Chase Stein was bored. And annoyed. And kind of hungry. Mostly bored, though. It was his first time in a foreign country, and he and Old Lace were stuck in the Leapfrog. He'd been all set to take in some culture- culture meaning booze in this case, as he'd heard an interesting rumor about Britain's drinking age- but the others had argued against allowing his dinosaur to roam the tasty sheep-filled English countryside.

He'd sung down to 5 bottles of beer on the wall before the others returned, Nico angrily stomping inside and strapping herself in.

"Get us out of here," she growled.

"What? Come on! I didn't even get to see anything yet-"

"That was freaking awesome, Nico!" Molly exclaimed, bouncing into the 'frog. "I didn't know you could actually turn people into toads!"

"You turned someone into a toad?"

"I don't want to talk about it!"

"Too bad, 'cuz we ain't moving until I hear this story," Chase laughed.

Molly piped up, "There was this Shagwell guy-"

"Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell," Xavin corrected.

"That's what I said! And he-"

Victor interrupted this time. "Do you think you should go change him back?"



"It'll wear off in an hour, and he deserved it!"

"I just think maybe you overreacted-"

"The man asked me how many nipples I've got!"