The Key To A Piggy

It was dark; almost to dark too see her toes. A thought formed in the back of her mind as she wiggled her toes, and stayed there. She sighed softly and leaned back against the top step of the stairs to the second floor of the farm house. She wiggled her toes again and thought of a pig…

From her perch she could see him… sleeping… looking all innocent…. Like he didn't have a care in the world… or a secret!

The natural, acuteness of her face intensified as she watched him. Self-consciously, she smoothed the flannel of her purloined night-shirt. She almost forgave him, but the tender thoughts she had increased the annoyance she felt.

She thought about calling a press conference, that's what her cousin would do… Let the whole world know his secret and see if he would man up!

One little piggy ate roast beef…

It was difficult for her to accept that he could keep the secret. Who else would figure it out before he decided to abandon his fantasy life for what was destined? What else would have to happen? Maybe it was just her closeness to him these past few weeks that had allowed her to see what was so evident.

The clarity that she had didn't come at once; it built over time as little clues were strewn about. At first he had seemed lucky, then fortunate… but he was there too often for it to be unintentional.

One little piggy had none…

She stood and made her way back to her bedroom. His parents had to know, they would keep his secret. If she had learned anything from his parents it was that love can be real, dependable, trusting, and strong.

There was a feeling of loss as she slipped out of his shirt and into her cotton Peter Rabbit pajamas.

One little piggy went to the market…

The bed hardly made a sound as she lay back on it. Many thoughts invaded her mind:

I am trustworthy

He can trust me

I would keep his secret

I would support him with his destiny

He needs to grow up

I can wait till he's ready

I have to wait

One little piggy stayed home…

She wrapped her arms around herself and rolled onto her side; a tear rolled from one eye as she realized that he had to work his way through his waning feelings for the princess before he would recognize his feelings for her. She wiggled her toes again…

One little piggy cried all the way home.


The End

A/N: if anyone know's the piggy game, please let me know the order and the ones I've missed.