The rain is beginning to leak through,

the cold already did but I don't care.

This can't wait.

But now I am here, alone, I don't know what to say.

I need permission, yet I don't know how to ask.

Not sure I have the right.

Not sure I'll like the answer.

I can't even look at her,

even so the pictures flash in my head,

of them all together: laughing, smiling, loving.

Her ring still sits in the dresser

even as mine sits on top.

I haven't said yes yet, just maybe.

He doesn't understand, and I can't explain.

Not this.

It would hurt him too much.

Perhaps that's the problem, we hide too much.

The rain stops and finally I know my heart,

the words are unnecessary,

and as the sun breaks through

I have my answer.