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It was a week before school let out and Kyle and Amanda were in his room enjoying some alone time. They were snuggled closely in his tub watching a movie, as always, Amanda was amazed by just how comfortable they could get in the large ceramic tub.

Being Kyle and Amanda, the family thought nothing of it. Nicole didn't even mind that they kept the door closed.

Kyle usually tried to pay attention to the movie, but he had seen Dirty Dancing twice and already had the movie memorized. He decided to partake in one of his favorite activities, memorizing Amanda. He already knew the location of every freckle on her face, neck and arms and from his current position he could see several new ones that he did not recognize.

He was looking down and placing soft kisses on the delicate slope of her neck, enjoying the view that it created when she arched her neck to give him better access.

He really hadn't intended it to go any further. He was just passing the time while she enjoyed her favorite movie. But within minutes, Amanda had turned herself around and was now seriously kissing him back. They had just recently moved to the next base and both were taking full advantage of it.

Neither of them noticed that the T.V. had gone off or that the lights were flickering.

Outside of Kyle's bedroom, Stephen, Nicole, and Josh had gathered. Each frustrated with the human super-conductor and his girlfriend on the other side.

"Kyle?" called Nicole through the door as she knocked.

Though equally frustrated, Josh couldn't resist the humor in the situation. He was practically breaking down with laughter.

"This is too priceless," he said between laughs. "I can't wait to see the look on Kyle's face."

They didn't have to wait long.

Kyle answered the door trying to look as composed as possible. Unfortunately in his haste he had pulled his t-shirt on inside out and backwards.

"Yes, Nicole," he said calmly. Amanda was in the background trying her best to seem interested in the movie.

"Um, Kyle," said Stephen.

Josh couldn't help it. He burst out laughing when he noticed Kyle's disheveled hair and shirt.

"Kyle," said Nicole gently. "You know we trust you and Amanda completely, and we know that nothing too serious is going on behind your closed door, but," she tried.

Stephen helped her finish, "Kyle, you're making all the lights in the house flicker again."

With this said, Josh couldn't resist, "Yeah, will you two cool it. I was just about to finally kick Andy's but in G-force and the T.V went out. Not cool bro."

Kyle wanted to crawl back into his room and hide. He had been trying so hard to keep his composure, but whenever he and Amanda got a bit too carried away he lost it.

He gave the typical, hurt puppy dog look, "I'll tell Amanda to go," he said in defeat.

"No, Kyle. She doesn't have to leave," said Nicole trying to keep from hurting his feelings."

"I can't believe this," cracked Josh, "I would be completely grounded by now and getting 'the talk' for the hundredth time. He's going to blow the house up and yet Amanda get's to stay. Total double standards. Harsh."

Nicole looked sternly at Josh, "Zip it Josh," she scolded. "This has to be a bit embarrassing for Kyle."

"Yeah, I would hate it if I sent out a beacon every time Andy and I made out. But you know what they say about the quiet ones. He and Amanda are both genius's. They're the ones you have to watch out for."

Kyle put his face in his hands. He loved his little brother, but now was not one of those times.

Stephen shot Josh a look, warning him to keep quiet. "Ok, I'm leaving," he said, then turned to go, "But if he blows up my Xbox I'm out for blood."

"Maybe you should do yoga or something," tried Stephen. "You know, work on your control," realizing what he just said he now looked mortified. "I can't believe I just said that." He looked over to Nicole, "I'm going to leave this in your capable hands before I commit another parental sin."

Stephen reached over and patted Kyle on the shoulder. "We'll figure it out son, don't worry," then turned and left.

Nicole looked at Kyle with great concern. Her special son was hurting and she had no idea how to fix the problem. "Why don't you and Amanda finish watching the movie and we'll talk about this later. Ok?"

"Ok," said Kyle with a defeated smile. He left his door open and walked back into his room.

"I'm so sorry," said Amanda as Kyle climbed back into his tub. "It really was my fault. I shouldn't have attacked you like that."

"No, it's not your fault. You didn't ask to have a boyfriend who blew the fuse box every time you kissed him."

Amanda looked at him skeptically, "We have moved a bit past just kissing Kyle, and you blowing the fuse box isn't exactly an insult."

"Well, kissing you is one of my favorite things," chuckled Kyle. He loved it that they had their own little series of inside jokes.

He couldn't help it. He reached over and pulled Amanda into another kiss.

Regretfully she pushed him away. "Come on Kyle, we have to find a solution to this."

"Just kissing you won't do anything," he said trying not to sound depressed. "This really shouldn't be this hard."

Amanda couldn't help it. She burst into laughter at his innocent misnomer.

"What?" he asked, then noticed where Amanda's eyes had traveled. He turned bright red.

"Oh, don't be embarrassed. I think it's sweet."

Kyle continued to look frustrated.

"Hey, remember. Most people have had their whole lives to try and understand that sort of thing. You've had what, a few years."

"I guess so. It still doesn't make it any less frustrating."

"Well, let's focus on the problem at hand. How are we going to keep you from blowing the fuse box?"


Stephen and Nicole were sitting in kitchen drinking coffee and quietly chatting.

"I can't believe this is happening," said Stephen with a heavy sigh.

Nicole looked at him in disbelief, "You mean to tell me that after all of the crazy things that we have been through the past few years, you are frustrated by this?"

"You've got a point," he said with a chuckle. "I just wish there was something we could say to help him, I really am at a loss for this one."

"Do you think Adam could help?" she asked.

"Oh, let's just completely mortify Kyle by asking his mentor how we can get him to stop blowing up our fuse box every time he fools around with his girlfriend in his bedroom."

"Maybe you're right," she said with a grin.