Hey guys this is my Dgray man Story! i had so many ideas on dgm and had inspirations from others. i am psyched for this story. i could not think of any thing else (including my death note fic which will be placed on hiatushopefully not for long).Well here goes so please read and review and also any ideas will be HIGHLY appreciated, and will possibly be meshed into the story. :p


Allen awoke with an awful headache and a metallic taste in his mouth. As he felt his forehead he noticed he had the sensation of liquid running down his face and neck. After touching his chin with his fingers he immediately glanced at them. Crimson oozed on the digits; blood. Allen quickly rushed into the bathroom to see what was awry. He gasped as he caught the reflection in the mirror, as the blood on his face was seeping through cross shaped marks on the forehead.

Landing with a thud on the floor Komui was instantly alert. He had just heard was the most bloodcurdling scream he had ever heard. Dashing out into the hall he met with other occupants of this strip of rooms,

"What happened!?" he asked, alarmed.

"No one knows, but to me that sounded like Allen." Reever reported (he was Komui's neighbour). Quickly Komui began to race towards Allen's room, as Reever followed. It seems everyone was jolted by the scream, they were worried yet grumpily gossiping to one another. As Komui looked towards Allen's room he was surprised to see Kanda, Lenalee, and Lavi standing next to the door.

"Does any one know what happened?" Komui questioned.

"No, all we heard was Allen's scream so we rushed over here. We tried calling him , but we received no answer." Lavi replied.

"And nobody thought of kicking down his door,"He questioned obviously worrying, "Kanda, knock down the door." Kanda grunted in response and took out Mugen and did as Komui ordered. As everyone entered searching for Allen, Lenalee found him first shrieking very loudly. All the exorcists, as well as Komui and Reever, ran over to her; gasping at the scene they saw before was splatterd all over the sink and the floor. Allen was face down on the floor, a puddle surrounding his head, his skin a light shade of grey. Lavi and Komui knelt down next to him nudging him slightly.

"Hey Allen buddy, you okay?" Lavi asked.

"Of course he is not okay! Look at all this blood! And the skin; the only type of people I know with that shade are the Noah's..." Komui suddenly went gravely pale at his last remark. The skin is turning the same color as the Noah's.Looking at every ones face he saw they were thinking the same thing. Lavi quickly yet gently flipped Allen over and took a look at his forehead. There was the line of crosses going across his forehead in a rather bloody manner