone descent asks me." Replied alexis.

Kairi, namine, axel arrived wlong with a silver haired woman. The woman's right arm was in a sling. "Fuu, Axel, Kairi, namine. Welcome, please come in." areith said to the four. They came in, kairi and namine still had the band-aids on, fuu pushed them in side with her free hand, and axel was carrying two bags. "SORA! ROXAS! Kairi and namine are here!" areith yelled up stairs for the two. Both boys were brought down stairs by cloud, carrying one boy on each shoulder. Both boys were of course pouting to the fact they were being brought down stairs by force and the fact kairi and namine were going to spend the next week with them. the girls weren't too thrilled ether.