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Summary: An 3 Year old Princess fell down with the cliff into the ocean, as she fell into the ocean, with a total memory lost. Her parents sent many guards to find the princess but couldn't find her. After 12 years later, many people had forgotten about the missing princess, but people were thinking weather she was alive or dead,but some still haven't forgotten her genuine smile. Will they find her, will the PRINCE find her or will chaos find them.

Long ago, there were 6 kingdoms around Japan. The Water, Earth, Thunder, Invention, Nullification, and Fire kingdoms, the place was peaceful and beautiful until one day, there was a terrible war between four kingdoms, the Water, Thunder, and Earth were trying to control the Fire Kingdom because it was the strongest kingdom there is and the most important. These three kingdoms were fighting for the Fire kingdom's land while the Invention and Nullification kingdoms helped the Fire Kingdoms. Many bloods was scattered with dead body everywhere. It was a big chaos from those 6 kingdoms. It took a year till it ended and everything was ok…for now.

3 years later a little girl was wondering off with a little boy while holding hands. Around the girl's neck was a necklace a solid gold heart locket with a lock hole in the middle with flower. In the middle of the flower, there was an orange diamond on the side of the handle, while the boy has a necklace of a solid gold key with a red diamond on top of the middle part of the key. They were walking in the forest. One was Prince and one was a Princess. One was from the Fire Kingdom while the other was from another kingdom. The girl was wearing a normal but yet formal pink dress with matching pink shoes. Her hair was tied in two braids with sakura pedals on top of the braids. The boy was wearing a suit of a prince but not really much that makes it really stands out. They were walking when suddenly the girl found a baby bunny. She looked at it with her innocent eyes with a cute smile that makes people wants to smile with her.

"Bunny…look a bunny" the little girl said while tugging on the boy's sleeve. The boy look closely and looked at her

"You want to keep it?" asked the boy and the girl nodded

"Yesh…p-p-p-please" said the girl giving innocent eyes. The boy got the baby bunny and gave it to her and she happily took the baby bunny and carried it.

"Here, but don't loose it" said the boy as the girl nodded and smile. She looked the baby bunny.

"Thank You Na-na…what's your name again?" asked the innocent girl again

"Natsume Hyuuga, princess" said 5 year old Natsume

"Oh, yesh, Prince Natsume…Hm…can I call you…em…Natsu-kun instead?" asked the 3 year old princess and Natsume just nodded


"YAY!" said the princess while jumping, but when she jumps the baby bunny jump out of her arm and jumped away.

"Wait, please don't go usage (bunny or rabbit) please" said the princess as she ran after the bunny towards the inner side of the forest

"Princess, wait" said Natsume as he ran after her. Natsume ran and ran until she spotted a girl running towards a cliff. Natsume eyes widen and ran as fast as he can.

"WAIT!" shouted Natsume. The Princess turned while holding the bunny in her arm. She smiled but then felt something underneath her. She looked down and the cliff was breaking apart. Her eyes widen and so did Natsume when he saw what happen.

"N-n-n-NATSU-KUN!" shouted the princess as the cliff fall. Natsume eyes widen even more; he reached down the edge but didn't make it in time. The cliff falls with the princess and the baby bunny as well.


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