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I awoke with a start, feeling a sharp jolt of electricity shoot through my arm, leaving a lingering sting. My eye lids fealt heavy, maybe even swollen. My whole face fealt swollen, actually, heavy and thick, like I had caked on glue stuck on my head. I fealt somewhat feverish, cold sweat sling down my burning cheek. I curled my unusually numb fingers into a weak fist instinctivly, a pained gasp escaping my swollen lip. I fealt like I had gone to war and back, without any idea how I had gone from sitting in a damp cave with my flock, dining on a fine feast of over-ripe oranges and charred old burgers we had found in some dumpster behind a Target, to looking face to face with...

The guy had silver, wispy, almost translucent hair, combed over a bald spot in the middle of his shiny, liver spotted head. His skin was thin and saggy, his eyes sunk in and shadowed by his bushy gray eyebrows that seemed to plaig every man over sixty. His eyes were cold, harsh, though somehow excited, the eager look of a child on Christmas.

He was blurred, the sides of his face fuzzy, blending in with the sterile white of the backround.

"And zis," said the man, standing upright, the voice hitting me like a ton of bricks, "iz one of our most succesful hybrids, though, as you can zee, has out lived it's purpose. Extremly flawed, noting special about it at all."

The reasonable part of me was ordering me to just be quiet and figure out what happened, but of course, if I listened to that part of me, I just wouldn't be the delightful little bugger that I am.

"What, the wings don't do it for you?" I retorted, surprised at how hoarse and groggy my voice was.

Ter Borcht snapped his head to me, the sparkle of hatred glinting in his eye, "You vill be silent."

"You vill be ugly" I retorted. Ter Borcht ignored me and turned back to what I assumed were eager buyers, all white-coated and a look of pure fasination on each one of their faces.

"She is, however, quit useful for weapon purposes. She could fly higher then any air craft, and carry four-fifths it's own weight for limited time, three-fifths almost indeffinetly. We are currently testing to determine her immune system, and healing rate."

One of the asian wight-coats raised her hand. She had soft black hair falling out of the loose, tangled bun. Much different from the sharp, clean appearence of the rest, "Could we ask it questions?"

Ter Bortcht looked taken abake by the question, "You could try, but I doubt you vill get anyzing from it." he shot me glare.

The white coat stepped forward, pen in hand, looking at me eagery, "Hello."

I raised an eyebrow, trying not to look as out of it as I fealt.

"I'm going to ask you some questions, okay?" she asked, a sickly sweet smile plastered on her face, never reaching her eyes.

I said nothing.

"You have a name, yes?"

"Seven, nine, eight, two, ten, two, two, one, six. Junior."

She gaped at me, turning to ter Borcht, who had his jaw clenched, a fat blue veing popping from his head, "This is pointless, any questions you have can be answered by me, you do not have to waste your time with this failure" he hissed. And with that, he led the dumfounded herd out a metal door, the click of the lock echoing through the new silence.

Okay Max, I thought to myself, Just calm down and try to figure out where you. Ha, that was a stupid question. No doubt that I was in the school. The antiseptic smell and the chain around my ankle gave that away. But hwo had I gotten here?

IK fealt like there was a huge chunk of my memory missing. I had no recolecction of any possible way how I could have gotten anywhere near this place. And what about the flock? Were they okay? Were they alive?


I whipped my head around, gasping as my stiff neck made a cracking sound, sending a wave of nasea through me.

"Max are you okay?" asked the sweet little voice, the voice I had grown to love.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Are you okay?" I asked Angel. To be honest, she looked fine. Her face was paled slightly, probably from fear, and her sparkling blue eyes where wide, but overall she looked ten times better then I fealt.

"I'm fine. Max, what happened? I was just playing with Total and then I wake up and there's a guy giving you shots and everybody else is gone! What's going on?" she was on the brink o hysterics, tears falling down her rosy cheeks.

"Shh, it's okay sweetie, everythings okay." I said, more for myself then her, "Angel, did you see what they were thinking?"

Angel was quiet for a second, "They...they were excited, cause they wanted to run test on you. I don't know what some of them meant. They wanted to see how you react to all this stuff, like diseases and hormones, and wanted to get the others, to see what would happen if..." she trailed off.

"If what?" I pressed, painfully sliding closer to her.

She looked scared, "I-"

The door whipped open, revealing three white-coats, five Erasers trailing behind, guns in hand. The white-coats had clipboards and syringes in hand, looking nervously behind them at the Erasers.

One squatted down in front of me without a word, scribbling on his clipboard like mad.

I looked at Angel warily, surprised to see her eyes wide and fearful, her darting from the white coat to me frantically.

What is it sweetie? I thought to her.

Just then, the white coat grabbed me roughly by the arm, holding it just tight enough to make me hiss in pain.

"Swollen, bruised, write that down." he said to his friend, pulling my arm forward so my elbow was closer to him. He reached into his pocket, taking out a leaking syringe.

"No!" Angel shrieked, crawling forward as far as her short chain would allow. A brief moment of panic swept me, wondering what the white coats were thinking. One of the Erasers gorwled and stepped forward, taking a meaty claw and grabbing her tiny arm.

"Get off her!" I hissed, struggling against the suprisingly strong hold of the lanky white coat.

I gasped as I fealt a sudden sharp prick on my arm. I whipped my head forward to see the needle sunk in my arm, the white coat pressing the top farther down, injecting whatever was in it into my bloodstream. A sharp pang of an intense, mind numbing pain swept through my body. I cried out, arching my back and digging my fingers into the hard steel floor.

The white-coats were talking now, though it sounded faded and distant, a hundred miles away. I knew Angel was crying, and all I wanted to do was tell her it would be alright. But I knew that would be pointless, because I knew it probably wouldn't, and I knew she would know.

I screamed as I fealt the cold hands grab my burning arms, sqeezing them and turning it over, examining it. I heard one say, "Let's see the bone density now..." and a crack. It took me a minute to figure out it was coming from me.

I yelped as a jolt of pain shot from my swollen arm. I tried to pull it away, screaming in agony.

"Low tolerence for pain, thin, almost brittle bones."

"It's probably weakened by the EgHs (A/N Made up thing, sounded sciency), for God's sake, give her a tranqulizer. I want to test her heart rate tomarrow."

"What about the subject eleven?"

"Leave her, we already have all we need to know."

I fealt a stinging sensation on my shoulder, and a strange ease fell over me. The pain hadn't left, of course. That would be way too easy, I just lost all energy too scream, growing numb in some parts. The last thing I saw was a brown blur of brown and white.


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